10 Best Programming Languages For Hacking


In this guide provided by a team of programming assignment experts from AssignmentCore.com, we have made a list of the best programming languages for hacking. As everyone knows hacking is an art of exploitation, And every ethical hacker needs to have the basic knowledge of some popular languages to break the security of the web, application, or anything that is programmed in a specific programming language.

Most people ask this question what programming language do hackers use? or What Programming language used by hackers? Actually, Ethical hackers need to have a basic knowledge of almost all popular languages, But the best programming language that ethical hackers love to learn is Python.

There are many programming languages available but most of them are of no use. So here we will discuss only some important programming languages that are used to code apps, applications, game consoles, and many other things. So that after learning these programming languages you will be able to find security flaws in the code. 

To find security flaws in the code, you need to have the best knowledge of these programming languages.

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List of Best Programming Languages for Hacking

Here we present you the list of best programming languages for Hacking that can be used for penetration testing, Writing exploits, reverse engineering, etc. All the programming languages that are mention below have their different use, syntax, and structure that you must be familiar with. So let's get started with the list.

1. Python - Programming language for hacking

Python is a high-level, and general-purpose programming language. Created by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991. Python has become one of the best programming languages that hackers love to learn.

Python is a very simple and powerful scripting language. Python has a large number of libraries that can be used for hacking, writing exploits, and many more things.

Most of the exploits are already written in Python. That's why it is one of the best coding languages for hackers. If you search for any particular exploit on the internet then I am sure you will get that exploit in Python.

Python is easy to learn and the exploit codes can be shortened by using the particular library this is what ethical hackers want.

Since it is open-sourced it also has third-party libraries and pre-built codes that help ethical hackers to get their job done. You can also build your own tools using Python. You can also run Python on any operating system.

Here are some top Python libraries that hackers use in their code: Hashlib, Scapy, Cryptography, IMpacket, Requests, Python-Nmap, RawSocketPy, etc. I hope now you understand why it is the best coding for hacking. If you are a programming student and confused about your code, you can take help from Programming Homework Help.

Features of Python:

  • Open source and free;
  • High-level programming language;
  • Highly dynamic and portable;
  • It also has support for other languages;
  • GUI programming support;
  • Cross-Platform language;
  • Robust standard libraries;
  • Database connectivity;
  • You can run Python anywhere for example in Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, Android, and IOS.

2. C - Programming language for hacking

C is a general-purpose, procedural programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie in the year 1972. C is extremely popular around the world it is also flexible and simple to use.

Most of the computer programs and operating systems like windows are coded in C language. C is one of the oldest and the base of all programming languages. 

So by learning C you will have a brief idea about the structure of the operating system, How CPU and RAM interact with each other, how data is processed on the computer.

So if you are looking for some serious ethical hacking knowledge then you must go with C. C is one of the best programming languages for hacking. You can even access the resources such as RAM and system processes by using C.

You can use C to build undetectable malware, Memory and space eater, Keyloggers, etc. Ethical hackers can perform attacks like buffer overflow by writing buffer overflow exploits and many more things.

Features of C:

  • General-purpose procedural programming language;
  • Highly portable;
  • Supports pointer;
  • C also has the best libraries; 
  • Dynamic memory allocation;
  • Speedy that mean you can compile and execute your codes faster;
  • Recursion;
  • Simple mid-level programming language.

3. JavaScript - Programming language for hacking

JavaScript is a high-level multi-paradigm scripting language. You can say that JavaScript is the programming language of the web, It has the ability to update/change both HTML and CSS. With the help of JavaScript, you can implement some complex features on web pages. It can easily calculate, manipulate, and validate data.

It can be used on the website for client-side page behavior. The best thing about JavaScript is all the popular browsers have dedicated JavaScript engines to execute it.

JavaScript is the best coding for hackers for hacking web applications, When it comes to analyzing, intercepting, and manipulating browser-based applications.

