Spotify SEO - Can You Influence Where a Playlist Ranks?


There are several music streaming platforms today, and Spotify ranks as one of the most popular. Artists have established their presence on the platform, and upcoming artists are working hard to get more Spotify followers. Getting your music on the platform increases the chance of the algorithm promoting you and your content blowing up. However, for success on the platform, you need to put more effort into competing for your listener's attention. Here are a few ideas on how to use the algorithm to your advantage and make more people discover your music.


Your profile speaks volumes about you, and the picture you set can convey a certain image about your personality or the kind of artist you are. If there's no photo on your profile, Spotify may sometimes set one for you. However, they may choose a picture that does not represent you in your best form. That’s why it's important to ensure you have a profile picture that represents your music.

You also need to write something in your bio. If you already have something on there, ensure you update it occasionally. Add in your recent information, such as new releases, accolades, and anything else that might have a call to action or hook people.

Track Spotify Analytics

The analytics tool allows you to track your audience data to see how your content is progressing. Among the information you have access to include:
  • The number of listeners
  • Streams on your songs
  • Follower count
You can access this information in a week, month, or ever since you created your account.

Analytics also allows you to compare your data with other artists, so you can see what you do differently from the artists you admire. This will allow you to see where to improve and promote yourself by answering key questions and attending to them accordingly. Popular questions that Spotify Analytics will answer for you include:
  • Where did listeners listen from? Was it from a playlist or from a profile?
  • In which playlists do your listeners find your music? 
  • Was it an official playlist, or was it user-created?
  • What type of smart device did they use?
These questions should help you figure out where you need to focus on growing your account and attracting more listeners.

Feedback From Users

Listening to what your audience wants to hear is a great way of boosting your content. Once you have created your songs, try to find who it appeals to most or who you would want it to appeal to more.

Not everyone has similar music tastes, and different people experience different emotions strongly. You, therefore, need to find your niche. This means the people who are interested in the type of music you make. Doing this helps you use the interaction between you and your listeners to assess how they respond to your content. If you give your listeners more of what they want, they keep returning, and the algorithm will work in your favor.


Spotify aims to make users enjoy their experience. If you are an artist on the platform, keeping your profile and bio updated is an excellent start to boosting where you rank on the platform. Additionally, seeking feedback from your audience about your music will also help you know who your target listeners are and how to engage them even further and reach broader audiences.

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