How To Find Your Lost Cell Phone Fast

One of the worst things that happen in our lives is losing a phone. You may have misplaced it as you travel, or someone just snatched it from your hand. Regardless of the cause, you have to deal with the thought as you trudge on.

In most cases, people just get over it and find funds for a new and better phone. On the other hand, that does not need to be the case if you are misplacing it now and then. There are ways that you can use to locate your phone when it’s lost.

The internet has offered a way for such capabilities, and there are always better options. People have used the Find My Device and Find My iPhone for Android and iOS phones, respectively.

However, they may not fulfill your requests since they are settings that one can switch off.

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Part 1: Find a Lost Phone with Spyic Solution

When you are finding a missing phone, it’s always better if your solution is not visible. Why? If it’s another person with it, you wouldn’t want to alert them with your tech skills. Solutions like Spyic can help you with that.

It’s an app that uses its official website to track a phone remotely. You, however, need to set it up before while you still have your device. That way, you will not have to worry about an amicable solution when you can’t find your phone.

Millions of people across the globe have used it for various reasons. Therefore, it’s a solution that you can depend on since it has excellent features. Spyic applies to Android and iOS realms, and the setup process takes five minutes at most.


That means there are no complicated processes, especially when it comes to rooting and jailbreaking. Those are techniques left for apps that can never show complete information until you alter the phone.

For Spyic, it has cutting-edge technologies to help in tracking without compromising your device. That is why it takes a short time to start using it. As you acquire it, the process may be different, but the location information will be found online.

You can learn more about how to use this app to find someone’s phone location on the main page. All the relevant features are there, and there is a demo page for a demonstration.

When tracking the phone, these are the features that will prove beneficial.

Part 2: Lost Phone Tracking Features


This is the specification that shows you exactly where the phone is and where else it has been. The information will include addresses, coordinates, and timestamps. Spyic uses the GPS or the connected Wi-Fi to tell the location.


If you are suspecting that your phone is in certain areas, Geofencing can help you identify that. What you do is set up the perimeters around the hot zones and email for the alerts. After that, it’s all about waiting to see if your phone enters or leaves the marked areas.

Sim Card Location

You can also trace your number using Spyic. It uses this specification to view the SIM Card details, and it’s live location too. The best part is that if you input your email there, you will get SIM swap notifications.

That implies if the number is changed, Spyic will notify you and continue to track the current SIM. When using sim-only deals while traveling, Spyic can be of great assistance in locating the sim if it gets lost.

Other Useful Features

Apart from tracking, you can also check if your phone is engaged in other activities. The solution will record the calls, SMSs, social media details, browsing history, and more. You will have other 30+ features to tell you what is happening while the phone is away.

As you search for the phone online, Spyic will use stealth mode to keep hiding in the phone. For you, everything will be on the dashboard, and you will use your online account every time.

It’s possible to log in anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. The control panel works with all browsers, that’s why. No one will be able to intercept and use the information you retrieve.

The reason for that is Spyic’s security protocols that allow for syncing when you access your account. That means there is nothing stored when you log out.

Part 3: How to Track a Lost Phone Using Spyic

What you need

  1. Android should be version 4.0 and above. 
  2. For iPhones, Spyic works with version 7.0 or later.  
  3. A valid email address.
  4. Internet connection.

Steps to Finding the Phone

Before the phone gets lost, here is what you will do to set up Spyic:

Step 1: Create an account on the main website. Next, select your phone’s OS, pay for a plan, and then wait for the confirmation email.


Step 2: When it arrives, check for the receipt, instructions, and your login details. In the Android case, you will get a download link too.

Step 3: For iOS, log into your account after the email and input your iCloud credentials. After that, choose your phone and wait for the syncing before the control panel appears.


Step 4: In Android, use the sent link to install Spyic on your phone. Finish up the installation after checking the ‘Hide Application’ option and re-access your account remotely.


What you will do when the phone gets lost:

Step 5: Now, you can log into your account to see the phone’s summary and what the features hold. When your phone goes missing, just log into your account and click on the location icon. You will view the present and all the past locations.


Step 6: If you want to place some perimeters, use the Geofencing option.



We can always put some measures to ensure that we can find our phones easily. Spyic permits up to three phones, which means you can include family and friends. So, take the chance now and acquire it before walking out or taking that trip.

When it gets lost, there will be an online account to tell you exactly where it is.

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