The Best Translation Apps To Try In 2021

Translation apps help us to translate a foreign language into our regional language. There are several translation apps available on the internet. Google Translate is a famous translation app and is used by millions of users around the world. Besides Google Translate, many other translation applications offer great features as well.

Nowadays, the need for translating app has been increasing immensely. There are several benefits of using translation apps, especially when you are in another country. Some translation apps also come with the ability to translate text and words inside the images.

Finding the best translation app is a difficult task. To make it easier for you, We have made a list of the best translation apps to try in 2021.

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The Best Translation Apps To Try In 2021

1. iTranslate – The Leading Translation App for Android and iOS

iTranslate allows you to translate 100+ languages instantly. It also can translate languages ​​​​by voice. Its offline mode lets you translate languages offline without any internet connection. To use the offline mode, you need to download language packs. The app is pretty popular on Google and Apple app store. While translating a language, You can also listen to translations in male or female voices.

2. Microsoft Translator for Android and iOS

Microsoft Translator is a free translation app that can translate more than 70 languages. It helps you to translate text, voice, conversations, camera photos, and screenshots. It also allows you to download languages for offline use. It is powered by cutting-edge technology used by several popular brands. It comes with all the features that every best translation app must-have.

3. Google Translate: Best Translation app of all time


Google Translate is undoubtedly the best translation app on the planet. It is a famous translation application that comes with all the features that a translation app should have. It lets you translate hundreds of languages. It is available for Android and iOS devices and also has a web interface. It comes with the ability to translate words, phrases, and web pages. For translation, You can also draw text characters instead of typing.

4. U-Dictionary: Translation and Dictionary app

U-Dictionary is a good translation and dictionary app that effortlessly translates texts, pictures, or conversations in 108 languages. Through U-dictionary, you can get translations immediately whether you're learning a new language or traveling abroad. Its offline mode allows you to translate 100+ languages without an internet connection. You can also use U-Dictionary to look up definitions via Collins Dictionary or Wikipedia.

5. Translate All - Speech Text Camera Translator App

The next best translation app on Android is Translate All. This application offers a feature that allows you to translate the language via text or the camera. There are more than 100 languages ​​that you can choose from in this application, ranging from English to Spanish. Translate All is also equipped with voice recognition technology to get more accurate results when you input text via voice. If you love traveling in different countries, this app might be best for you.

6. Naver Papago - A translator app that satisfies your needs

It is an excellent translator app for people who need translation during travels, business trips, or at the time of studying a language. Naver Papago can translate more than 15+ languages for you. It allows you to translate in various ways. You can translate via text, images, or voice. This application also supports offline mode. It comes for Android and iOS devices. It also has a web interface to translate available languages.

7. Dict Box - Universal Offline Dictionary and translation app

"Dict Box" is a multilingual dictionary application and a translation app for Android and iOS devices. Dict Box also has sort features, such as offline support, word correction, audio pronunciation, and more. It also allows you to translate words through images. This app is also great for learning new languages. If you are interested in downloading this app, You can download this app from the below links.

I hope this article is helpful for you. Which translation app do you use for translation purposes? Let us know in the comment section.

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