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In this article, We will look at the best hacking tools for Termux that are used by professional Ethical hackers.

If you find out what hacking tools and hacking methods exist, then you can make your system more secure. You can check your system for exposure to a particular attack.

Here is a list of the best hacking tools for Termux that will allow you to check the security of web servers, and help with Ethical hacking and Penetration testing.

Nowadays Termux is one of the most recommended and favorite Android app for ethical hackers.

Even if you are not a hacker, but you know how to use these tools, then you can still perform Ethical Hacking and Penetration testing.

There are thousands of tools are available for Termux on the internet, and you may get confused that which tool is best to use. But don't worry. We have created a list of some best hacking tools for Termux. 

The tools that we are going to mention below are equal to all those thousand tools. So let's get started.

1. Metasploit Framework

Metasploit is more than just a collection of exploit tools, I would call Metasploit an infrastructure that you can use to create your own tools. 

This free tool is one of the most popular tools in the field of information security, which allows you to find vulnerabilities on various platforms. 

Metasploit has support for over 200,000 users and employees to help you get the information you need and identify vulnerabilities in your system.

This hacking toolkit will give you the opportunity to simulate real hacker attacks to identify vulnerabilities. 

Metasploit is supported on all major platforms. As well as you can install Metasploit in Termux also.

How to install Metasploit in Termux?

open your Termux app and type the following commands one by one and wait for each command to get finished.

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

pkg install unstable-repo

pkg install metasploit

After typing all the command one by one Metasploit in Termux will be installed successfully. After the successful install of Metasploit type the below command to run the tool.


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Nmap, also known as Network Mapper, is a port scanning tool. This free hacking tool is the most popular port scanner for efficient network discovery and security monitoring. 

Nmap is used for a wide range of services, Nmap uses Raw IP packets to determine the hosts available on the network, their services with detailed information, operating systems, types of firewalls, and other information.

Over the past year, Nmap has won several security awards and has been featured in films such as Matrix Reboot, Die Hard 4, and others. Nmap has both console support and a GUI application.

But in Termux we can only use the Command-line interface of Nmap.

How to install Nmap in Termux?

Open your Termux app and type the following commands:

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

pkg install curl

pkg install nmap

3. Wireshark

Wireshark is a well-known professional tool that can detect vulnerabilities within a network and among many firewall rules. 

Wireshark is used by thousands of security professionals to analyze networks, capture sent packets, and carefully scan hundreds of protocols. 

Wireshark helps you read real-time data from Ethernet, IEEE 802.11, PPP / HDLC, ATM, Bluetooth, USB, Token Ring, Frame Relay, FDDI, and other sources.

The original name of this free Ethereal tool. Wireshark has command line support; this version is called TShark.

How to install Wireshark in Termux

The installation of Wireshark in Termux is a little bit tough because Wireshark uses GUI. But don't worry we have created an article and a video for you on How to install Wireshark in Termux.

How to install Wireshark in Termux

Below is the video from our YouTube channel on How to install Wireshark in Termux:


The SQLMAP program allows you to check sites for the presence of SQL injection vulnerabilities, XSS vulnerabilities, as well as exploit SQL injection. A variety of types of SQL injection and a variety of databases are supported.

Still, there are millions of websites are available on the internet that are vulnerable to SQL injection vulnerability. 

With the help of SQLMAP, you can run checks on your website to see that your website is vulnerable to SQL injection vulnerability or not. 

SQLMAP is available for all major platforms. You can also install SQLMAP on Termux.

How to install SQLMAP in Termux

Open your Termux and type the following commands one by one in order to install SQLMAP.

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

apt install python python2

pkg install git

git clone https://github.com/sqlmapproject/sqlmap

cd sqlmap

chmod +x sqlmap.py

python2 sqlmap.py

Hence the SQLMAP is successfully installed in your Termux.

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5. Social Engineering Toolkit

Featured in Mr. Robot, TrustedSec's Social-Engineer Toolkit is an advanced framework that simulates several types of attacks in the field of social engineering, for example, credential collection, phishing attacks, etc. 

At Elliot, one can observe that they are using the ability to replace SMS from the Social-Engineer Toolkit.

This tool is written in Python and is the standard test for protection against unauthorized access in the field of social engineering with more than two million downloads. 

