10 Best Drifting Games For Android

Best Drifting Games For Android

Discover the 10 best drifting games for Android. This definitive list ranks the top titles for realistic physics, customization, online play, and authentic drifting action. Master precision maneuvers and burn rubber in these adrenaline-charged picks for Android.

Drifting games are some of the most popular and exciting racing games around. The thrill of controlling a screaming high-horsepower car sideways through a curve with perfect precision captures the imagination of racing fans everywhere. For those looking to get their drift fix on the go, Android offers some fantastic options to satisfy your need for speed.

This article will cover the 10 best drifting games currently available for Android devices.

Drifting is a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels while maintaining control. The rear tires slide sideways as the car speeds through turns, creating dramatic images of cars engulfed in smoke from the burning rubber. Drifting originated on winding mountain passes in Japan, but has spread across the globe as a motorsport. Many racing video games seek to simulate the drifting experience with realistic physics and graphics.

By the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive list of the top 10 drifting games to download on your Android device. You’ll learn about the exciting features of each game, including gameplay modes, customization options, multiplayer, and more. Whether you’re a novice drifter or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to find addictive drifting action with these 10 picks.

1. Drift Max Pro Car Racing Game

Drift Max Pro Car Racing Game

It is one of the best offline mobile drift games. Drift Max Pro comes from the makers of the legendary Drift Max series, offering mobile players the most intense drifting yet. With breathtaking locations like Tokyo, New York, and Moscow, you’ll drift through city streets day or night. The graphics are next-gen quality with realistic shadows and reflections for an immersive experience.

The driving physics deliver responsive, authentic drifting. You can fine-tune them further by upgrading your ride. Hop into any of the detailed cockpit views to fully immerse yourself in the race. Drift Max Pro has extensive multiplayer integration to battle drifters worldwide. Though it’s free-to-play, it can be enjoyed offline after the initial install. If you’re seeking some serious drifting action, Drift Max Pro belongs on your device.

  • Realistic drifting physics
  • Next-Gen drift racing graphics
  • Breathtaking locations like Tokyo, New York, Moscow
  • Detailed cockpit views
  • Multiplayer battles with drifters worldwide
  • Free-to-play, works offline after install

2. CarX Drift Racing 2

CarX Drift Racing 2

It is one of the best high graphics drifting games on Android. With over 100 million fans, the CarX franchise sets the bar for car drifting games. The long-awaited sequel takes mobile drifting to the next level. CarX 2 warns about addictive gameplay – once you start drifting across detailed tracks, it’s hard to stop!

The new online room mode enables real-time drifting with friends. You can watch others drive via drone cam while earning points and ranks for your skills. Visually customize your car with body kits, rims, and vinyls using the enhanced tuning system. Tweak gear ratios, turbos, and more under the hood for optimal performance.

The refined controls and physics create an intensely realistic experience. You can drift different surfaces like asphalt, sand, and snow. CarX 2 introduces tandem drifting battles and a robust multiplayer mode. If you seek the most true-to-life drifting on mobile, CarX 2 is the game for you. You can say that it is one of the drifting games with best graphics.

  • Over 100 million fans of CarX franchise
  • Addictive, realistic drifting gameplay
  • Online room mode for drifting with friends
  • Watch others drive via drone cam
  • Enhanced visual customization of cars
  • Improved performance tuning options
  • Refined controls and physics for true-to-life experience
  • Drift different surfaces like asphalt, sand, and snow
  • Robust multiplayer and tandem modes

3. FR Legends

FR Legends

FR Legends captures the spirit of drifting culture with style. It offers a trove of customization options for legendary FR drift cars on real tracks. You can swap engines, apply widebody kits, and personalize your paintjob down to the finest details.

The driving centers around high-score drift battles versus AI opponents. The scoring system mimics real drift competition judging for authenticity. You can have exciting tandem battles against other drivers, testing your skills drifting in close proximity. If you love the technical challenge of precision drifting combined with custom cars, FR Legends is a perfect fit.

  • Customize legendary FR drift cars
  • Engine swaps and widebody kits
  • Personalize paintjobs and graphics
  • Drift battles against AI drivers
  • Realistic drifting competition scoring system
  • Exciting tandem battles with other players

4. Drift Legends: Real Car Racing

It is one of the most realistic drifting games on android. Drift Legends lives up to its name with an unparalleled realistic drifting experience. Each of the 40+ brilliantly detailed cars have their own handling dynamics based on weight distribution and horsepower. You can feel the difference between a lightweight sportscar versus a powerful muscle car.

The driving physics account for traction, gear ratios, and other granular factors. You can customize paint, body kits, and wheels for unique style. The single-player career mode progressively improves your talent. Daily events offer special rewards to keep you engaged. You can download ghost runs and compete on global leaderboards for bragging rights. Overall, Drift Legends sets the new standard for realistic mobile drifting.

  • 40+ highly detailed cars with unique physics
  • Realistic driving dynamics and handling
  • Customize paint, body kits, wheels
  • Progressive single-player career mode
  • Special daily events and rewards
  • Global leaderboards for drifting competitions

5. Real Drift Car Racing

Boasting 20+ million downloads, Real Drift Racing brings hardcore drifting simulation to mobile. You can tune and customize famous drift cars like the Nissan 240SX for optimal performance. The tuning options run deep, letting you tweak gear ratios, weight balance, turbos, and other details.

