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In this guide, You will find some best and free Music download apps for Android. In this era of technology, music has become an essential part of human life. Everyone loves to listen to music. 

You can even play music from the apps without downloading it, But how will you listen to music when the internet is down for a while, or you are traveling on any means of transport with no Wi-Fi. In such circumstances, you must have an offline music library on your Android device.

To make a great offline music library, you have to download music from music download apps. There are several music apps available on the internet through which you can download the music. Most of the app contains a lot of advertisements and are not suitable for downloading music. Choosing the best music download app might confuse you. By keeping these things in mind, we have created a list of the best and free music download apps for Android.

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Free Music Download Apps For Android

1. HUDL music

If you are an independent music artist and want to throw some spotlight on your name, give this app a spin. This app is a must-have if you want to showcase your skills to the world. Increasing the chances of getting recognized has never been this easy.

Just create your account by entering basic details, you are all set. Now with the world under your feet and only the sky is your limit, choose your jam and get your feet moving.

In this day and age, building a free music marketing strategy is vital. Once you get your name out, people craving for music will get to know you more and more. Fans are also treated to see their heroes perform. As a wise man once said, nothing brings people closer than music.

2. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the best apps for listening to songs online and can be used to download music offline in the app. There are over more than 200 million tracks available on SoundCloud.

Listening to a song on SoundCloud is free of cost. To make available music offline, you have to subscribe to the premium membership of SoundCloud that costs $5.99/month. 

Music is well categorized, so It will be easier for you to discover your favorite music on SoundCloud. You can also use its search bar to get music. Even there is an option to create your own playlist. You can also upload your own music and podcast on SoundCloud. You can also head towards WP Dev Shed for more info.

The thing that I don't like about the app is It contains ads in the free version, and most of them are of 30 seconds, and there is no option to skip ads. Some users also said that it consumes a lot of battery.

3. Fildo

Fildo is one of the best music download apps for Android. It allows you to download any type of mp3 music for free on your Android device. You can even stream music on Fildo if you want.

Fildo doesn't host any music file inside its database. We can say that Fildo is a kind of music search engine that allows you to search and download your favorite mp3 music on your Android device. Music can be hosted on several websites.

It is super easy to download music on your Android device, You just need to open the Fildo app and then type the name of your favorite music on the search bar. Once you have performed the search, click on the "+" icon, and then click on the download icon to download that particular music.

Fildo is not available on the Google Play store. You can download the app from the official site of Fildo.

4. NewPipe

NewPipe is an open-source continuously updating and improving project hosted on Github. It has the ability to download music from YouTube. You can choose whether you want to download mp3 music or a video file.

You can easily use this app to download mp3 music on your Android device. To download music, you need to search and select your favorite music. Now click on the download icon. 

As you click on the download icon, you will be presented with a download option whether you want to download audio or video. Simply click on audio to download that particular music.

5. YMusic

It is one of the best apps to download music for free. YMusic allows you to stream videos as well as music for free. However, it also provides you with an option to download your music and videos. 

Just select the video that you are listening to you will see an option named download mp3. Just click on that option, and your download will start immediately.

YMusic comes with a user-friendly user interface. The interface of this app is so easy. I am sure you will not face any downloading problems while using this app.

This app is unavailable on the Google play store. The app is available to download from its official website.

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6. TubeMate

Here comes my favorite app TubeMate. TubeMate is made for downloading YouTube videos. You might be thinking that why I added this app to the list of free Music download apps for Android

This app has the ability to download the YouTube video as music in mp3 format. However, when downloading mp3 music through this app, you will be prompted to install an mp3 converter on your Android device. The mp3 converter is connected with TubeMate, and this mp3 converter will convert YouTube videos into mp3 music.

To download Youtube videos as mp3 music, Open the TubeMate app and search for your favorite YouTube video, then click on the green download button, and then click on Audio mp3 to download the YouTube video as mp3 music.

7. SONGily

This app allows you to download mp3 music on your Android device for free. You will find some advertisements on the ads, and those advertisements are used to keep the app free for everyone.

This app provides you with the option of listening as well as downloading music. If you love to listen to music, then this app is the best app for you.

When downloading the app from the Google play store, you will see this written in the description, This APP is exclusively available for users. Don't get confused with this statement, Anyone can enjoy listening to music for free on this app.

8. 4Shared

I think most of the users know about this app. If you don't know what is 4Shared, then here is the definition of this app. 4Shared is a free online file-sharing platform that provides storage to upload any type of files, including music.

You can also use this app to download any type of music that you want. Even this app provides you with an option to search for music. I personally recommend you to download the music from 4 Shared because it contains almost all types of music, and music can be download in just one click.

9. Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music is one of the best apps to download free music. This app allows you to listen and download 500,000+ tracks for free and without any ads. If you are a music lover, then you must try this app once. 

Jamendo music comes with a user-friendly interface and allows you to play songs without any limitations. There are over 500,000+ users use this app for downloading and listening to music.

Why people love this app? The reason is simple, the app is free to use with no advertisements. We have read a lot of user reviews and found some issues with this app, such as sometimes it stuck on a pink music screen, the app is slow to respond even on a good internet connection But don't worry, developers may fix these issues in the next update.

10. YouTube Music

As the name implies, YouTube music is a music streaming service that is created by YouTube. The app is available in over more than 95 countries. It also uses best algorithm for music recommendation.

This music streaming service allows you to stream music for free. However, you will see some advertisements.

You can also download the music to make it available offline in the app. To enable the downloading feature, you have to subscribe to the premium service of YouTube Music that costs $9.99/month. The premium feature will also allow you to run the music in the background.

11. Spotify

Play millions of podcasts and music for free on Spotify. The app lets you create and customize your own playlist. The free features of Spotify are only limited to stream music. However, there is also a downloading feature available on the app that comes into the premium category that costs $9.99/month.

By taking a premium membership of the app, you can easily download any type of music that is present inside the app. You can see your downloaded music within the app, and downloaded music can be played offline directly from the Spotify app.

If you are looking for a voice changer app for discord or a voice changer app for gamers, then this article might be useful for you.

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So these are the 10 best apps to download music. If you want me to pick one for you, then you must try Fildo or Tubemate once.

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