It automates attacks and generates hidden emails, malicious web pages, etc.

How to install Social Engineering Toolkit in Termux

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

apt install curl -y 

curl -LO https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Hax4us/setoolkit/master/setoolkit.sh

sh setoolkit.sh

After finishing the above process type the following command

cd setoolkit

./setup.py install


That's it Social Engineering toolkit installed in your Termux.

6. Nikto

Nikto is a tool developed in Perl, whose objective is to provide advice on WEB servers, falling into the category of vulnerability scanners.

It was developed to find different types of files, configurations, and standard or insecure programs, on WEB servers.

Remembering that Nikto will not look for SQL Injection problems or improper authorizations, as well as open ports or active firewalls. It will simply scan the website for interesting files and settings, which can be passive to an attack.

How to install Nikto in Termux

Open your Termux and type the following commands one by one:

apt update && apt upgrade

pkg install git

pkg install perl

git clone https://github.com/sullo/nikto.git

cd nikto

cd program

To run the scan with Nikto type the below command

Note: Replace <Target Website> with the website on which you want to run the scan

perl nikto.pl -h <Target Website>

That's it Nikto has been installed in your Termux.

7. Tool-X

Tool-X is the best hacking tool specially designed for Termux. With the help of Tool-X, you can easily install 371+ hacking tools that are available for Termux with just one click.

The Tool-X is developed by Rajkumar Dusad. Before the invention of this tool, we need to install the necessary Termux hacking tools one by one searching on Github or on another website.

Now you just need to install one tool named Tool-X. This tool has a list of all necessary Termux hacking tools, After installing Tool-X in your Termux you can easily install your favorite hacking tools with just one click.

How to install Tool-X in Termux

Open your Termux and type the following command one by one

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

pkg install git

git clone https://github.com/Rajkumrdusad/Tool-X.git

cd Tool-X

chmod +x install.aex

sh install.aex


Hence the Tool-X is installed in your Termux. To run this tool simply type the below command.


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8. Fsociety Toolkit

If you get to this point, then you can assume that you are lucky, now we will install a repository in which all the penetration testing tools that appeared on the Mr.Robot series.

Fsociety Toolkit contains all the hacking tools that are appeared on Mr.Robot series.

How to install Fsociety Toolkit in Termux

Open your Termux and type the below commands one by one in order to install Fsociety Toolkit.

pkg update && pkg upgrade

pkg install git

pkg install python2

git clone https://github.com/Manisso/fsociety.git

cd fsociety

chmod +x install.sh

That's it Fsociety is installed in your Termux. You can simply go to the society directory and type the following command to run the tool

python2 fsociety.py

Now you can install and download any tool of Fsociety that you want in 1 click.

9. Hydra 

Hydra is one of the most powerful tools used to brute force Username and Password of services such as. telnet, ssh, FTP, etc. 

Hydra is the best brute force tool to crack usernames and passwords.

How to install Hydra in Termux

The installation of Hydra in Termux is very simple. Just open your Termux and type the following commands

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

pkg install hydra

That's it Hydra has been installed in your Termux.

To see the usage of Hydra simply type the following command:

hydra -h

The above command will guide you to how to use Hydra in Termux.

10. Slowloris

Slowloris is Low bandwidth Dos tool. The tool is rewritten in Python. The tool performs HTTP Denial of Service attack that slows down or makes the small servers crash.

You can also use this tool to perform a Dos attack on the website.

The tool simply creates a lot of HTTP requests and sends headers periodically to keep the connection open. 

The tool never closes the connection unless the server does so. As the server closes the connection the new connection has been created, As a result, the server goes down or doesn't reply.

How to install Slowloris

Open your Termux and type the following commands one by one

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

pkg install python

pkg install slowloris

Hence the slowloris is installed in your Termux. Now simply type the below command to see how to use slowloris.


This article is for educational purposes only. The author of this website and the creators of these tools are not responsible for any illegal activity done by these tools. 

Note: You don't need to root your Android device to use these tools. You can use all mentioned above hacking tools for Termux without root.

Hence these were the 10 best hacking tools for Termux. If you find any error in installing above tools then feel free to comment below. We are always here to solve your error✌

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