The 5 Best Telegram Screenshot Bot for 2023

Telegram Screenshot Bot

Looking for the best Telegram screenshot bot? We've rounded up our top 5 picks to easily capture and share any screenshot in your chats.

Introduction to Telegram screenshot bot

Telegram screenshot bots are Telegram bots that allow users to take screenshots of websites or web pages and send them directly within Telegram chats.

These bots are useful for quickly sharing images or information from web pages without having to download the image or switch between apps.

To use a Telegram screenshot bot, users simply need to add the bot to their Telegram contacts and initiate a conversation.

They can then send the bot a link to any web page and the bot will take a screenshot of the page and send the image back.

Some screenshot bots allow users to customize the screenshot by scrolling to capture longer pages or clicking on elements to focus the shot.

The screenshots are sent back rapidly so users can share web content seamlessly in real-time conversations on Telegram.

Overall, Telegram screenshot bots provide a suitable way to visualize web information and liven up Telegram chats with relevant images from around the web.

Benefits of using Telegram screenshot bots

Here are some benefits of using Telegram screenshot bots:
  • Convenience - Easily capture screenshots of any webpage without leaving your Telegram chat. Much faster than taking a screenshot manually.
  • Shareability - The screenshots are sent right in your Telegram conversation, making them simple to share with friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Customization - Many bots allow you to scroll to get full-page screenshots, click elements to focus, edit images, etc.
  • Cross-platform - Telegram works on mobile, desktop, and web so you can take screenshots no matter what device you're on.
  • Organization - Saves screenshots directly in your Telegram chat history so they are easy to find later.
  • Flexibility - Take screenshots of articles, recipes, products, social media, maps, and anything on the web!
  • Privacy - Unlike uploading images elsewhere, your screenshots remain private in Telegram.
  • Visual aid - Screenshots help convey web information and content better than just a link or text.
  • Documentation - Useful for capturing instructions, tutorials, references, articles, etc to refer back to.
  • Fun - Liven up chats and add visual interest with spontaneous screenshots.

5 Telegram screenshot bots for 2023

1. Screenshot Generator Bot

Screenshot Generator Bot

The Screenshot Generator Bot is a handy telegram bot that can generate screenshots, sample video clips, and trim videos.

It supports any type of telegram video file. The bot can also generate screenshots and clips from streaming URLs.

To use the Screenshot Generator Bot, simply send it a telegram file or streaming URL. The bot will then generate a screenshot or short sample clip from the video.

Users can customize the bot's behavior in the /settings, such as setting the screenshot interval or sample clip length. 

The /set_watermark command allows users to set custom watermarks on their generated screenshots and clips.



The URL2IMGBot is a handy Telegram bot that can take screenshots of any website just by sending it a link.

This eliminates the need to use external screenshot tools when you want to send someone a screenshot of a web page.

If the initial screenshot comes out unclear, you can request the bot to generate a PNG image file which will be of higher quality.

URL2IMGBot provides a quick and easy way to share screenshots of webpages over Telegram without needing additional tools.

Visit - URL2IMGBot

3. Site Hunter

Site Hunter Bot

The Site Hunter bot provides an easy way to generate full-page screenshots of websites through Telegram.

Taking screenshots using Site Hunter requires just a couple simple steps - starting the bot by sending this command /start.

Now send the website link to it. Once the link is sent, the bot handles the rest, quickly loading the site and capturing a scrollable screenshot. The end result is a crisp, clear PNG image showing the full page.

For rapidly sharing or saving website screenshots, Site Hunter provides an efficient Telegram-based solution.

Visit - Site Hunter

4. SumItUpBot


The SumItUpBot aims to provide easy access to web data through Telegram.

It allows users to get screenshots, PDF exports, and summaries of web pages with just a few commands. This makes inspecting webpages easy for busy users.

Some key features of SumItUpBot include generating screenshots and full-page screenshots from URLs.

The /scr and /full commands let users get snapshot images of sites quickly. SumItUpBot can also export webpages as PDF files using the /pdf command.

Visit - SumItUpBot

5. Web Screenshot Bot

Web Screenshot Bot

The Web Screenshot Bot is a Telegram bot that can generate screenshots or PDFs from website links. 

It provides a range of resolution options for PNG/JPEG screenshots as well as common paper sizes for PDF exports.

Some of the available screenshot resolutions offered by the Web Screenshot Bot include 800x600, 1280x720, 1920x1080, and 2560x1440. 

For PDFs, the bot can render pages in Letter, Legal, A4, or A5 sizes. The bot is also capable of splitting long web pages into multiple images when generating PNG or JPEG screenshots.

In addition to resolution and format, users can specify if they want a full-page render or a partial screenshot. 

The flexible parameters allow tailored capturing of website images and PDFs through the Telegram bot.

The open-source code for the Web Screenshot Bot is available on GitHub for developers interested in contributing or self-hosting an instance.

Final Thoughts on Telegram Screenshot Bots

Telegram screenshot bots are valuable tools that enhance the screenshot-taking experience within the Telegram app.

They offer a range of features and functionalities that make it easier than ever to capture, edit, and share screenshots.

Whether you need basic screenshot capabilities or advanced editing tools, there is a Telegram screenshot bot available for every need.

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