JavaScript can be used for performing malicious attacks on Web applications such as JavaScript injection. JS Injection is used to inject the Javascript code, that runs from the client-side.

You can check for vulnerabilities in JavaScript web applications by injecting a piece of code. You can check for most common vulnerabilities like Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), CSRF Attacks, Server-Side JavaScript Injection, etc. Due to these functionalities, JavaScript is one of the best programming languages used by Ethical hackers.

Features of JavaScript:

  • Object-oriented based scripting language;
  • In-built Functions;
  • Event Handling;
  • Lightweight scripting language;
  • It has the ability to create new functions within scripts;
  • Arrow function;
  • Destructuring.

4. Java - Programming language for hacking

Java is a cross-platform object-oriented programming language. Java can be used to create a Computer, Android, and IOS application. Java can also be used to code applets for use on the web page. Java runs on more than 3 billion devices.

Whether you are a developer or an ethical hacker Java is a must-learn programming language. Java is also one of the best programming languages for hacking.

Java is a widely-used programming language by ethical hackers. Through Java, ethical hackers can build a malicious program to gain admin-level access to the victim device.

By using java you can also hide malicious code into a program that can be able to do the following things after getting executed in the victim's device, get a reverse connection, Execute malicious code, take a screenshot, record voice, Access files, and folders, etc.

Features of Java:

  • Cross-platform object-oriented programming language;
  • Simple, Secure and Portable;
  • Dynamic, robust, and high performance;
  • Best programming language to create spy programs for Windows, Android, and IOS;
  • Multi-threaded and Platform independent;

5. C++ - Programming language for hacking

C++ is a cross-platform general-purpose programming language that can be used to create high-end applications.

Initially, C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup, as an extension to the C language. But after getting a few major updates C++ has become a popular programming language in the world.

C++ is also used to create high-end graphics games. Now let's see how ethical hackers use C++ for ethical hacking purposes.

When it comes to hacking then C++ is one of the best programming languages. Ethical hackers can use C++ to exploit Buffer overflow vulnerability. You can make your own advanced keylogger software in C++ to monitor user activity.

It also can be used to create a super-fast brute force program, data analysis, network analysis, or any other hacker tool. You can also mod/hack many video games by using C++.

Features of C++

  • C++ is a powerful and fast programming language;
  • Object-oriented programming language. This makes development easier;
  • Machine independent and highly portable;
  • Recursion, Compiler based;
  • Dynamic memory allocation means we can a lot of memory dynamically in C++;
  • Mid-level programming language.

6. Ruby - Programming language for hacking

Ruby is a high-level, dynamic, general-purpose, coding for hacking and open-source programming language. Developed by Yukihiro Matz Matsumoto in the mid-1990s in Japan.

Ruby is the most useful for building web applications. Here are some things that you can do with Ruby: Web scripting, crawling, Automation, Build command-line tools, API clients, etc.

Homebrew, an extremely popular tool for installing software packages on macOS is written in Ruby. If you are a hacker then you might know about Metasploit Framework. 

Metasploit framework is one of the best penetration testing platforms for ethical hackers you can write, test, and execute exploit code using Metasploit. This ethical hacking tool is also written in Ruby.

Ruby is one of the best and important programming languages for hacking. Ethical hackers can use Ruby to create command-line hacking tools.

Ruby and Python are the top programming languages used by hackers. So if you really want to learn any programming language for hacking then I will recommend you to learn Python and Ruby.

Features of Ruby:

  • It is a server-side scripting language similar to Python;
  • Awesome modules;
  • You can also embed Ruby into HTML;
  • Object-oriented programming language;
  • Best language for Ethical hackers;
  • In ruby, you can use any character you want to delimit strings.

7. Lua - Programming language for hacking

Lua is a high-level, multi-paradigm programming language. The language is mainly designed for embedded use in applications.

