How To Install ZPhisher on Termux 2021

If you are an old user of Termux, then you might know about ZPhisher. In this guide, We will learn how to install ZPhisher on Termux. Before getting started, we need to know about ZPhisher.

Note: This article is for educational purposes only. We have written this article to instruct you about such kinds of phishing attacks that are done by attackers. We are not responsible for any misuse of this article or tool. 

What is ZPhisher?


ZPhisher is an advanced phishing toolkit developed by Htr-tech. It allows a user to perform phishing attacks on several sites and popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, and several more. 

It is an automated phishing tool that lets you perform phishing attacks on nearly 30 platforms with 30+ templates. ZPhisher allows you to use Ngrok for port forwarding and to host phishing websites. Good knowledge of social engineering is required to perform phishing.

It is an upgraded version of the Shellphish tool. However, the developer of ZPhisher has removed unnecessary codes and added much more features in ZPhisher.

This tool can be easily installed on the platforms like Termux, Ubuntu/Debian/Kali, Arch Linux/Manjaro, and Fedora.

Features of Zphisher

  • Mask URL support;
  • Latest login pages;
  • Multiple tunneling option;
  • Easy to use and User-friendly tool.

How To Install ZPhisher on Termux

Follow the below steps one by one carefully to avoid any error while installing ZPhisher to your Termux.

1. Open your Termux, update, and upgrade your pkg repository by using the following command.

pkg update && apt pkg -y

2. Install all the dependencies that are required to function ZPhisher properly. ZPhisher needs PHP, wget, curl, OpenSSH, and git to work correctly. So let's install these dependencies by using the below command.

apt install git php openssh curl wget -y

3. Now, clone the ZPhisher to your Termux by using the git command.

git clone

4. Go to the directory.

cd zphisher

5. Give shell script file permission to read, write, and execute.

chmod +x

6. Run the shell script file to begin the installation of the Zphisher.


7. That's it Zphisher has been installed. Now you can run Zphisher every time by executing the above command.

ZPhisher is one of the best phishing tools that are available for Termux.


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