Discounts, cashbacks and hot offers — how to purchase a beneficial property in Thailand?

Do discounts always guarantee that the seller is a trustworthy partner in the transaction? Is it possible to get installments, or is cashback more profitable in Thailand? How to start paying off real estate before putting the residential complex into operation, and what hot offers you can count on? Thailand-Real.Estate can provide you with detailed information about all these questions in this article.


Everyone loves discounts. Are they always necessary and inform buyers that the seller is a reliable partner? All depends on the situation. Let's take a closer look at various scenarios:

Discounts for off-plan properties

When a developer purchases land, creates a project and submits documents to obtain a construction permit, it starts pre-sales at the lowest real estate prices in Thailand for expats. At this stage, the most profitable deals are concluded, and each broker has several customers waiting for these favourable offers. The decisions to purchase a property in Thailand are made quickly, and such deals are carried out remotely.

Buying off-plan real estate will provide you with:
  • the lowest price,
  • the most favourable terms,
  • the most beneficial installment plan before putting the residential complex into operation.
You can pick up an apartment or a house with the best layout and stunning views, which will make it easier for you to rent it out or resell it.

Moreover, you will significantly increase rental income, as the management company rents out the same apartments at the same cost and divides the profit equally between the homeowners. As for your neighbour who bought the same property more expensive, you will earn more.

Discounts after putting the property into operation

When the residential complex is commissioned, real estate prices rise by 30-40%. Properties in complexes with excellent location from large reliable developers have been sold out at this stage. However, there is a situation when a construction company has several apartments and sells them at a good discount, as it opens sales in a brand-new project. This is perfect for those who want to buy ready-to-move housing, receive rental income and do not want to overpay.

Discounts in low season

Phuket has seasonal offers. The number of visitors and deals decreases from June to September. Developers try to offer various discounts for some of their properties to attract customers. At this moment, they are especially interested in customers and more flexible than ever.

Discounts for the entire amount until the end of construction

There are situations when a client chooses the best off-plan project. In this case, the buyer must comply with the payment schedule for the construction stages.

However, few people know that if they pay the entire amount at once, they can get a significant discount from the development company. Some can offer individual payment schedules based on their capabilities.

Discounts when buying several apartments at once

When buying several apartments at once, the developer is also ready to offer good discounts. Some of them have special offers for large investors. All depends on the amount of the transaction.

Installment plan

It is very difficult for a foreigner to get a mortgage in Thailand. When buying an off-plan property, they can get an interest-free installment plan until the end of construction. Moreover, developers can provide additional financing.

For example, you can pay 50% of the cost before construction is completed and receive income from renting out your property paying the remaining 50% over the next 3-5 years at a rate of 5-7% per annum.

There are cases when you can ask the developer for an interest-free installment plan or deferred payment.


There are situations when a client chooses an apartment in an off-plan residential complex for its best location, the management company, and of course, the price, which is 30-40% lower. At the same time, the client does not need an installment plan and wants his invested money to start working immediately. What to do?

Some developers may offer such a profitable option as cashback. As a rule, the buyer pays 10-20% for the construction stages within 1-2 years. In this case, you can pay almost the entire amount without waiting for the completion of construction, and start earning an income of 5-7% per annum.

This scheme is perfect for those who do not want to keep their hard-earned money under their pillow and immediately see a high ROI.

Hot offers

For example, some construction companies may include furniture in the price. The price lists include residences for long-term ownership for 90 years. The initial cost of the supplement to fully own the property is $10,000. Some companies are ready to provide you with such an option for free.

Some developers may offer you an additional free installment year or an increased rate of guaranteed income to motivate you to buy a property in Thailand.

We will help you buy the best property in Thailand

The seller is always interested in the transaction. Each developer has a special offer and additional options for its customers. Thailand-Real.Estate and its professional brokers can help you agree with the development company on the most favorable terms for you to conclude the most beneficial deal.

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