Why is digital fleet management important in 2023?

Fleet management software development

In an era of upheaval, the success of virtually any business depends directly on the resilience of its supply chains. It is efficient logistics that becomes a decisive factor in the survival of manufacturing companies, online stores and distributors.

How to improve the efficiency of logistics in an unpredictable environment? Any experienced manager or businessman will confirm that the method of “manual” management no longer works. Fleet management software development with notepad and spreadsheets inevitably descends into chaos, even in small companies. Automation of management has already become an urgent need, and there is no way to do without going digital.

A variety of logistics management automation systems - TMS (transport management system), FMS (fleet management system) become a lifesaver for business. Such platforms can now run as applications on smartphones. Their task is to bring order to the fleet management, to make this process transparent, manageable and efficient.

The market for such systems is growing rapidly. A business can use ready-made “boxed” solutions for a subscription, according to the SaaS model. Such solutions with basic functionality are accessible and simple, especially if you need a working solution “for yesterday”. But there are companies that lack the basic functionality. For them, the best solution is to invest in custom software development for fleet management.

Benefits of Automation

Any digital fleet management platform is designed to collect and analyze data about vehicles and drivers. This opens up wide opportunities for fleet management, gives businesses important opportunities:
  • Fuel economy. Tracking fuel consumption encourages drivers to save. And if the system can route efficiently, cars will make shorter trips.
  • Reduce downtime. A idle car is a waste of time, fuel, and engine life. Tracking downtime will help minimize it.
  • Improving the quality of drivers. Digital monitoring wean drivers from violating traffic rules, the habit of braking sharply or taking their duties lightly.
  • Reducing overtime work. Smart scheduling and tracking of the driver's working time helps to avoid unwanted overtime, as well as the additional costs associated with it.
  • Increasing the efficiency of the fleet. Real-time tracking of vehicles and traffic helps dispatchers to lay out the best routes. This means that the fleet can complete more tasks in a shorter time.

Development of FMS and TMS systems

The question of finding or creating an IT logistics management system can put a business in a difficult dilemma. What to do if the available "boxed" solutions do not meet the needs of your particular business? How not to “drain” the budget by investing in custom development? Experience shows that the best solution is to turn to experienced and competent outsourcers.

Software development company WEZOM can share successful cases in this niche. For 22 years on the market, our team has implemented a number of digital platforms, both for the Ukrainian market and for the Western one.

You can read more about the company on our website https://wezom.com/. We develop software for businesses and startups, we help to digitalize the working environment. We have experience in many industries, but above all in logistics solutions. Contact us! Let's take your business to the next level together.

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