Best Kali Linux Tools For Ethical Hacking

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Best Kali Linux Tools For Ethical Hacking

In this article, I am going to show you Some Best Kali Linux tools that are used for ethical hacking and penetration testing by cybersecurity experts. There are thousands of tools available online that are used for hacking and pen testing but we are going to see only 7 tools that are used for penetration testing. The thought comes in your mind why just only 7 tools?. Because the rest of the tools are not so much important if you are a beginner these 7 tools are all-time best tools that are used in Kali Linux and come pre-downloaded in your Kali Linux. So you don't need to download them from any website.

If you wanna know what is the best Linux for the hacker. So let me tell you to try your hands on kali Linux because Kali Linux is one of the best Linux for hackers.

So if you are starting your journey in hacking or you are a beginner. You must master these tools to become a good penetration tester and Ethical Hacker. You must be thinking of how a person can become a hacker after mastering just 7 tools. My answer is you will not become a professional hacker after mastering but your level of hacking will be increased to the next level which is closer to professional hackers. 

If you want to be a professional hacker then you have to know everything about Kali Linux and Windows too, Like how it works, how can I exploit others with these tools. So there is no special degree for hacking you need to learn hacking from your own. You know 70% of hacking is done by just doing social engineering. So if you are good in social engineering your 70% problem is already solved and rest 30% will be solved when you are master in running all tools. and you must have a little knowledge of some programming languages too. So without wasting time lets get started.

1) Nmap

Nmap stands for network mapper this tool comes pre-installed in your Kali Linux. Basically, Nmap is a footprinting tool or reconnaissance tool and basically, this is the first step of hacking where you actually find information about the target or the IP or the website. Nmap is a reconnaissance that gets more information about the target or the IP or the website for that matter, in my opinion, Nmap is a must-have for any pen testers or ethical hackers.

So basically Nmap is available on almost all the platforms all you have to do is just go to the website it is Nmap dot org that's their website its a free software so you can go and download it, It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS so. You can actually install it on windows as well as Linux because of the most popular operating systems however if you are using Kali Linux or parrot OS it already comes pre-installed.

so the two ways you can go about launching it on Windows I think you just have to run Nmap command on the command prompt same as with Linux but if you actually running a penetrating testing distribution like parrot OS or Kali Linux it's just in the information gathering section which is basically reconnaissance.

2) Metasploit

Today I would like to give a brief introduction about what Metasploit is and if you're reading the newspapers every day then you're probably seeing a lot of reports of companies getting hacked. So why they are getting hacked well basically because the attackers are getting past the defenses so how do you test that your defenses are actually working well there is a technique called offensive security or penetration testing that you can apply and that enables you to safely test the defenses and see if they hold up against an attack so MetaSploit is a solution that does exactly that and MetaSploit started out as an open-source project and there are three editions that I'll walk you through because it can be little confusing.

Metasploit Framework is the opensource version that's how it all started it's led by rapid 7. Metasploit Framework is a command-line only version it's free and open source. Typically people I see using the Metasploit Framework are the most advanced users. If you are just starting out with Metasploit so Its community edition might be fit for you. If you are a student or a professional who would like to get into penetration testing then here with the Metasploit community we've got a free version. It includes graphic UI too so this is a great place to start with the Metasploit community.

3) Maltego

This is one of the powerful tools. Maltego is essentially a tool that is used to gather information on a large scale so I can gather a bunch of information regarding our target and we'll get to that shortly. So as we know in the penetration testing life cycle information gathering can be a very tedious process with tons of information to gather in regards to your target and this is where Maltego comes into play where it automates the process of information gathering and it does this as well as displaying or providing a way of displaying the data that you've gathered in a way that can be understood and in a way that can be presented to almost anyone in regards to penetration testing.

Maltego can get lots of information from the target or a variety of target example weather your target may be a domain, IP address or a server, etc. Actually what is doing is automating the process and allows you to display information in a way that can be understood. It only gathers the information that is publicly available. Maltego is available in Windows, Mac Os, and Linux.

4) BurpSuite

BurpSuite is a java based web penetration testing framework which is mostly used by security professionals in order to identify attack vectors or in order to find out various security flaws in the web application, and one of the most important features of burp suite it is also called an interception proxy tool, This is the very big tool you have to give it a little time to understand this cos lots of option available in this tools and it is one of the best Kali Linux tools for web app penetration testing.

Burpsuite is available for Linux, Windows, and as well as on Mac OS. There is a lot feature of burp suite like you can use it in order to intercept proxy, automatic security scan, manipulate HTTTP and HTTPS request, Brute force, Can make a sitemap of website, crawl and spider a website, coder and decoder also available in this tool. It is a very vast tool and needs time to master it. 


Wireshark is Another best Kali Linux tool mostly used by cybersecurity experts. Do you know what Wireshark is for those of you who are not familiar it with let's start with a brief introduction? WireShark is the new name for ether real which has been in existence for a number of years. Wireshark is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Wireshark is a software protocol analyzer or packet sniffer application used for a network troubleshooting analysis software and protocol development and education as data streams used over the network. 

Wireshark captures each protocol data unit and decodes its content according to the appropriate RFC or other specifications the network traffic is displayed in the Wireshark window for real-time or offline analysis. Wireshark comes with eagle and discovery servers for more information and to download the program go to

7) Nikto

Nikto is a web vulnerability scanner or it's a website service security scanner it is fantastic for detecting vulnerabilities on the server, Now the thing I like about the Nikto and I use it a lot in professional projects it really detects server miss-configuration. This thing made Nikto come in the best Kali Linux tools.

Most of the time system administrators or the people who actually set up website hosting they really don't know what they're doing which leads to leaving sub-domains wide open for people to find furthermore more exploits.  

7) SQLmap

Sqlmap is a tool used to test for SQL injection vulnerabilities. This is the best tool for testing SQL injection vulnerabilities. It really works brilliantly. If SQL injection is present it can also help speed up the process of exploiting the vulnerability helping the tester to get results faster and helping customers understand the weakness in the code which may be led to SQL injection.


So above is the list of some best Kali Linux tools that are used by cybersecurity experts for penetration testing and ethical hacking.

You can also use these tools by simply installing Kali Linux on your Laptop or Pc. If you want to become an Ethical hacker then you must learn these tools because these tools play a major role in the life of an Ethical hacker.

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