Top 20 Best hacking apps for Android

Best android hacking apps

Best hacking apps for android

There is very much demand for such android hacking apps that can turn an Android phone/mobile into a hacking machine. So I make a list of 20 best hacking apps for Android. That will turn your Android into an advanced hacking machine.

As you know android is the Operating System which is used by more than 2 billion people. Android is one of the top widely using the operating system in the world. Android is developed by Google. Android uses a modified kernel of Linux.

As it's Kernel made of Linux, it is difficult to hack an android on Kernel Level, but do you know android is most vulnerable also if you disable play protect from your device. And you can hack android easily by doing that on the Operating System level.

So we are going to discuss some 20 hacking apk for android which will turn your android to a hacking machine, these hacking apps for Android are the collection of some best apps which are used only for penetration testing and legal hacking to secure your network.

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Best apps for Android

Hacking apps for Android

  • Aispyer
  • Game guardian
  • USB Cleaver
  • Wi-Fi Kill
  • Droid SSH
  • Network Mapper
  • Droid Sheep
  • AndroRat
  • zAnti
  • Hackode
  • wp-scan
  • Droid SQLI
  • Network Spoofer
  • Shark for root
  • Droid-sheep guard
  • DroidBox
  • Evil Operator
  • WIBR+ Pro
  • Blackmart
  • WPS connect
  • Lucky Patcher
  • Apk Editor
  • Cheat Engine
  • BlackMarket
  • CreekHack

Below is the list of top 20 hacking apps for Android

1. Aispyer

Aispyer is one of the best hacking apps for Android. If you are searching for the Android hacking app then Aispyer is the Most secure and Reliable mobile phone tracker for you.

Basically, Aispyer is a multi-functional spy app for android, it is used to track WhatsApp, Facebook, Apps, Phone Number, Web History, GPS, SMS, Email, Photos, Keylogger, Calendar, Skype, Snapchat, Line, Instagram, and Line, etc. The reason I would like to recommend the software is that it comes with high-end security and unobtrusiveness. Its ultimate control will be in your hands without any need to worry about information leakage. 

It is all in one mobile tracking solution for Android users. You do not need to download any other app, because this app has everything that you need. With the help of this app, you can track almost everything on your victim mobile. 

If you have kids than You can also track your kid's activity through this app.

You can get started in three easy steps:

> Go to Aispyer Website and Create an account by simply entering your e-mail address and password;

> Download and install the mobile tracking application on the victim's device;

> Login to your account and view all tracked data.

The procedure is very simple as eating a piece of cake. If you still confuse about how to use Aispyer, then you can simply watch the video below in order to get started. In the below video you will get brief info on how to install and use the Aispyer app to track your victim activity.

2) Game Guardian

This is one of the best android hacking apps, This app allows you to hack almost every game that is available on your android devices. Have you ever played PUBG mobile and seen a hacker in-game doing long jumps, wallhack, no recoil. So you must be thinking about how these hackers can hack the most popular game in the world. This is all because of the game guardian. Yes, you can hack PUBG too with the help of this awesome tool.

Game guardian basically modifies the game scripts which are running inside RAM of your device. Which allows you to successfully hacking almost any type of game. 

This game work on a rooted device, if your device is not rooted then you can run game guardian on virtual space like parallel space.

Cheats and Scripts of the specific game that you want to hack are available on the game guardian website. You can download the game guardian from below.

Download game gurdian

3) USB Cleaver 

USB Cleaver is one of the best tools for stealing information from a connected computer system. This application is designed to gather any kind of information like stealing chrome password, IP address of the victim, dump WiFi password, etc.

The best thing is this tool does everything silently without knowledge of the victim. You can test/download this tool from below.

Download USB Cleaver  

4) WiFi Kill

Suppose if you are on a WiFi network and many devices are connected to the same network. This will result in very slow speed, to get rid out of these connected devices You can use WiFi kill to eliminate them.

Basically, WiFi is a Wi-Fi hacking app that kills disconnect all the users who are connected on the WiFi network and let you enjoy the full speed of the internet on that network. But this app work only on a rooted device

You can also check what others are surfing on their devices, So this is a great tool for doing fun. You can download this android application below.

