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Every sports lover needs free sports streaming sites. If you are looking for the Best sports streaming sites then your search may end up here, Because we have made a list of the best free sports streaming sites through which you can watch live sports for free.

To watch live sports on these sites you just need a good internet connection. There are many sports watching websites are available on the internet, Some users know these websites but get confused about which website is better to watch live sports online. Some users don't know any sports streaming websites that offer free service.

So keeping this thing in mind we have decided to make a list of best as well as free streaming websites for sports lovers.

Some people may think why to stream sports on a site? why not stream in any sports streaming application? Our answer is the application has lots of limitations, For example, if the sport streaming app is for Android then you will not able to watch sports on your windows pc or on your iPhone.

If you stream sports through a website then you can stream sports on any device that has an internet browser in it.

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Best free sports streaming sites

No Name URL
1 Sport Lemon
3 Live Soccer TV
5 Hotstar
6 Vip box
7 Sportrar
8 Live TV
9 UltraSports
10 Sportsurge

1. Sport Lemon


Sport Lemon is considered one of the best live sports streaming sites to watch almost all sports. You can stream any sport on this site completely free of charge.

The website is very lightweight and super fast to load so you won't face any difficulty while browsing the site for choosing your favorite sport.

To Stream Live sports on this website just click on the below link. After opening the link you will see lots of sports listing into categories. Simply go to your favorite category and click on the particular sport to start the streaming.

Many users who already using this site say that this website is great to watch football matches.

I am sure you will not face any difficulties while using this free sports streaming site because this site has a simple user interface. Like sports streaming sites low wager casino Canada is also gaining popularity.

If you have a good internet connection then you can also stream live sports in full HD quality. Watching Live sports become a lot easier and far better with this live sports streaming service.



The full name of ESPN is "entertainment and sports programming network". ESPN is dedicated to the broadcast and production of sports programs. ESPN is one of the best sites for sports streaming.

You will find almost all types of sports on the ESPN site. It is one of the best media groups based in the United States. It operates and produces cable television channels, satellite, radio, websites, magazines, and books related to sports.

Currently, ESPN is the sports leader in the region of the United States. At the present time, the owner of ESPN is The Walt Disney Company which holds 80% of its share and the Hearst Corporation holds 20% of its share. ESPN is operated by the Walt Disney Company.

To stream live sports on ESPN simply click the below link, you will be redirected to the ESPN site, from there just choose your favorite sport that you want to stream.

The ESPN app is also available on all major platforms.

3. Live Soccer TV


Live Soccer TV is currently one of the best sites to watch online Sports, especially for those who like to watch soccer for free.

As you visit this site you will get detailed information on upcoming matches. Also, the website has a very easy to use interface so you will not get confused about how to operate the site to stream sports.

For sports lovers, this is the best sports streaming site. Don't go on the name "Live Soccer TV" you might be thinking the site contains only soccer matches. But actually, this site contains lots of different types of sports.

While using this website you will get access to a wide range of sports. Also, the website is mobile friendly so you can also stream sports on your Android device as well as on the iPhone.


If you want to stream almost all types of sports or even you want to stream specific sports, is best for you. With Laola1 you don't miss any sports. You can also follow any sports you want on laola1. For many reasons, this is the best site to stream almost every type of sports online and for free.

HD streaming is available on laola1. You can also record and save the match on laola1 to watch later even you are offline. The best thing I personally like about the is that this site is available globally. 

The site is available in two languages i.e English and Germany. If you are a sports lover and haven't tried this sports streaming site yet. Then you must give it a try.

Many sports lovers find this site interesting because it has a very simple interface and they never face any difficulties while browsing for favorite sports on the site.

The plus point of this site is HD streaming is available for free. Another plus point is the website is that the site is mobile friendly so you can watch your favorite sports on almost every type of device that supports online streaming through the site.

5. Hotstar


We can't say that Hotstar is just only a sports streaming site. Hotstar is a lot more than just a sports streaming site. As this article is about Sport streaming sites, then we will only talk about the sports side of Hotstar.

On Hotstar you can stream the following sports: Cricket, Tennis, Football, eSports, Wrestling, Hockey, and much more. Not only sports you can also use Hotstar for Movie streaming and Anime streaming.

On Hotstar you can stream in full HD quality. Hotstar is not free but you can opt-in for a free trial of Hotstar to enjoy it free for a month. To use this premium service free for 1 month, you need to provide your payment details. 

After 1 month you will be charged at regular rates of Hotstar. You can also cancel the free trial anytime.

6. Vip box


Vip box is another one of the best free sports streaming sites. You may get annoyed with ads on VipBox, advertisements are just to keep this service free. 

As I land on this website, I found that the user interface of the site is very simple. The site contains almost every type of sport. 

To stream your favorite sport, Just go on the Vip box website by clicking the link below. You will be served with different types of sports. Just click on the sport that you want to watch. Your favorite sport will start streaming. 

You can also stream sports in HD quality on this website.

7. Sportrar


Sportrar is a well-organized site for streaming sports. Sports lovers may find this site useful to stream sports. 

On this site you can stream the following games in HD quality for free: Football, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Volleyball, Handball, Fighting, and much more.

Please note that some of the channels found here only work at the time of the sporting event.

To watch sports at sportrar. Just click on the below link, you will be redirected to the sportrar website. After that Select your favorite sports to start streaming.

8. Live TV


Live TV is another one of the best free sports streaming sites. The site is perfect for game lovers who like to watch their favorite sports and movies live on the internet for free.

Live Tv offers numerous live sports events, including football games of the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, French Ligue, etc, and much more.

The site is user-friendly so you can also access the site on any device that supports streaming.

9. UltraSports


Ultra sports is one of the best live football game streaming sites. You can also stream all the matches in HD quality for free. In addition to football, you can also watch Formula 1, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and other sports.

There are many sports available on the site if you want to stream a specific sport then you can simply search for your favorite sports using their search bar.

The benefit of the search bar is that you don't need to search manually on the list that many consume your time.

10. Sportsurge


If you are looking to watch particular sports or a game then Sportsurge will be the best sports streaming site for you.

SportSurge is a great free site that helps viewers to find a free link to watch a particular sport or game. Basically, it is a live sports streaming site where you can watch Football, Basketball,  Motor Sports, Hockey, MMA, and Boxing for free.

It is not a very legit website to stream. The Sports Surge is Free but comes at a risk. The site is always under the scanner and may be subjected to shut down if the streams continue.

Note: In case any website that we have provided above is not opening or showing an error, That means the specific site is ban in your country. 

If any website is not opening then you can use any premium VPN to bypass the Geo-restrictions.

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Above is the list of Top free sports streaming sites that sports lovers will love to stream. Approx all the sites are free to use. You may find some advertisements on the website.

The advertisements are just to keep the service free for everyone. All the websites that are mentioned above are user friendly. You can use the above websites to stream sports on any device that support streaming feature.

If you think that we missed any Sports streaming site then feel free to mention that site in the comment section.


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