7 Best App Lockers For Android

The usage of the smartphone has been increased rapidly. The smartphone comes with enormous features, due to which it has become a personal device for most of the user. Almost everyone favors storing their private things like images, videos, documents, and more on the smartphone.

Nowadays, hacking and cyber-attacks are rising, and some black hat hackers may try to steal confidential information from your phone. To keep your personal things secure from such cyber threats, you will need the best app locker for Android.

There are several advantages of using an app locker for your Android phones. Whether you want to keep your file secure from cyber threats, or you want to hide your sensitive information from others, all you need is an app locker for your Android device.

However, there are thousands of app lockers present on Google Playstore, but few of them are worthy. A long list of app lockers on Google Playstore might confuse you. To get rid out of this confusion, Here is a list of the best Android app lockers.

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Best App Lockers For Android

1. Norton App Lock


Norton App Lock is one of the best app lockers offered by Norton labs. Want to lock your personal apps or files, then Norton App Lock would be an excellent choice for you. It comes with easy to use interface and lets you lock multiple apps with a 4-digit PIN passcode.

You can easily protect your files, photos, videos, and more by locking them using Norton App Lock. Sneak peek anti-theft feature takes a pic of the person who failed to unlock your device after 3 attempts. It also comes with parental control that lets you keep files or any content private if you share your device with your kids or others.

2. AppLock - Fingerprint

AppLock - Fingerprint is a simple app locker offered by SpSoft for Android devices, and it is equipped with almost all features that a simple AppLock must-have. It lets you lock your photos, videos, files, and apps quickly. You can also customize its lock screen by changing its background image.

It contains 3 types of locking, and users are allowed to lock their personal files by password or pattern and fingerprint. The size of the app is 3.8MB that makes it lightweight and flexible to use. It supports 31 languages to choose from. It comes with some extra features like lock WiFi, Bluetooth, and incoming calls.

3. Perfect AppLock(App Protector)

Perfect AppLock is another app locker that is available for Android devices. It is a simple app locker with easy to use interface. It lets you lock any apps by using a pin, pattern, or gesture. You may find its UI is a little outdated, but it has several useful features.

It comes with a free and premium version. In the premium version, you will not find any advertisements. All Features of the free version are the same as the Pro version. It also has a unique feature named screen filter support that efficiently manages the screen brightness of different apps.

4. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher is an app launcher for Android device, But also contains a built-in app locker that allows you to keep your app hidden and secure with a pin. This app could be an excellent choice for users who want to lock their personal apps with a new launcher.

It is fully customizable and will let you customize every single color and theme. You can also change fonts on the home screen by using Google Fonts.

5. LOCKit - App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock

Lockit is more than just an app locker for your Android device. It has Intelligent privacy protection that can scan your privacy status, Protect all your secrets in real-time. It has the ability to lock almost any app, photo, video, and files that you want.

It also lets you lock Google Playstore to prevent your kids from getting addicted to games or purchasing in markets without your knowledge. The app is small in size but contains extra features such as a file scanner, phone booster, lock/unlock notification, and more.

6. AppLocker (By BGNmobi)

It is another app locker that will protect your apps by locking them. The locked apps can be accessed by the authorization method you choose. Authorization method includes password, pattern, and fingerprint. It is a simple app lock that prevents unauthorized access and protects your privacy.

It also lets you lock system settings to prevent an unwanted change. It also comes with the ability to safeguard your apps from uninstalling. This app can take a photo of an intruder from the front camera who tries to open your locked apps without your permission.

7. AppLock (by IvyMobile)

Same like other app lockers it can lock apps, photos, videos, and other private data with a password lock or pattern lock. AppLock can lock all android apps, including social apps, Android pay apps, system apps, and other types of apps.

It is a powerful app locker that comes with several features like one-tap to Enable/Disable AppLock, lock frequency, power saving, intruder selfie, Replace app lock icon, customize themes, and many more.

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So these are some best App lockers that are available for Android devices. Through app locker, we can hide any personal file, data, app, video, photos easily from intruders. Locked or hidden apps can be accessed by using the authorization pin, pattern, or fingerprint that you set.

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