Best launcher themes for Android

The best thing I like about Android is that it is fully customizable. You can easily customize your Android as per your need. If you want to change the look and feel of your Android device, you can easily do it by using any Best launcher themes for Android.

Android launcher themes offer several features that can change the look of your Android. A good Android theme can customize the home screen, icons, font, keyboard, menu, and widgets. Such apps can be found on Google Play Store.

There are several Android launcher themes apps are available on the Google Play Store that might confuse you. To get rid out of such confusion, we have curated a list of the best theme apps for Android. So if you are looking for the best launcher themes for Android, then you are at the right place. Here are some best launcher themes for Android.

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Best launcher themes for Android

1. GO Launcher - 3D parallax Themes & HD Wallpapers

Go Launcher is a home screen theme app for Android that replaces your stock Android launcher. You won't believe that it comes with 10000+ free themes that you can easily use on your Android.

It changes the look and feel of your home screen and adds several functionalities to it. Additionally, it has security features that let you hide & lock apps. Anyone who tries to unlock your Android apps will be taken photos.

The best widget you will find with the app is the phone speed booster. It also contains a speed booster that can boost the speed of your android device.

This app is much more than an Android theme. It will give you several features that could be helpful for your smartphone. You can easily download this app from Google Play Store or visit the below link that will lead you to Google Play Store.

2. 3D 2021 Theme For Android

The 3D theme for Android allows you to customize your Android with animated backgrounds, 3D effects, widgets, and other colorful elements. Through this app, you can customize your android device the way you want.

After downloading the app, you can change the phone theme, Customize app icons, Have great visual effects, Change the font and color, and many more things.

It is a full-featured launcher that has great 3D effects. Here's one app that you should definitely install onto your Android if you're interested in customizing your device.

3. Sakura Launcher Theme


Sakura launcher theme is a great launcher theme for Android with an easy and intuitive design that changes the way you use your smartphone. If you want to make your smartphone interface beautiful, then this launcher will be great for you.

It comes with several Flower Wallpapers and Icon Pack. The themes in this app are updated every day. They provide the best themes for Android during the festive periods too, whether it's Christmas, Valentine, and other holidays they got a theme for you.

After activating the Sakura Launcher theme, the original app icons, clock, and weather theme of your phone will be replaced by the Sakura Launcher.

It is an excellent alternative to the default Android launcher, with a beautiful design and amazingly great functionality.

4. Ice Snow Launcher Theme

Ice Snow launcher theme is one of the best launcher themes for Android that you would like to apply in the winter season. It is a simple and eye-catching launcher theme that offers an easy and beautiful interface.

It comes with several wallpapers, widgets, and icon packs. The themes are updated every day, so you will not get bored with the particular theme. It also lets you customize your Lock screen with Cool Ice Snow Theme Launcher.

It has a quality of touch gestures through which you can feel the Ice Snow Launcher theme's beauty. If you are looking for an icy theme, this launcher theme is great for you.

5. Modern Theme For Computer Launcher


This launcher theme for Android transforms your smartphone’s interface and gives it the look of a small computer. After activating this launcher, it will give your android a look and feel of windows 10. It also includes a lot of wallpaper to apply on your Android home screen.

It also contains icon packs that look like a desktop icon on your Android device. It also changes the file manager into a replica of the My Computer section. You can use this section to quickly and access all the files on your Android device.

If you are looking for an Android launcher theme that can change the look and feel of your Android home screen into windows 10, you must try this app once.

6. High Style Launcher

It is one of the best launcher themes for Android comes with several features. It is more than a launcher theme app. It is a lightweight app and offers high performance. It has a stylish home screen UI and a clean user interface, so you will not face any problems while using this theme.

You don't need a separate app locker for locking your apps because its apps lock feature lets you Lock any app with a password. Additionally, it also allows you to hide the apps from the app list.

It is a fully customizable app and allows you to customize whatever you want. It comes with several widgets including, a Clock, weather information, memory analyzer, music player, calendar, Map, and battery widget.

7. CMM Launcher 2021

It is another launcher theme for Android that comes with a beautiful interface. It keeps all your apps organized simply. The main screen shows you the most-used apps. You can also pin any app into this section.

It comes with several features like gestures, app locker, unlimited themes, phone booster, memory cleaner, and more. It is a lightweight app and can run easily on any Android device.

You can customize your home screen to make your smartphone more personalized. Change the look and feel of your smartphone by installing the CMM theme launcher.

So these are some best launcher themes for Android that you can try on your smartphone. All the apps mentioned in this article are famous and downloaded by millions of users.

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