Best GBA Emulator For iOS [June 2022]


This review gives an overview of the best GBA emulators for iOS and compares the top GBA emulator to help you select the best GBA emulator for iOS.

The Game Boy Advance is one of the best and most popular consoles of all time that lets you play video games. These consoles are still available but will cost you money while buying. Yet, you can play all the games that are available in GBA for free. You need to install a GBA emulator on your iOS device to play GBA games. There are now a few good iOS GBA emulators available on the internet. These emulators are customizable and have features, OpenGL rendering, BIOS emulation, and more. GBA games are best than multiplayer games for Android. Missing childhood memories? or want to play GBA games on your iOS device. Here we are going to list some best Gameboy advanced emulators for iPhone. Take a look at the best Game Boy emulators for iOS. Most of these emulators are well developed, so they do not have a variety of bugs.

What is a GBA Emulator?

GameBoy Advance emulator (GBA emulator) is an app that allows you to install and run classic Game Boy Advance games on your smartphone or PC. GBA emulator is available for major operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows. In this article, we will see the Gameboy emulator for iOS.

GBA Emulator For iOS

You don’t have to browse from one site to another to find different GBA emulators for iOS. We bring you all the excellent emulators in one place.

1. GBA4iOS

GBA4iOS is a popular Game Boy Advance emulator developed by Riley Testut. This emulator lets you play all the games that are available for the GBA emulator. The emulator works excellent on both iPhones and iPads running iOS 11. There is no need to jailbreak your device to run this emulator. It is easier for every user to run the GameBoy emulator on iOS devices. Through this emulator, you can enjoy your favorite GBA and GBC games right on your iPhone. It supports several features:

Features of GBA4iOS:

  • Multiplayer Support;
  • Controller Skins;
  • URL Scheme;
  • GBC and GB Support;
  • Dropbox Support;
  • Cheat Codes;
  • Save state and more.

How to download and install GBA4iOS

2. Delta Emulator

Delta is the Gameboy emulator for iPhone that currently supports GBC, GBA, DS, and more emulation. Delta is the successor to a popular GBA emulator GBA4iOS made by the same developer Riley Testut. The process of installing Delta Emulator is simple. Delta emulator is not only limited to GBA games. It also supports Nintendo 64, Game Boy Colour, and Super Nintendo. Have a look at some features of the Delta emulator. It also lets you download external ROMS. It offers users a fantastic open-world games experience with plenty of great features.

Features of Delta Emulator:

  • Supports all iOS devices up to and including iOS 12;
  • Fast forward features;
  • Supports cheat codes;
  • It is completely free;
  • No jailbreak is needed;
  • iTunes and iCloud support for loading games.

How to download and install Delta Emulator

3. Happy Chick Emulator

Happy Chick emulator offers various types of games for gamers. It combines almost all types of GBA and other games to meet your gaming desire. It has several games that are easy to download with no installation needed. It also allows you to add your own game ROM to Happy Chick Emulator with GameSir gamepads supported. It is easy to use and easy to install on a non-jailbroken iOS device. It also comes with a cloud-saving feature. This feature makes it easier to sync game data on many devices. Check out this guide on how to install Happy Chick Emulator on your non-jailbroken iOS device. If you are still confused about how to download it, You can watch the YouTube video below.

Features of Happy Chick Emulator:

  • Supports cloud saving;
  • Play online multiplayer games;
  • Free to use;
  • User friendly and easy to use;
  • External controller support.

How to download and install Happy Chick Emulator

4. Provenance Emulator

Provenance emulator is another game boy advanced emulator that is available for iPhone. It allows you to play ROMs from Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, and more. The provenance emulator is not available on Apple’s official app store. Provenance can grab metadata like the game title and box art. It is one of the best emulators for the iPhone that provides support for many consoles in one app. It also lets you load almost all console-based games in a single click.

Features of Provenance Emulator:

  • Create your game maps and game controls;
  • One-click play supported;
  • Support cloud saving;
  • No jailbreak required;
  • Intuitive Emulator app.

How to download and install Provenance Emulator

Watch the below on how to download the Provenance emulator to your iOS device.

5. RetroArch Emulator

RetroArch is the best GBA emulator that offers you the best tools needed to play GBA games on your iOS device. It comes with an intuitive interface and lets you access your game collection in an arranged way. This app gives you a console experience on your iPhone or iPad. You can also record your gaming sessions and enjoy new programs as they get added to the library. It is free to use and works on all iOS devices.

Features of RetroArch Emulator:

  • Adds your game to the game collection by scanning your files;
  • Allows you to remap game controls;
  • Save game states;
  • Open source and free to use;
  • Allow using cheats in the game.

How to download and install RetroArch Emulator

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6. Eclipse Emulator

Eclipse is one of the best browser-based GBA emulators. It can run GB, GBA, GBC, and NES games. It can run on almost all device that comes with web browser support. Games can be added to the Eclipse emulator in several ways. You can use the internet to find and upload game ROMs into Eclipse or you can directly upload ROMs from the URLs. ROMs can also be added from an external repository, Dropbox, or Google Drive. However, web-based emulators don’t offer great performance, but there is one advantage. For example, it is accessible from any device that has web browser support. It comes with several features including a choice of UI skins and integration with Google Drive.

Features of Eclipse Emulator:

  • Play games on almost all devices that come with web browser support;
  • Allows you to run GB, GBA, GBC, and NES games;
  • Change UI skins as per your need;
  • Integration with Google Drive.

How to download and install Eclipse Emulator

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If you are facing any problems while installing GBA emulators, You can try some tweaked app stores for iOS. Tweaked app stores will allow you to install GBA emulators easily on your iOS devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions on GBA Emulator for iOS:

Is there a GBA emulator for iOS?

GBA4iOS is one of the best GBA emulators for iOS. It allows you to play almost all GBA games on your iOS 14 or above. 5 GBA emulators are available for iOS: GBA4iOS, Delta Emulator, Happy Chick Emulator, Provenance Emulator, and RetroArch Emulator.

How do I get a GBA emulator on iOS 2022?

In this article, I have curated a list of the best GBA emulator on iOS. From here, you can get any GBA emulator on your iOS device.

Does GBA4iOS work on iOS 14?

Yes, the GBA4iOS works great on your iOS 14 or above.

How do I emulate GBA games on iOS?

You can watch the below video on how to emulate GBA games on your iOS device:

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So these are some best GBA emulators for iOS. These emulators allow you to play GBA games on your iOS device. You can contact us if you face any difficulties while installing these GBA emulators. Also, let us know your best GBA emulator by commenting below.

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