Despite the Corona pandemic, or perhaps even because of it, the eSports industry is seeing big growth this year, with Louis Vuitton recently sponsoring the League of Legends World Championship and a hundred million fans watching it.

This global boom, which has been going on in eSports for some time, means that eSports has become a mainstream phenomenon. There are even some debates about it being considered for the Olympics. Since 2000 the eSports industry has shaped society, culture, and the economy in many ways. There are even some TV channels in different countries which are focused on digital sports.

However, experts are sure, it is only the beginning of the development of eSports. Successful eSports players have long been able to make a living from their hobby. Not only do they play professionally, but they can also become rich from it and in some cases have already earned several million dollars in prize money. The betting industry is also benefiting from this boom. The virtual bookmakers, such as the betting platform 22Bet get many new opportunities.


eSports is cheap and accessible. Training and equipment for sports like soccer, skiing, ice hockey, or tennis can cost hundreds of euros per year. To dive into the magnificent world of eSports, all you need is a suitable PC or gaming console and an Internet connection.

However, to even get close to the top of the world, requires a lot of training. Professional eSports players invest up to ten hours a day in the game of their choice. Many organizations and players themselves now also recognize the importance of physical compensation. As a result, organizations are increasingly focusing on the future of their players by supporting their training in all areas of life.

Professional eSports players, who can keep up with the best in the world, always pay attention to their physical fitness. Milliseconds determine victory and defeat. Much depends on the speed and reaction of the athlete. A good performance cannot be achieved without proper preparation and physical fitness. eSports may not be weightlifting or hurdling, but there is little difference between them and sports such as archery or chess. eSports players want to win just as much as non-virtual athletes, and the sporting spirit developed in the process is the same.


There are some streaming platforms on the Internet, where "streamers" show live how they play, as well as show their face mid webcam at the edge of the video stream. The platforms like Twitch introduce eSports tournaments and show the normal gameplay of all kinds of sports games and matches. Many competitions are also streamed on YouTube for free.


Anyway, eSports is a sport like any other traditional one. This is not a competition between people and computers, but an encounter between teams or two opponents. eSports is an intellectual competition where the server or computer acts as a tournament venue or sports equipment. Not all electronic games naturally lend themselves to eSports. To do so, the game must contain a competitive element, be short, free of action, and provide a level playing field for competitive players. Well-known big names here include Overwatch, Fortnite, Dota 2, or League of Legends.

The big audiences, who are interested in playing and watching eSports, attract large companies and sponsors. In addition to the IT sector, many other industries are also interested in advertising their brands, have the capital, and are interested in modern technologies.

So, even with Corona, the future of eSports must be quite promising.

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