The drift helper assists newcomers while offering adjustable difficulty for veterans. Competitive players can battle the clock for a spot on the online leaderboards. You earn points based on factors like drift angle, speed, and proximity to walls. With a roster of real tracks and slick dubstep soundtrack, Real Drift Racing captures the intensity of drifting culture.

  • 20+ million downloads
  • Tune and customize famous drift cars
  • Comprehensive performance tuning options
  • Adjustable difficulty for all skill levels
  • Battle for top spot on online leaderboards
  • Real tracks and slick soundtrack

6. Torque Drift

It is one of the drifting games to play with friends on Android. Torque Drift stands out with a focus on online multiplayer drifting battles. You build a customized drift machine and prove your skills against others worldwide. The gameplay centers around competitive tandem heats on a points system. You can watch and learn from other drivers via Chase Cam replay.

The garage offers plenty of cosmetic and performance upgrades. You can tune gearing, suspension, nitrous, and other parts for the perfect drift setup. As you win competitions, you gain sponsors and fans to become the ultimate Drift King. The community aspect sets Torque Drift apart if you desire competitive online drifting. It is one of the best multiplayer drifting games for Android

  • Focus on online multiplayer drifting
  • Customize your drift car's looks and performance
  • Compete in tandem battles on a scoring system
  • Watch and learn from other drivers
  • Gain sponsors and fans as you win competitions

7. Drift Zone 2

Drift Zone 2

In Drift Zone 2, you test your drifting mettle across over 30 brilliantly designed tracks. Exotic sports cars let you burn rubber while challenging missions put your skills to the test. Beyond drifting fundamentals, you need serious coordination to conquer courses and earn gold.

With vivid graphics and a pumping soundtrack, the game captures the adrenaline of drift racing. The controls are intuitive but take practice to fully master drifting physics. Subtle factors like proper corner entry and exit, weight transfer, and throttle control determine your success. Overall, Drift Zone 2 offers intense drifting gameplay with lasting depth.

  • 30+ brilliantly designed tracks
  • Exotic sports cars with realistic physics
  • Challenging missions test your skills
  • Vivid graphics and soundtrack
  • Intuitive yet deep drifting mechanics

8. Thumb Drift - Fast & Furious C

Thumb Drift distills drifting down to one-touch controls. You simply guide your car by swiping the screen to drift around corners at insane speeds. It captures the arcade spirit of drifting games for Android with fast-paced action.

Despite the simple controls, mastering the perfect drift takes skill. You can unlock over 100 wacky cars to change up the experience. The 6 driving stages each have a unique personality. Thumb Drift has multiplayer functionality for competing on global leaderboards against ghost runs. With a stylized low-poly aesthetic, Thumb Drift squeezes big drifting thrills into a small mobile package.

  • One-touch intuitive drifting controls
  • Unlock 100+ wacky cars
  • 6 unique racing stages
  • Global leaderboards for ghost racing
  • Stylized low-poly graphics

9. Project Drift 2.0

It is one of the drifting games with best physics. Project Drift 2.0 lets you design your dream drift car and customize every component from the body kits to the paint job. You can share your unique creation online and fine tune the performance with upgrades. Deep tuning options allow you to tweak all aspects of handling and responsiveness.

The driving physics cater to your skill level with different modes. You can hone your talent for high scores against AI opponents. The tandem multiplayer mode really shines, enabling side-by-side drifting with style. With so many ways to personalize your drift machines and driving experience, Project Drift 2.0 is a top choice for creative drifters.

  • Design and customize your own drift cars
  • Fine tune performance with upgrades
  • Different driving physics modes
  • Hone skills against AI opponents
  • Tandem drifting multiplayer mode

10. Hashiriya Drifter

Hashiriya Drifter

Inspired by street drifting culture, Hashiriya Drifter offers realistic driving through Japanese locales. You earn coins to buy upgrades and tuning parts to make your car drift-ready. With over 100 parts to swap, you can create a customized monster for shredding tires on the street.

The realistic 3D visuals recreate drifting with immersive details inside the car and out. Despite the sim elements, the controls are intuitive using taps and tilts. Mastering throttle control through slick corners takes skill. Hashiriya Drifter provides an authentic street drifting ambience blended with in-depth customization and upgrades.

  • Realistic street drifting in Japan locales
  • Earn coins to buy tuning upgrades
  • 100+ parts for customization
  • Immersive 3D visuals
  • Intuitive tap and tilt controls
  • Master throttle control around corners


These 10 games represent the cutting edge of drifting simulations, arcade-style drift challenges, and competitive online racing on Android. From worldwide drift competitions to local street racing, you can experience the thrill of drift culture from your mobile device. With top-notch graphics, physics, customization, and multiplayer integration, these picks offer burnt rubber excitement anywhere, anytime.

Whether you’re a drifting fanatic or only casual player, you’re bound to get hooked once you begin tearing through tracks sideways. Now that you know the 10 best drifting games available, it’s time to start your engines and put some smoke in the air. Grab your Android device and drift away to racing paradise with these stellar picks.

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