Download WiFi Kill 

5) Droid SSH 

The full form of SSH is Secure Shell. Basically, SSH is server and it runs on port 22 and it helps you to connect from one computer to another computer securely. With the help of the IP address of your device and a secure password.

So what is the use of Droid SSH Basically Droid SSH is an android app which lets you connect to your device from PC and execute terminal and shell commands.

So you must be thinking why I post this tool in hacking apps for Android. Basically, you can use if for hacking too, like if you find any vulnerability on the SSH server and you got the password and IP of an SSH server. Then you can easily connect your android device to SSH and you can execute terminal and bash commands. Use this tool in only a legal way. 

Download Droid SSH  

6) Network Mapper 

Network Mapper is one of the powerful apps for android which helps you to scan and discover network protocols, open ports, service discovery, OS discovery, and Vulnerabilities on a network.

You can use network mapper for finding vulnerabilities open ports on your website. As well as it also helps you to find misconfiguration of servers.

You no need to root your android device to use this app. Because this hacking app can be used in non-rooted android phones as well as on rooted phones. You can download the network mapper from below.

 Download network mapper  

7) Droid Sheep 

If you are sitting on a WiFi network and you want to do some mischief with other peoples who are connected to the same network. Then this application is best for you.

So what Droid Sheep do? basically, it can monitor the activity of all the people that are connected to your WiFi network. If someone is browsing a website and searching for a movie, you can intercept his request and you can send a victim to another website as you want.

Droid Sheep only work on Http:// it won't work on https://. Droid Sheep is an open-source application. This application required rooted android phones.

So if your android isn't rooted then you can root your android to use this application. You can download Droid Sheep from below.

Download Droid Sheep

8) AndroRat

Rat stands for remote access tools. And this is very venomous and dangerous tools that have been created for android. AndroRat is a java based application. By this app, you can directly take the remote access of Victim's android phone with the help of these tools.

The drawback of this tool is, it will only work on a local area network (LAN). Mean it will work only on the WiFi network that you are connected with.

With the help of this tool, you can remotely access your victim device. And this app is able to steal victim private data such as SMS, contacts, Personal files, browser history. Not only this app is limited to this but you can also use your victim camera. You can take over full control of any android device with the help of this tool. 

Download AndroRat 


Zanti is an alternative of Droid Sheep, but Zanti is much more advanced then Droid Sheep with some advanced options like you can crack passwords and steal your neighbor's WiFi, it can do man in the middle attacks and can intercept request to redirect the victim to any website as you want.

The best thing I like about the app is this app has a super simple user interface. So you will not face any difficulties regarding this app.

Download ZANTI.

10) Hackode

Hackode is an android toolkit that allows ethical hackers and penetration tester to perform various tasks. This is the best toolkit for ethical hackers. This application contains a different tool for performing different operations like Exploiting bugs, Reconnaissance, Google dorks, and many more things.

This application is still in beta condition full version of this app will be released soon. 

Download Hackode.

11) WP-Scan

WP scan stands for Wordpress scanner. This application is used to scan the Wordpress website for finding vulnerabilities. It doesn't exploit vulnerabilities.

It just finds vulnerabilities. This is the amazing feature of this tool. Basically, this tool used for the enumeration of WordPress sites. 

Download WP-Scan

12) Droid SQLI 

Basically, the work of this tool is to exploit SQL injection vulnerable sites. If you found the site which is vulnerable to SQL injection then this tool is enough for you to hack a website that is vulnerable to SQL injection.

The process of this app is fully automated mean you don't need hacking skills to perform hacking on this app, don't try this app on another website that will lead you to be in jail. Use this app in a legal way.

There are millions of websites available on the internet that are vulnerable to SQL injection. Just you need to do is to find a SQL injection vulnerable site with google dork. 

Download Droid SQLI

13) Network Spoofer

You can redirect a person to a different website with the help of this tool. The purpose of this tool is not to harm anyone. This tool is created for fun purposes only.

You can test how vulnerable your WiFi network is. This app will work only on LAN and over the non-encrypted websites. 

Download Network Spoofer

14) Shark For Root

Have you ever heard about of Wireshark tool which is available for Kali Linux, Windows, and macOS, Exactly the work of this tool is the same as Wireshark, the difference is only that this is an android app.

