How to find a job as a programmer with no experience?

You are a beginner programmer and want to learn. How to get your first job as a programmer? Even a novice programmer can quickly find a job! Proven tips from professionals for developers with no experience will help you get your first job.

Create CV

What to look for in a resume to get a job software enginneer:
  • Specify the main programming technologies, add 2-3 auxiliary ones.
  • Indicate work experience not only in IT and programming to show soft skills.
  • List all education and upload course certificates and/or diplomas.
  • Specify soft skills if they are important in your line of work.
  • Attach certificates to your resume, even if you doubt the quality of educational courses in programming.
Certifications are not good because they prove that you know a lot of things. They show that you are able to unlearn from start to finish and pass the exam. That is, you can rely on. Because you are mature enough to take the job and do it.

Where to look jobs

If you want to work as a developer in a particular company, then find the "vacancies" section on their website and follow it. All companies have it.

Websites as Indeed, Glassdoor, aslo Linkedin must have. You can find remote job on Crossover and weworkremotely. Or... Google it: jobs software engineer!

Build a portfolio

Portfolio - practical programming projects showing the level of skills. This is one of the main points when applying for a job. Courses will help build a portfolio, but you need to stand out from hundreds of graduates with the same projects. Try to make your own projects and take the initiative. If you look for C# developer jobs - create GitHub projects with C# project exampes. Post your part of the code from the shared case on GitHub. Add to it a programming project that you worked on completely on your own. This will be more advantageous than the sleek, but standard portfolio of other students in programming courses.

Test tasks

Many employers ask programmer candidates to complete a test task before conducting an interview for a programmer job. This is one of the main criteria when choosing a future employee. Usually it is adequate and takes 1-3 hours. Do it the best you can. If there are experienced comrades who can check the content and tell you where you screwed up, ask for help. Just do not try to ask them to completely complete the test for you. It's not the same thing. The deception will be revealed.

If you did everything right, then some companies will call you for an interview. There can even be two conversations: before the test and after it.

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