Lua is a simple C API that can be embedded into applications. Lua was created by Roberto Ierusalimschy, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, and Waldemar Celes in 1993.

Lua scripts are very easy to write and learn. If we talk about the use of this language in ethical hacking. Then this is also the best language for hacking purposes.

Lua scripts can be used to penetrate and exploit the system. Lua is the perfect language for game hacking.

Have you ever seen a hacker in PUBG mobile that has the ability to run faster, Magic bullets, and high jump? This all gets possible because of the .lua script.

It is the best coding for hackers. You can easily inject Lua scripts by the game guardian to modify or hack the Android game.

Features of Lua:

  • Simple, efficient, and highly portable;
  • Best language for hacking games;
  • Lightweight and easy to use programming language;
  • Lua is small, free, powerful, and embeddable.
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8. Assembly - Programming language for hacking

Assembly is a low-level programming language that is compiled by an assembler. It can be produced by compiling source code from a programming language such as C.

Assembly language can also be written from scratch. Assembly code can be converted into machine code by using an assembler. The language is designed for a specific type of processor.

To understand the inner executions and workings of any binary, you need to understand assembly language.

When it comes to hacking then Assembly is the best coding for hacking. With the help of assembly language, you can write some robust binary exploits to penetrate into the vulnerable system.

With Assembly language, you can be able to exploit buffer overflow and different types of system vulnerabilities.

To reverse engineer/hack software, the knowledge of assembly language is very important.

Features of Assembly language:

  • Low-level programming language;
  • 64-bit address space;
  • Move data from register B to register A;
  • Move data from the given memory location to register A;
  • Arithmetic expression handling;
  • Data allocation.

9. Bash - Programming language for hacking

Bash is a shell and a command language. Bash is a command-line interpreter on most Linux systems. It is also widely available on various operating systems.

Bash is written by Brian Fox in 1989. The shell's name is an acronym for Bourne Again shell. Bash is not a fully-fledged programming language but still, we can say that it is a command language through which a user communicates with the operating system or an application.

When it comes to ethical hacking then bash is one of the best programming languages for hacking. Bash can be used to automate remote code execution programs to gain admin-level access into the system.

Bash can be used to automate the hacking tools, payload delivery, execution, and many more things. Bash is also used to create powerful viruses that could make your PC dead. If you want to be an ethical hacker then the bash command language is the most important thing to learn.


  • Bash has the ability to create a powerful virus;
  • You can automate your program using bash;
  • Directory manipulation, with the push, popd, and dirs commands;
  • Execute files using shell commands.

10. Perl

Perl is a high-level, general-purpose, dynamic, stable, cross-platform programming language developed by Larry Wall. Perl stands for Practical Extraction and Report Language.

The Perl languages took features from other programming languages including C, shell script, AWK, and sed. 

Perl language was mainly designed for text processing, But now it is used for various tasks including web development, GUI development, system administration, and much more.

Now let's see what is the use of this programming language in ethical hacking. Well, this is also one of the best programming languages for hacking.

Perl is similar to Python and Ruby. If you use Kali Linux you will see hundreds of scripts that are available in Perl, Ruby, and Python.

By using Perl you can create your own hacking tools. Perl can be used for Network hacking, footprinting, automate your hacking program, Create hacking scripts, Create Linux keylogger in Perl, and many more things.


  • Create your own hacking scripts;
  • Create Keylogger in Perl;
  • C/C++ library interface;
  • Embeddable;
  • Open source;
  • Support Unicode;
  • Many web frameworks are available in Perl.
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So above are some best programming languages for Ethical hacking that you can try. Programming language plays a very important role in the life of an ethical hacker. With the knowledge of programming languages, an ethical hacker can create exploits, hacking tools,  can understand the vulnerability in code. 

Well, a human can't learn all the above-mentioned programming languages in detail. You can master few programming languages such as Python, Bash, and Assembly. But you must have a basic level of knowledge of all these languages.

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