10 Best Termux phishing tools in 2023


Looking for the best Termux phishing tools in 2023? This blog post has you covered! We'll list the top 10 tools so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Verizon’s Data Breach Investigation Report declares phishing is the top-most hazard of data infringements. Around 22% of the multinational cyber hazards involve phishing. Indeed, there is no region without phishing. This still and will remain a critical ultimatum to individuals, businesses, organizations, and their monetary personal accounts.

Phishing is the most ordinary type of social engineering attack. It is one of the most common hacking techniques on the Internet. Phishing is done by creating a fake website that mimics a legitimate one. The fake website asks you to log in. As you log in, all your credentials will be exposed to the phisher.

What is Termux?

Termux is an open-source Terminal emulator that is created for running a Linux environment on Android devices. Termux combines powerful terminal emulation with a complete Linux package collection. Termux is used by ethical hackers and cybersecurity professionals for ethical hacking and penetration testing. You can use Termux to install and run several command-line scripts through its package manager. You don't need to root your Android device to use Termux. Additionally, Termux allows you to run Python and Bash scripts. You can also install packages with apt, pkg, pip, npm, gem, and other package managers.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a kind of social engineering, the fraudulent method of sending emails or creating a fake website claiming to be from reputable companies to influence individuals to disclose confidential information, such as passwords and credit card numbers. A Phishing attack can have noxious results. For people, this includes unauthorized purchases, the heist of funds, or identity theft. There are several types of phishing attacks. Phishing attack includes Email phishing, Vishing, Smishing, Pharming, Spear phishing, and Whaling.

What is Termux Phishing tool?

Termux phishing tools are the Command line tools coded in a particular programming language that helps a novice and an expert attacker conduct a phishing attack. These tools contain several phishing methods that can be applied with a few clicks.

Best Termux Phishing tool in 2023

Here we are only selecting open-source Phishing tools for Termux. The following Termux Phishing tools are presented for ethical and educational purposes only. These tools should not be used without the authorization and written permission of the owner of the system. This article is about the best Termux phishing tools and how to keep yourself safe from these tools.

1. Zphisher

Zphisher is an advanced open-source Termux phishing tool developed by Htr-tech. Programming languages used in developing this tool include Hack, HTML, CSS, PHP, Shell, and JavaScript. Zphisher tool is an upgraded form of ShellPhish. It has become quite popular nowadays. Through this tool, you can perform phishing attacks on the victim. Zphisher is easier to use than any other phishing tool for Termux. 

Zphisher helps you to create more than 30 phishing web pages without any knowledge of coding. It can create phishing pages such as Instagram, Facebook, Yahoo, Netflix, WordPress, Steam, Microsoft, Snapchat, and more.  It also has 3 tunneling options, through which you can perform phishing in a wide area network (WAN).

Features of Zphisher:

  • It comes with more than 30 phishing templates.
  • It also supports docker
  • Zphisher has multiple tunneling option
  • Custom template option for advanced users.

2. Nexphisher

Nexphisher is an automated open-source phishing tool for Termux. This Termux tool contains 37 phishing Pages that are taken from Zphisher. These phishing pages help an ethical hacker to get the credentials of a social media account.  If you ever used Zphisher and hidden eye, You might find this tool interesting. This tool is a combination of Hidden eye and Zphisher.

Nexphisher contains nearly every social media phishing website and has almost all the features of a phishing tool. Utilizing this tool is easy. You just need to select the website to generate the phishing link of that particular site.

Features of Nexphisher:

  • Extremely simple and easy to use
  • Extra tunneling options
  • A free and open-source program
  • Written in a shell script.

3. Weeman tool

Weeman is one of the best phishing tools for Termux created in the Python programming language. It generates an HTTP server for phishing and helps you to create phishing pages for almost all big websites.

To use this tool, enter the link to the original website, and Weeman will clone that website for you. After that, host the cloned site by entering a specific port number. Then, you can use any tunneling option to make your site visible worldwide.

Features of the Weeman tool:

  • It supports a wide range of websites
  • Easy to operate
  • Creates HTTP server for phishing
  • Open-source project

4. AdvPhishing

AdvPhishing is a phishing tool for Termux that allows you to gain the social media account access of the victim even if two-factor authentication is enabled. ADVPhishing has almost every social media Phishing page like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and more. 

After starting AdvPhishing, the user must pick the target website from the given options. After choosing the website, the tool will automatically download the prerequisite requirements for the website and wait for the ’Ngrok’ tunnel to be activated. After that, a link will be generated. Send the generated link to the target. Once the target opens the link, the target will see a clone version of the website where the target will enter the personal information and OTP.

Features of AdvPhishing:

  • Bypass two-factor authentication
  • More than 15 webpages
  • Best tunneling option
  • Easy to install and use.

5. Seeker

Seeker uses CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and a shell script to find out the exact location of the person. Seeker Hosts a phishing website on Apache Server and uses Ngrok, or Serveo to generate a link that asks for Location Permission. If the user allows it, we can get the accurate location of the person. The position includes longitude, latitude, accuracy, altitude, direction, and speed.

Along with Location Information, you can also get some Device Information without permission. The device information includes Operating System, Platform, Number of CPU Cores, Amount of RAM, Screen Resolution, GPU information, Browser Name, and Public IP Address.

Features of Seeker:

  • Find the exact location of the person
  • Compatible with Termux
  • Get the device information
  • No coding is required. Get started with a few easy clicks.

6. Hacklock

Shell, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and PHP are used to create this tool. This tool is excellent for parents who want to unlock the pattern lock of their kids devices. This tool allows you to hack the pattern lock of any Android device by phishing method. All you have to do is send a generated link to the victim. As a victim, open the link you are good to go. Since this tool uses a phishing technique, we included this tool in the list of best Termux phishing tools.

To use this tool, you need to install this tool from GitHub. Run the tool and send the generated link to the target. As the victim uses the link, you will be able to get the keys of the victim pattern. This tool works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

Features of Hacklock:

  • Works on rooted and non-rooted devices
  • Get the Android pattern keys of the victim with minimal effort
  • Easy tunneling option
  • It is a Beginner friendly tool.

7. PhishMailer

If you are looking for Zphisher alternatives, PhishMailer would be an excellent choice. PhishMailer is one of the best open-source phishing tools for Termux that offers phishing templates for popular sites such as Netflix, Spotify, WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, and more. PhishMailer is written in Python programming language.

PhishMailer uses the phishing email technique to get the confidential information of the victim such as user id and password. You can also use a custom template if you want to. The email looks as legitimate as possible. This tool is beginner-friendly because using this tool is a lot easier than any other tool.

Features of PhishMailer:

  • Send legitimate-looking emails
  • Phishmailer is a free and open-source tool
  • It has more than 30 templates
  • Phishmailer is written in Python programming language.

How to be safe from Phishing attacks?

You can take the below steps to be safe from Phishing attacks:
  • Do not reply to a suspicious email
  • Do not open any link that seems to be suspicious
  • Do not open any email attachments that seem to be from an unidentified mailer. 
  • Do not enter your personal information or passwords on an untrusted Website.
  • Before entering the password on a website, please check the original URL of the website.
  • Scan your device for viruses every month using antivirus.
  • Keep your software updated
  • Do not use a rooted or jail-broken device.
The above methods will keep safe you from phishing attacks.


The phishing tool for Termux allows you to conduct phishing attacks. These are some best phishing tools that are available for Termux. We advise you to use these tools for educational purposes only. This article gives you detailed information about how phishing works and how to be safe from such phishing attacks.

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