How to View an Instagram Story Privately Without Being Detected

How to View an Instagram Story Privately Without Being Detected

While it's essential to keep the borders of privacy on social platforms like Instagram, individuals might seek ways to get more info. Keep reading, and we'll consider how to watch someone's Instagram story anonymously. Obtain a respectful approach, minimizing potential notice.

Can You See Someone's Story Without People Knowing?

On Instagram, stories are 24-hour posts that disappear unless archived. When someone sees an Instagram story, the poster may see who has viewed it. Because of this, you may wonder if there's a way to view a story without the other person not knowing. You may be trying to see what an ex is posting or want to see someone's story without creating an account.

The problem is that Instagram keeps its stories behind the app, meaning you must create an account to view them. When you watch their stories using your profile, the person may spot you. So, the question is, is it possible to bypass this and still view the story?

The answer is yes; you can look at someone's Instagram story anonymously. Let's explain some ways, including outlining the best anonymous Instagram viewer.

Airplane Mode to the Rescue!

Airplane mode turns off your data, and it will be a way for you to see stories without anyone knowing. First, open the profile of the person whose story you wish to view. Be sure their story is loaded at the top of the screen, and then switch on Airplane Mode. Do it quickly by swiping down from the top and clicking the airplane icon. Or find it in your settings.

Give it a few seconds to turn on, then click on the story. Once viewed, close the app and turn off Airplane Mode. That said, Instagram will tell the person that you viewed it after you turn it back on, so it's not 100% safe. This is not the best way if you're trying not to be seen on a person's Instagram stories viewer list.

Use an Anonymous Account

Another way to anonymously watch someone's Instagram story is to create a burner account. This way, you don't need to use your main one to view a story. However, this can be challenging if the account is a private profile and you must follow it again. Not only that, but the person can still see that someone is watching their story, and if they detect that it's a burner, they may block you.

In addition, some people don't wish to create an Instagram account or go through the hassle of creating a new email if their only email is already connected to a profile. Because of that, this may not be the best method for everyone.

The Slide and View Trick

One clever way people look at people's stories without them knowing is the slide and view. You click on another account's story next to the account you wish to view. Once you're at the end of another account's story, hold the swipe button lightly. This allows you to view the first story frame without being counted as a viewer. Swipe back on an account's story after theirs and view the last story frame.

However, this technique means you may be unable to view the entire story if it has a middle. Also, it's possible your finger slips, and you then are counted as a viewer. It takes a little bit of skill to master this one, so unless you have quick fingers, it's not recommended.

Use a Third-Party Insta Stories Viewer or Website

To answer the question of "Can I watch an Instagram story anonymously?" the best way is through a third-party app or website. Let's show you two that will help.

The first is uMobix. If you wish to view a story without letting the other person know, uMobix helps if you have access to their phone or iCloud login. This is a spy app, which, when installed, runs in the background without the person knowing. In addition, it tracks all their activities, such as their messages, who they like, and more. We recommend uMobix to see what your child, spouse, or employee is up to.

Of course, uMobix costs a subscription, requires you to install it on the phone, and it can be a little much for some people. This is why we recommend Glassagram. This is a website where you enter someone's account handle and can see their photos, videos, and stories without needing an account or physical interaction with the target phone.

Users can delete photos and videos, and stories can expire. When you use a third-party spy app, it is possible to keep them forever. Even if the person deletes their account, you will still have an archive of all their posts.

Can you view an instagram story anonymously? The approaches above are the best way to get the info incognito, as they don't require you to interact with the stories on the Instagram app. The other methods still make it possible for the person to know who viewed it, especially as they leave room for error. However, when you use these apps, rest assured that you can view stories without people knowing.

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