This tool is a website traffic sniffer, mainly used to sniff TCP incoming and outgoing requests. 

Download Shark For Root

15) Droid-Sheep Guard

You must be thinking about how to protect yourself from these kinds of hacking applications. So Droid sheep guard is the application which protects your device from malicious apps like Droid Sheep, Faceniff, Andro Rat which are used for session hijacking and intercepting request on same networks.

You can protect yourself from these kinds of hacking by droid sheep guard. I recommend you not to connect your device on any public network or the network which provides you free WiFi. 

Download droid sheep guard

16) DroidBox 

DroidBox helps you to do many tasks with one click like it can reboot the router or can make  IP address reservations and also can set up a VPN between two routers. 

Nothing much special in it. But still a good tool 

Download DroidBox

17) Netcut

Netcut is available for both desktop and android, a specialty of this tool is to disconnect anyone from public WiFi networks, or to stop anyone from using the internet on a network. 

You just need to do is click on the person device address which is showing on your Netcut panel whom you want to stop using the internet or else you wanna disconnect. After clicking the person will get disconnect immediately. 

Download Netcut

18) Evil Operator

This android app will allow you to connect two individual people who are available in your contact list via call. So they think they have called each other.

This is an application for just to do prank with your friends. 

Download Evil Operator


WIBR is an android app which is used to brute force a WPA/wpa2psk WiFi network.

It also used to connect you on a WiFi network with a pin to pin method. If you don't know the password WiFi network, and that network is WPS enabled than you can simply hack that network with a pin to pin method which is available on this app. 

Download WIBR+

20) Blackmart

You must be tired of buying apps on Google Play Store. Suppose you go to google play and like an app you want to download that app but that app is paid and will cost you money. So what will you do? simply here is black mart for you.

This android app is for users who don't want to buy paid applications from the play store. Basically, the black mart is same as play store, here you can search any app you want to download, but the difference is that you will get all paid app on black mart for free. 

Download Blackmart

21) WPS connect

It is an alternative of WIBR pro .apk. It is used to connect to other WiFi networks by pin method. This app lets you connect with only WPS enabled WiFi network.

So why only enabled WPS? basically, most of the WPS enabled routers are vulnerable to pin method. So it will let you easily connect on WPS enabled WiFi network if you don't have a password. 

Download WPS Connect

So, guys, these are the top 20 android apps that can turn your android into a hacking machine. Don't use these apps to hack innocent people. The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. So please don't try these apps on illegal hacking. You can try these tools to do penetration testing on your own network in a legitimate way. 

22) Lucky Patcher

Here's come my favorite android app, Basically this app lets you modify any android application. With the help of this, you can remove in-app purchases, remove license verification, mods content of the game, etc.

Download lucky patcher

23) Apk Editor

Apk Editor is a very powerful application that is used to edit and modify the android application. You can edit any kind of android application with the help of Apk Editor.

You can do stuff like modify icon off the app, create a mod application and games. 

Apk Editor is one of the best hacking app available for Android. If you want to use this app then you must have app editing and modifying skills.

Download Apk Editor.

24) Cheat Engine

Cheat engine is another powerful hacking app that is available for Android. With the help of this app, you can hack any kind of android game by modifying in-game binary values.

You can able to hack popular games like PUBG, Freefire, etc with the help of this tool. You just need to modify in-game binary values.

If you want to take the benefits of this Cheat Engine then you must need some game hacking skills.

Download Cheat Engine

25) Blackmarket

Now here's the gangster application come. Blackmarket has a collection of many mods games and app, With the help of this application, you can download any mod application that you want.

Blackmarket also provides free android applications that are paid on Playstore.

Download BlackMarket

26) Creekhack

Another best application for hacking android games. This app does not require root rights. Creekhack supports more than 100 games including a shadow fight. The problem is that the app is not updated for a long time. So it is not suitable for hacking new games.

Download Creekhack

Also Watch:

Below is the video on how to access android device remotely without touching it.

This article is updated on 17 September 2020

Note:- We are not responsible for any illegal kind of hacking the purpose of this article is for educational purposes only.


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