How To Hack: Explained In Detail

How to hack

In this post, I am going to share with you How to hack your victim. I will share with you how to get started from a basic hack to advance hacking. As in today's world hacking is increasing. This post is for those who are interested in becoming a white hat hacker.

You Guys might be thinking how to hack anyone legally. After knowing how to hack you must practice on hack the box for legal hacking and sharping your hacking skills.

Below are some steps you must go with below steps by heart to become a successful hacker and also you will get an idea about how to hack your victim.

So let's get started.

how to hack


1. Learn more than 2 Operating System

To know how to hack you must have knowledge of more than 2 operating systems, As there are many operating systems available in the world but you must have knowledge of these main operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS.

By learning these operating system you will get an idea about there structures. And you will already know how to operate them, so you will not face any difficulties in hacking these systems. If you don't know how to operate these systems than you can never become a hacker so you must learn these 3 operating systems.

Linux is more important than all. So focus on Linux first, There are many types of Linux OS available. But learn only Kali Linux. You guys might be thinking Why Kali Linux? So let me tell you guys Kali Linux operating system is the most advanced OS used for hacking. And many expert hackers use it. Most of the hacking performed by Kali Linux. So this will be our main OS for hacking.

You can install all of these three OS on the same computer. With the help of Virtualbox

How to hack

2. Learn Programming Languages

Don't be limit yourself to a particular programming language. If you want to be a hacker and need to know how to hack than you must learn some programming languages which are mentioned below.

  • C and C++ These two languages are very important languages it teaches how to program code for vulnerable memory hacks. Linux and windows also built with these languages. And C++ also used in most of the games. To know how memory/ buffer overflow hacks work. So you must learn these two languages.

  • You must learn Python and Ruby too because these are high-level languages and mostly used in AI and also these languages used in Kali Linux mostly to automate any task related to hacking or anything else.

  • Our third important language is PHP because most of the website uses PHP. This will help you to understand PHP code and also will help you to find where is a vulnerability in the code.

  • Learn bash scripting. It will help you to manipulate Linux as well as Unix System. With the help of this, you can write your own scripts which will make your hacking job easy. It also can automate most of the work.

  • And finally, last you must have an understanding of Assembly languages. Because this is the language which processors understand. You can't exploit a program if you don't have an idea about assembly language. So the assembly language is a must.

How to hack

3. Learn To Operate Kali Linux Tools/Be Linux master

You must install Kali Linux Operating System on your personal computer as a main operating system. Learn how to operate Linux hacking tools. there are several tools like Nmap, burp suite, Wireshark, etc. You must master them all in order to learn everything about hacking.

These tools play a very important role in the field of ethical hacking and these tools are specially developed for penetration testing and for finding vulnerabilities of the system.

You can't learn how to hack in just 1 day it takes years of practice to be perfect in this field. So don't lose your hope and keep practicing.

And also you have to learn a command-line interface because most of the tasks are performed on Linux with the help of a Command-line interface. So be the master in CLI.

How to hack

4. Must have knowledge about networks and ports.

 You must learn about how the internet and IP address, ports work in order to get knowledge about how to hack anything that is present on the internet.

If you know everything about this then it will be easy for you to get information about open ports and which network is vulnerable to a hacking attack.

After doing all these steps you are ready for the next and last part in this part you will know how to hack your victim.


how to hack

1. Secure Yourself First

In order to perform any legal hacking, you must secure yourself first in order to avoid any police case or arrest. To secure yourself you must have written permission for hacking your victim. Make sure you are an authorized person to attack a target machine.

Don't do any illegal hacking that will make you in trouble. So please only try legal hacking. At last, I will tell you how you can test your hacking skill legal and how you can practice hacking in a legal way.

how to hack

2. Information Gathering/ Gather information about your target

Gather information about your target with the help of tools like Nmap, Wireshark, Burp Suite, ZenMap, Nikto, etc. This is the first step that hackers do to hack there target.

So you can gather all the information about the target with the help of tools that are mentioned above.

Information gathering is one of the most important steps without this nothing is possible in the hacking field. So you must gather information about your victim fully and accurately.

how to hack

3. Check your target is alive or not by using the ping command.

You can check the target system is giving a response or not with the help of ping command in Linux CLI. But you can't trust the result always because the reply from the target machine relies on ICMP protocol. Which could be blocked by system admin with the help of a firewall.

In order to use ping command open your CLI and type ping <target address> then press enter. If response coming from the target then you are ready for the next step.

how to hack

4. Find which OS your target using remotely

To determine the operating system you need the Nmap tool for Kali Linux, Nmap works great to determine the operating system. For doing this you can run a scan on Nmap.

Use this command in Nmap to detect the Operating System of your victim: Nmap -A -O <Target Address>.

Nmap works great for reconnaissance and for information gathering.
How to hack

5. Search for Open Ports

Start a Nmap scan for scanning of open ports. Search for a vulnerable open port. Through which you can enter the victim machine. 

Try to find open ports such as telnet and UDP ports that system admin may be forgotten to close.

If you find an open port 22 this port is used for SSH service on the victim machine. Sometimes this can be brute-forced. If you brute-forced this successfully then it will be super easy for you to gain administrator-level access on the victim machine.

must try the brute force method on SSH.

If not succeed then try to attack other suspicious port not only brute force just find any vulnerability that will lead you to access victim machine.

how to hack

6. Use various methods to gain root access

Even by adopting the above steps anyhow, you will be able to get connected to the victim machine as a normal user or www-data. It is not easy to get directly root access. Mean you will only have access to limited folders and files. You can't browse or take admin files and folders. In order to gain admin-level access on the machine, you must have to do various methods and find some vulnerability inside the machine that will lead you to gain root access.

You can find some vulnerable program or software by exploiting that program will lead you to gain root access. 

Or try to find the machine is vulnerable to buffer overflow attack or not. This attack causes a memory dump. If the machine is vulnerable to buffer overflow then injecting buffer overflow code leads you to gain admin-level access on the victim machine.
how to hack

7. Create a Backdoor

After gaining administrator-level access on the victim machine you may like to come back again. You can do this by creating a backdoor on the victim machine. This is the important step just don't forget to create a backdoor in the victim machine. 

You can create a backdoor by installing software on the victim machine that will give you a reverse connection directly on the victim machine. And don't forget to hide that software. Backdoor could be removed by system admin so be sure to create an undetectable backdoor.

how to hack

8. Be undetectable

Finally, this is the last step. Only professional hackers do this, After going into a victim machine don't let the administrator know that the system has been compromised. You must clear your tracks. Just make the machine look the same as it was looking before hacking.

I mean don't create additional folders or users. Be undetectable use VPN and proxy too before attacking the target.

This article was for educational purposes only. Be a legit hacker only do hacking in a legal way. You can legally test your hacking skills by signing in to this website:- . On this website, you will get many machines to hack legally. I personally use this website to test my skills.

If you find our article helpful then let us know by commenting below.

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