Top Sports Games for Android 2021


The pandemic has really sucked the soul out of almost all sports enthusiasts. With all the stadiums remaining closed because of the host of social distancing and other restrictions, cheering for your favorite sports star or home team seems to be a pretty big stretch at this point. Parks and other sports matches are also out of the question most of the time. Therefore, your gaming console must feel like one of the greatest technological advancements ever to you, right? The only problem is that you do not always have the mood, time, or patience to sit with the console and give a sports-themed game a go. Or you might just be outside and happen to want to delve deeper into a game? Then, you have come to the right place because scroll further down and you will get your fill of some of the best Android-based sports games to play now.

And if you think that you can make some pretty accurate sports betting predictions, then you're once again exactly where you are supposed to be.

The following is a list of the best sports-based games available on Android for 2021:
  • NBA 2K20: This is a premium sports-based game for Android that does not depend on any sort of small transactions or loot crates. It has some of the most amazing and high-quality graphics as compared to its console version. It also has an online multiplayer mode and a MyCareer Run story mode that takes you on a journey through some of the best moments in NBA history. Even if you do not like basketball all that much, NBA 2K20 is a great sports game option for everyone;
  • NBA Jam: Once again a basketball-based sports game, NBA Jam is one of the most popular Android-based sports games and a classic title at that. It gets constantly updated on the Google Play Store and is actually a remake of the super hit 90s version of the arcade game, albeit with cooler controls and better quality graphics. You can select the online multiplayer mode as well to play on and the highly responsive touch controls give you amazing alley-oops, along with the original NBA commentator Tim Kritzrow yelling "He's on Fire";
  • eFootball PES 2020: Konami is back on Android with this football game for the ages that keeps on getting better and better. eFootball PES 2020 has smoother dribble control now and new options for local as well as real-time online multiplayer matches with real people over the globe. The added Inspire system also allows you to influence how the team plays as a whole by increasing or decreasing the complexity levels of the game. There are however some microtransactions available in the game that let you make better teams with the MyClub coins you could buy.
So, go on and check these games out to get the best and the most enriching mobile gaming experience of your lives. Enjoy.

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