10 Latest Working Bots for Books on Telegram in 2024

Best Telegram Book Bot

In the digital age, where convenience and accessibility reign supreme, Telegram has emerged as a powerful platform for bibliophiles. Imagine having a virtual library at your fingertips, where classic literature, educational texts, and gripping novels await your eager eyes. Enter the world of Telegram book bots, where words come alive, and stories unfold with just a few taps.

Whether you’re a student preparing for competitive exams, a literature enthusiast seeking timeless classics, or simply someone who craves a good read, these bots have got you covered. From free e-books to vintage audiobooks, each bot offers a unique literary experience. So, let’s dive into the enchanting realm of Telegram book bots and explore the magic of words!

In this article, we’ll delve into the top 10 Telegram book bots, and how they enhance your reading journey. Whether you’re a seasoned bookworm or a curious newcomer, these bots are your literary companions. Let’s turn the page and embark on this delightful adventure!

#1. Z-Library Telegram Bot @zlibrary_official

The Z-Library Telegram Bot is a convenient tool that allows users to access and interact with Z-Library directly within the Telegram messaging app. 

By using the Z-Library Telegram Bot, you can download additional books beyond your daily limit on the Z-Library website1.

The bot provides a simple way to search for books, articles, and other resources available in the Z-Library database. You can view or download them directly within Telegram.

Z-Library aims to build a global library of paper books accessible to people worldwide. They have established Z-Points (physical locations) in various countries where users can contribute and access physical books. As of now, there are 44 Z-Points across 23 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Canada, India, Russia, and the USA.

Z-Library now allows all users to register their own paper books in the system. If you’re willing to share your books, you can use a special interface to register them. Even a simple bookshelf at home can serve as a Z-Point. The community’s participation is crucial for making Z-Points work efficiently worldwide.

Z-Library has been continuously improving its services, including launching the global paper library project, introducing a desktop application, and more. They appreciate every dollar donated during their fundraising campaigns, which helps support their work and enhance user experience.

#2. @EbookZ_bot

@EbookZ_bot is a Telegram bot that provides access to a vast collection of ebooks across various genres and formats.  The bot offers an extensive library of ebooks, making it a valuable resource for readers seeking diverse content. Users can easily make requests for specific books, and the bot promptly provides rapid downloads to their devices. @EbookZ_bot ensures efficient and quick downloads, allowing users to access their desired ebooks without delay. Whether you’re looking for a light beach read or an epic fantasy doorstopper, @EbookZ_bot has you covered!

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#3. @libgen_bot

@libgen_bot is a Telegram bot that provides a convenient way to access the vast repository of knowledge available on Library Genesis (LibGen). The bot allows users to search for and download ebooks directly from LibGen using Telegram. It queries the LibGen database and presents the first 10 search results, offering an inline menu for users to choose from and download. In addition to ebooks, @libgen_bot also provides access to Sci-Hub scientific articles. This makes it a valuable resource for researchers and students seeking scholarly content. For users whose internet service providers (ISPs) block access to LibGen, this bot serves as a workaround, ensuring they can still access the extensive collection of scholarly journal articles, academic books, comics, and magazines.

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#4. @booksbag_bot

@booksbag_bot is a Telegram bot that simplifies the book hunting process. It offers personalized book recommendations based on user preferences. Users can name their favorite books or authors, and the bot suggests new reads across fiction and non-fiction genres. Whether you’re a fan of romance, thrillers, or sci-fi, @booksbag_bot has an abundant selection waiting for you.

#5. @bookdl_bot

@bookdl_bot is a Telegram bot designed to search and download books from Libgen.rs using an asynchronous libgen API wrapper called libgenesis. It integrates with Telegram, allowing users to find and retrieve books effortlessly. The bot accepts queries, performs searches, and provides book details along with download options. Users can input book names, MD5 hashes, or links from platforms like library.lol, libgen.lc, libgen.gs, and b-ok.cc. Additionally, it supports converting non-PDF ebooks to PDF format using the ConvertAPI. The bot’s functionality is facilitated by a MongoDB database for storage and retrieval of book-related information.

#6. @pdfbook_bot

@pdfbook_bot is a Telegram bot that focuses specifically on distributing PDF versions of digital books and magazines. It allows users to read content easily across devices without needing e-reader hardware or apps. If you’re a diehard PDF fan, this bot satisfies your PDF reading addiction by providing thousands of free ebook PDFs across all genres. For offline reading on all your devices, grab free PDFs in an instant with @pdfbook_bot

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#7. @audiobookclassic_bot

@Audiobookclassic_bot is a Telegram bot that offers a delightful literary experience. It provides vintage audiobook recordings of famous classic literature for free. Whether you want to revisit an old favorite like Jane Eyre or experience Beowulf for the first time, @Audiobookclassic_bot has the classic audiobook for you. Dive into the timeless tales and let the words transport you to different eras!

#8. @bookinator_bot

@Bookinator_bot is a Telegram bot designed for book enthusiasts! It allows you to read your favorite books directly on Telegram. Simply send a book file to the bot, and you can start reading right away! Whether you’re into classic literature, contemporary novels, or any other genre, @Bookinator_bot makes it convenient to enjoy your reading journey. So, grab your digital book, send it over, and immerse yourself in captivating stories! 📖🤖

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#9. @epubsearch_bot

@epubsearch_bot is a fantastic Telegram bot that caters to the needs of e-book enthusiasts! It specializes in providing unlimited downloads of books exclusively in EPUB format—ideal for consumption on mobile devices. Whether you’re an avid Kindle user or prefer the Nook, @epubsearch_bot has got you covered with a vast selection of free EPUB ebooks. Dive into captivating stories, explore literary classics, and embark on thrilling adventures—all within the cozy confines of your Telegram chat.

#10. @booksearch_bot

@booksearch_bot is a Telegram bot that excels at hunting down hard-to-find or out-of-print book titles. It does so using methods like title, author name, or ISBN as search parameters. Even experienced researchers are impressed by its capabilities. If you’re on the lookout for a specific book, this bot can save you the hassle of searching multiple sites by aggregating results from across the web into one easy feed. Give it a try and discover those elusive literary gems!

Final Thoughts

In the realm of Telegram, where digital reading and book downloads thrive, these bots stand out as valuable resources for book enthusiasts. These bots offer a diverse range of content, from educational textbooks to novels.

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