Perspective project Belmont Residence in Dubai

If you are looking for luxury real estate in Dubai, then turn your eyes on to the BELMONT RESIDENCE in Dubai the UAE. Here are a couple of reasons why this project is worth checking out.

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The Belmont Residences fit in nicely with its natural surroundings because to its modern design, which is anchored by traditional features and was inspired by the metropolitan capital of London. 68 studios and apartments that are roomy and warmly intimate make up this contemporary residential building, which is sophisticated, stylish, and intelligently planned. A central courtyard, a pool deck designed in the form of a resort, and an activity wall are just a few of the family-friendly features that will improve the quality of life for the neighborhood's residents.

Belmont Residences embraces inhabitants with a chic design that naturally merges with the building's dramatic surroundings. It is a celebration of high quality, durable materials, and a neutral color palette.

The fa├žade of the building has a powerful style, with enormous balconies that complement one another to form and expose the flats to their surroundings. It is a modern rendition of a traditional London block with neutral and big windows.

The Belmont Residences' outdoor and indoor workout facilities offer a distinctive experience in a fantastic setting. The unobstructed pool view, plenty of daylight, and specific fitness equipment combine for an experience that appeals to everybody. Residents may take advantage of a fun, energetic environment to help them focus on overcoming any fitness challenges.

The children's play area is a realistic play area with sturdy toys and equipment made for children. A pleasant and high-quality room is intended to be offered for every resident and includes an activity wall with interactive games and family-friendly elements.

Interior of the real estate in Dubai

Belmont Residences radiates a contemporary interior design strategy for an upscale modern lifestyle with its bright and neutral color scheme. Residents are welcomed by an appealing ambiance created by the many shades of grey highlighted with black metal and natural wood.
  • There is plenty of room to entertain and engage with family and visitors in the living area's large open layout, which integrates with the kitchen. Contemporary aesthetics create a calm feeling of tranquillity and give the area a cozier appearance and feel. It is a tidy, well-organized room.
  • The open-concept kitchen at Belmont Residences has high-end appliances as well as plenty of storage and surface space. The integrated island in the kitchen's design, which acts as the hub for conversations among cooks, is ideal for interactions.
  • Residents of Belmont Residences have individual spaces in their bedrooms to unwind, relax, and sleep. The bedrooms are meticulously designed with soothing colors, wood-look tile floors, and large windows that let in plenty of sunlight.
  • A smooth, clean design with shape and function is created by the soft and warm bathroom materials, creating an environment that is revitalizing and spa-inspired. This room includes all the amenities of a contemporary bathroom and provides a place to rest and decompress after a long, hectic day. It is equally stylish and practical.

Real estate agency in Dubai

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