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Ringtone is a sound made by a mobile phone when an incoming call is received. Android smartphone comes with pre-downloaded ringtones that no one likes to listen to. However, third-party ringtones are always being popular for Android phones. Setting a third-party ringtone to an Android device is a difficult task for many users to simplify this process Ringtone apps are used.

Ringtone apps for Android allow you to set ringtone as per your need. Several apps are available on the Google play store that might confuse you to choose the good one. Here we have listed some best free ringtone apps to make it easier for you to choose the best one. Through these ringtone apps, you can set your own customized ringtone.

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Best Free Ringtone Apps For Android

1. Audiko Ringtones

Through the Audiko Ringtone app, you can set your desired ringtone from its enormous database. It contains millions of free ringtones, including the hottest and most popular audio tracks. Audiko app includes a ringtone cutter that helps users to make their own ringtone.

It is impossible to check all the popular ringtones which appear in the app every day. You can also share your favorite ringtones with friends on major social media sites. You can create your own version of the song that can be added as a ringtone.

Features of Audiko Ringtones:

  • Ringtone editor and maker tool;
  • Millions of free ringtones to choose from;
  • Daily updated audio database;
  • Easy to use interface.

2. Pi Music Player

Pi Music player is one of the best music players that support ringtone cutter. Its ringtone cutter can be used to cut mp3 songs and also lets you set the ringtone. The process of making a ringtone from this music player is simple.

No rocket science is required to cut the songs into the desired ringtone. Scrape the song to the desired part by using its ringtone cutter to make a ringtone. Let's have a look at the features of the Pi Music Player.

Features of Pi Music Player:

  • 5 band equalizer;
  • Unique share feature powered by Send anywhere;
  • Lets you browse YouTube music videos;
  • Power Saver mode;
  • Ringtone cutter.

3. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

MP3 cutter and ringtone maker allows you to create your own ringtone from the songs. Songs can be selected from your Android phone storage. Through this app, you can easily trim music, merge music, mix music and accurately cut out the best part of the music and set it as a unique ringtone for every contact.

It also supports bitrate & volume adjustment to create a high-quality ringtone. To create a ringtone, choose the song you want to use, and then pick the song range. All this can take be done with just a few taps on the screen. You will not face any difficulties in doing that because it provides you a user-friendly interface.

Features of MP3 cutter and ringtone maker

  • Audio mixer;
  • Fade in and fadeout effects;
  • support almost all audio files;
  • Adjust bitrate for sound quality;
  • Custom ringtone for every contact.

4. MTP - Ringtones

Play Store is packed with so many ringtone apps, but only a few actually deliver an intuitive interface with several features. MTP Ringtones is one of them that is loaded with all features that the ringtone app must-have.

It is offering an immense selection of the most popular free ringtones. It lets you browse, download, and apply free ringtones to your Android device. So if you really want to discover some cool ringtones, then you must try this app once.

Features of MTP Ringtones

  • Download free ringtones;
  • Set contact ringtone including alarm and notification sound;
  • Add ringtones to favorite;
  • Impressive UI.

5. Zedge

Zedge is an Android app that comes with lots of ringtones that can be downloaded to your Android device. It offers you high-quality ringtones for free. You don't even have to go to your phone's options menu to set the new ringtone. It lets you set ringtones directly from the app in a fraction of seconds and clicks.

If you have Zedge install, then there is no need to look for any other ringtone app as it contains a massive selection of ringtones in the world. The app is popular among users in Google Playstore with 100 Million+ downloads and 4.5/5 Ratings.

Features of Zedge

  • Massive collection of Ringtones including funny ones;
  • Option to set individual contact, alarm ringtones;
  • Access your ringtones across all your devices with one simple login.

6. Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker is the best app to create custom ringtones on your Android device. It supports features like song trimming, sound recording, and many more that will help you to produce the best ringtone. The app contains little ads to keep service free for everyone.

It supports almost all major audio formats including, MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, 3GPP, 3GP, M4A. It comes with all the features that a user needs in a Ringtone maker. Let's have a look at the features of this app.

Features of Ringtone Maker

  • Lets you cut the music file to make it a great ringtone;
  • Sound recording that can be added in ringtone;
  • Built-in browser to search for music;
  • Powerful ringtone maker.

7. Z Ringtones

Z ringtones can be the best app for ringtone lovers as it provides an immense amount of ringtones for free. You can easily customize the ringtone of your Android device by using this app. New ringtones are added regularly.

It allows you to browse the most featured and latest ringtones from the tab. It also lets you download ringtones for free. This app can be used as an alternative to Zedge. Below are some features of this app.

Features of Z Ringtones

  • It lets you download free ringtones;
  • 100% free with no in-app purchases;
  • Lite weight;
  • Easy to use interface.

So these are some best ringtone apps for Android devices. Also, let us know your favorite app in the comment section.

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