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Looking for the Best Termux alternatives? If yes, then this is the best place for you to find Termux alternatives for Windows PC, iOS, and Android.

Everyone knows Termux is a Terminal emulator for Android. Termux lets you download, approx all command-line Termux tools that are available for the Linux system.

The reason behind downloading Termux alternatives could be anything. Termux might not be performing well on some devices, or it might be giving some error while downloading a particular Linux tool using Termux commands. In such cases, users start searching for alternatives to Termux.

The terminal emulator gives you passage to your phone's built-in commands. It comes with some extra features such as running shell scripts, using some CLI Linux tools, and executing Python codes.

Termux is a famous and most reliable Linux environment app for Android. However, If you want to download the best apps that are alternatives to Termux, Then here you will find some best Termux alternatives for Android, iOS, and Windows PCs.

7 Best Termux Alternatives

In this section, You will be presented with Termux alternatives that can be reliable for you. Now let's get started with the list of best Termux Alternatives.

1. iSH

Available for: iOS

If you want to get an experience of the terminal on your iOS devices, then the iSH app is the best for you. iSH is a Linux shell app that can run on iOS devices using user-mode x86 emulation and syscall translation.

If you are an iOS user and looking for a Termux alternative, then this app can be the best choice for you. The project is also hosted on GitHub. You can also download iSH from the Apple app store. This app was created by Theodore Dubois and is now officially available on the Apple app store. Thanks to this app, iOS users can undoubtedly use the Linux shell environment.

2. Cygwin

Available for: Windows

Cygwin is open-source software. It is a set of tools that enables Linux apps to work on a Windows operating system in a Linux-type interface. This app is perfect for Windows users who are searching for Termux alternatives.

Cygwin consists of a Unix system, call emulation library, and plenty of Linux packages are available for Cygwin, it can be the best alternative to Termux. You can easily download Cygwin from their official site.

3. Terminal Emulator for Android

Available for: Android

Terminal emulator for Android is one of the best Termux alternatives for Android users. This app is the same as Termux which allows you to use the Linux command-line interface on your Android device. You can install almost all popular command-line tools that are available for Linux. This app is not for beginners, But it can be the best choice for users who have knowledge of the Linux system.

You cannot play any type of Linux game using the Terminal emulator. As it is a Terminal emulator, not a Linux operating system. Through this app, you can execute all Linux commands directly from your Android device. You can add widgets, customize your Terminal emulator, install various CLI apps for Linux, and many more things. This app is great for Android users who are looking for a Termux alternative.

4. Terminal

Available for: Android

The terminal is another best terminal emulator for Android. You can use basic Unix commands on this terminal emulator. You can browse the directories of your Android device and perform several actions by using inbuilt terminal commands. 

There is an inbuilt shell script editor present inside the app that lets you create and run your own scripts. If you are a beginner, then you must try this app. If you are looking for a terminal emulator with basic features then, this app is a fabulous Termux alternative.

5. Shell Terminal Emulator

Available for: Android

As the name implies, it is another terminal emulator for Android. This app allows you to access your Android built-in Linux command-line shell. It can be an excellent choice for users who are looking for Termux alternatives. However, Termux is more advanced.

You can also use many Linux/Unix commands on this Terminal emulator. It allows you to access your Android files and folders, create, delete, execute shell scripts, and many more things. There is no need to root your Android device.  This app can efficiently run on non-rooted Android devices. However, it requires root permission to perform root tasks. 

6. MSYS2

Available for: Windows

If you are a Linux user or looking for Termux alternatives for your Windows PC, then MSYS2 is here for you. MSYS2 is a collection of Unix/Linux tools and libraries. It provides youwith a  shell, tools like GCC, and many more things.

The package manager of MSYS2 comes from Arch Linux called Pacman. If you are used to Termux, then you mightneede somehelpn dealing with packages. To manage packages, you have to use Pacman instead of the apt-get command.

7. Material Terminal

Available for: Android

Material Terminal is a remake of Terminal Emulator for Android with some additional design, and the rest of the features are the same as Terminal Emulator for Android. It allows you to open and work on multiple windows. It comes with a customizable interface and allows you to choose your perfect theme.


Above are the best Termux alternatives for you. You can easily download all these Termux emulators from the provided download link. All the download links will lead you to the official download sites of these tools. You can use these tools as Termux alternatives. Feel free to mention your favorite Terminal emulator in the comment section.

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