Best Open World Games for Android

Open world game refers to a virtual world where the player can explore and approach objectives freely with more linear and structured gameplay. In an open-world game, you can go wherever you like, and a player is allowed to travel from one part to another part of the world without getting a loading screen.

On Android devices, open-world games evolved at a much higher rate. The graphics quality and gaming experience of Android games has been enhanced nearly equal to PC games.

For Android devices, There are several open-world games are available on Google Play Store. So if you are a gamer who wants to download some best open-world games on android devices, then you are at the right place.

Here we have curated a list of the Best open-world games for android that are worth playing.

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Best open world games for android

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is one of the best action-adventure and open-world games. In the game, you play as an ex-gang banger named Carl, who returns home after the death of his mother and is taken back into his former gang.

The game contains a real-world environment such as cities, regions, and landmarks where you are free to roam around the streets, malls, clubs, several kinds of shops, and more.

There are over 100 main missions in the game. You have to complete all the missions to finish the game. Even after completing the main missions, several side missions will be left.

This was a console game and recently has been launched for Android devices. In the Android version, nothing has been changed, so you can easily play the original San Andreas on Android devices.

2. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing and open-world game available for Android devices. The game has been developed and published by miHoYo. It is completely free to play until you want a special character or spend money on loot crates.

The game has an open beautiful big world where you can glide, climb, and fight through. The game contains lots of quests, puzzles, challenges, and bosses.

The biggest thing you'll want to focus on is leveling up your Adventure Rank (AR) because you won’t unlock all the main features until Adventure Rank 20. 

Genshin Impact starts pretty slowly, so it'll take a little while before you unlock certain core features.

3. Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

Gangstar Vegas is another open-world game developed for Android and iOS devices. It is much like GTA games where you can control and move the character around the open world.

In Gangstar Vegas, you can do almost anything you want on the streets of this city. It comes with excellent graphics and a vast city to explore and complete missions.

The game has 80 main missions in which you have to do car chase, business deals, and many more. It requires at least 2.1 GB of free space on your device's memory. 

No need to worry about bugs and glitches because this game gets updated regularly. This game is easily available on Google Play Store and is free to download.

4. ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure open-world game available for Android devices. The game can be played in either a third-person or first-person perspective.

The open world can be navigated on foot or ride the plethora of leviathan dinosaurs and other primeval creatures.

You have to survive in the game by using firearms and weapons against hostile humans and creatures. Players are allowed to hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters.

The game has both single-player and multiplayer options. In multiplayer, you can form a tribe of members to survive and escape.

5. Minecraft

Minecraft is an open-world game developed by Mojang. Minecraft can be playable on various major platforms. In the game, players can create and break various kinds of blocks in a three-dimensional world.

The game has two main modes creative and survival.  In Survival, players have to find their own building supplies and food. Players can interact with mobs and moving creatures. In creative mode, players are given supplies and do not have to survive. Players can break all kinds of blocks in creative mode.

The purpose of the game is simply to build, explore, and survive. Players are allowed to play by themselves or online with other players.

6. Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja is free to play open-world game available for Android devices. The game has a grand open world that you can explore freely. The game has an advanced social system that allows you to play with your friends.

The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and comes with stunning graphics. Due to its stunning graphics and vast open world, the size of the game is nearly 4.5 GB. The game needs Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 or higher, 2GB RAM, and 6GB of free space to run smoothly on your Android device.

You can move your character in any direction by using virtual stick control located left side of your Android screen, You can find the attack, jump, and dodge button on the right side to fight with enemies.

7. MadOut2 BigCityOnline

MadOut2 BigCityOnline is a great open-world game in a GTA style. If you ever played games like GTA SanAndreas, then you might get familiar with this game.

In MadOut2, you'll find a big city where you can roam and complete missions. The game contains 40+ vehicles and numerous weapons that you can operate in the city.

It also has an online mode where you can find and play with 100 peoples on the map. Players are allowed to organize meetups in the game whenever game friends are online.

8. Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light is the newest game from thatgamecompany inc. However, it is not a truly open-world game, but players can roam around the world to explore all of its strangeness.

The in-game world consists of seven unique regions, Each with a different theme being represented as a stage of life and a variety of areas to explore.

In the game, players can meet with each other. Players can unlock new abilities such as chat and sending gifts as their friendship grows.

9. Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is one of the successful games available for Android devices. This game was the fastest to earn $100 million and became the most downloaded game in its first month of release.

It uses mobile devices with GPS to locate, capture, train, and battle virtual creatures, named Pok√©mon.  Pokemon appear as if they are in the player's real-world location.

It is the global gaming sensation that has been downloaded over 1 billion times. The game is free to play but supports in-app purchases for additional in-game items.

In the new update, developers added a feature where you can battle other Pokemon GO Trainers online.

10. Portal Knights

Portal Knights is an open-world, survival-action role-playing video game available for Android devices. The game can be played in single and multiplayer mode as well.

If you ever played Minecraft, then you will find many similarities with the game. In the game, you can craft items like a sword to fight against monsters. 

Players can construct buildings, armor, and weapons. You can also travel between randomly generated 3D sandbox worlds.

It supports dual-stick game controllers, so it will be easier for you to control your player in the game.

So these were some Best open world games for Android devices. You can try these games in your free time. You can also suggest to us your favorite open-world game to be listed here.

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