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Palm Jumeirah is a legendary Persian Gulf island connected to the UAE mainland. Real estate in Palm Jumeirah is traditionally in demand. The premium housing stock attracts investors from all over the world. Palm Jumeirah apartments for investment and living are associated with a luxurious lifestyle in a resort where it is always summer. To buy real estate in Palm Jumeirah, UAE is the best chance to have a luxurious life.

The real estate market of the artificial archipelago is represented by several types of housing. In the central part, there are residential complexes with apartments with one or more bedrooms. Most of the residential complexes occupy the territory next to five-star hotels.

In the upper part of the archipelago, in the crescent zone, there is an elite hotel that offers not only accommodation for vacationers but also a full range of recreational activities. Villas are located on the so-called palm branches.

Community Benefits

Community benefits include:
  1. Developed infrastructure and good location. The central regions of the emirate can be reached by your own vehicle or by using a monorail train within half an hour.
  2. Many attractions, including an oceanarium and a large water park. The main attractions of the emirate, including the Burj Khalifa tower, are also located nearby. Dubai International Airport is a 20-minute drive away.
  3. Comfortable living conditions. There are many restaurants in the area, and there are three large shopping centers, in which there are not only shops but also cinemas and entertainment complexes for children.
  4. Proximity to the sea. Thanks to the construction of the island, Dubai's coastline has increased from 72 km to over 1,500 km. 
  5. The possibility of obtaining a residence permit in the country. Buying an apartment in Palm Jumeirah allows you to apply for it automatically since a three-year visa is enough to purchase a house worth more than $ 204.

Property in Palm Jumeirah for investment

Investing in apartments in Palm Jumeirah is beneficial for both short-term and long-term investment strategies. This is an affordable way to save money, as Dubai sees an annual capitalization of the value of properties in prestigious areas. It is equally profitable to rent out housing:
  • studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai can generate up to 7% profit annually;
  • the profitability of villas reaches 3-4%, depending on the number of bedrooms.
Highly liquid and profitable housing is not taxed for Russians and citizens of other countries. It is possible to profit from renting in a pure form legally. There is also no housing tax for individuals in the UAE. There is a consistently high demand for real estate in Dubai. This is due not only to its advantageous territorial location but also to its exclusivity.

Property in Dubai

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