How Can I Read My Boyfriends Text Messages Safely

Wondering if your boyfriend’s loyalty is being taken for a toss? Are you skeptical about his inputs and indulgence in the relationship? A person’s addiction to his phone suggests that there are things to be concerned about.

If your boyfriend plunges at the sound of every beep on his phone, it's time you hack his messages without touching his phone. You don’t have to snoop around his phone or show your suspicion. There is a way where you can check his phone in front of him and he wouldn’t know about it.

Minspy: Mother of all Spy apps

Minspy is a web-based spy application. It allows you to check your boyfriend’s texts remotely and safely. You can spy on his messages without even raising the slightest of suspicion. The secret here is that Minspy keeps the trails minimum in several ways.

Being a web-based app, it does not require you to download or install any software. You can be discreet and secretive in your spying conduct. You can check his texts on a real-time basis and can do so through your desktop, laptop, or any device with web access features.


Minspy has a long-standing reputation concerning its spy features. The web-based application is a spy user favorite. The trustworthiness and reliability of the app help it in attaining and rendering to a worldwide acceptance.

Other spy applications exist, but none does it better than Minspy. Other spy applications, in the wake of flaunting their cutting edge technology, have a very confusing layout. Minspy’s interface design is super simple. You would just know where to get what you seek.


What also makes the application extremely cool is the lack of phishing tools and malware. It will not entrust your system with any sort of unwanted extensions. No other app provides such clean usage.  The integrity of your system will never be compromised.

Superb Spying Features

Minspy is laden with great spying features. You can not just see your boyfriend’s text messages, there is much more you can do and see. You can see someone’s location, emails, notes, call records; messages, social media pages, pictures, videos, and other media file exchanges.

Keylogger Feature

Another superb feature of Minspy is the keylogger. With a keylogger, you can see the keystrokes made by your boyfriend. You can see holistic changes made to the messages. You can see any deleted text, drafted text, a message that was typed and deleted, archived, etc.

This keylogger feature necessarily gives you an insight into your boyfriend’s mind. You can see what he intended to hide, what he wanted to type. So, you can see how and when he changed his mind. Keylogger actually reveals the true intentions.


Reading your Boyfriend’s Text Safely

Your boyfriend’s text messages can show you an insight into his life. As compared to calls made, text messages prove to be more conclusive proof. The keylogger will further corroborate his intentions, nice or otherwise.

The best part about Minspy is that it is super-efficient. You do not need to engage in any matter that is out of the ordinary. You can be done and dusted with the texting procedure in a jiffy. Let us understand how you can use Minspy to spy on your boyfriend’s texts:

Step 1: Registration

The procedure begins with registration and signing up on Minspy’s website. For signing up, Minspy necessitates providing minimum information. All you need to have is a valid email ID and that is the only information you provide for Minspy.


Step 2: Selecting the Plan

After signing in, you will then need to choose a plan suiting your requirements. Minspy has many varied monthly and premium plans rendering one purpose or the other. You can browse through the plans and select the one more pertinent to your cause.

Step 3: Set up Link

Once the plan is selected and paid for, you will receive a setup link on your email ID. The link, when clicked on, will initiate the setup procedure. The set up is done in less than a few minutes. The set up will be backed by instructions. All you need to do is follow the lead.

Step 4: Linkage with Boyfriend’s phone

At this point, you need to select the target platform. Target platform means choosing what is the kind of phone your boyfriend uses. If he uses a Stock Android phone or an iPhone, you need to specify the same.
Linking your boyfriend’s iPhone with Minspy

In this case, all you need to do is to select ‘iOS’ as the target platform. You would then need to provide the iCloud ID and password of your boyfriend. By entering the correct data, you will immediately obtain access to his iPhone. You can then view his text messages.


Linking your boyfriend’s Android phone with Minspy

In this case, you will choose Android as the target platform. Here, in order to abide by Android’s stern regulations, you need to download the app on your phone. But, don’t worry, your secret will still be a secret.


Minspy has been designed to weigh only 2 MB. Resultantly, it takes only a few moments to download and has no app weight at all. The app can be hidden immediately upon download.  That’s it! When you hide the app, it can’t be found on the phone at all.

Thus, the link will be immediately established. You will be able to see the Minspy dashboard. You can see his texts and so much more. This is what the perfect dashboard of Minspy looks like.



By virtue of Minspy, checking your boyfriend’s messages becomes extremely simple. You can hack his messages without touching his phone. He would never know about your secretive checking. Many people around the world have saved their relationships and themselves through Minspy.

There has been a lot of research on spy apps on the internet. So, do not live in bewilderment and just assume things to be okay. Sometimes, we save ourselves from emotional turmoil by knowing in advance what is happening. When investing your emotions in a relationship, you must know where your boyfriend’s loyalties lay.

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