10 Best Spiderman Games for Android

Best Spiderman Games for Android

Get pumped Spidey fans, it's time to swing into action with the 10 best Spiderman games for Android! Battle baddies, sling webs, and climb skyscrapers as the webhead himself. These easy and crazy fun games let you be the hero just like in the movies and comics. Play anytime, anywhere for web-slinging adventures with your favorite super dude!

Woohoo! Get ready to unlock your inner Spiderman superfan because it's go time for the 10 best Spiderman games on Android. These web slinging adventures will have you flipping with joy over how you can finally play as the amazing Spiderman anytime and anywhere.

With great power comes great gaming! Time to put your Spidey skills to the test by battling iconic villains like Green Goblin and Venom. Perform acrobatic moves to dodge attacks, then counter with powerful punches and web shots. Yeah buddy!

Experience the thrill of web swinging between skyscrapers as you explore massive 3D New York City. Race against the clock to save civilians or complete secret challenges. With intuitive touch controls, you'll be climbing walls and swinging over streets in no time!

Relive your favorite movie moments in action-packed Spiderman game levels. Stop the sinister plots of Doctor Octopus, Electro, Sandman and more as Spidey cracks wise and kicks butt. It's web slinging fun for every Marvel fan!

So what are you waiting for web head? The 10 best Android Spiderman games deliver thrilling free roaming action in the palm of your hand. Time to show these criminal masterminds what happens when they mess with the amazing Spiderman! Download one today and start swinging!

1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Dude! The Amazing Spider-Man 2 mobile game rocks! It's so freaking awesome - you get to play through the epic movie story and the graphics make it feel like you jumped right into the film.

In this game, you can swing through the huge open world of New York as Spidey with massive skyscrapers all around. You can stand on a ledge and see the whole city,  jump off and start web slinging over the streets, it is the best feeling ever. Finding hidden comic landmarks across the city is super rewarding too.

Battling Spidey's most legendary villains like Electro and Green Goblin in key movie scenes is just crazy insane. The boss fights really capture the movie's massive action. Dodging their attacks then hitting back with Spidey's signature moves feels so right.

I don't wanna spoil everything, but playing through the movie story as Spiderman is every fan's dream. With 25 missions packed with web swinging, wall crawling, and wise-cracking action, this is hands down one of the greatest Spidey mobile games period!

  • Swing through NYC with movie-quality graphics
  • Battle Electro, Green Goblin, and other baddies
  • Unlock insane suits like black symbiote Spiderman
  • 25 thrilling missions packed with web-slinging action

2. The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man

While The Amazing Spider-Man 2 expanded the mobile Spidey universe, the original The Amazing Spider-Man game back in 2012 totally revolutionized what these games could be. I still don't think any mobile Spiderman game has matched the magic of this one's open world.

For the first time, you could freely swing and climb all across a gigantic 3D map of Manhattan. Getting to run up the Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty as Spiderman and gaze out over the city gave me chills! The city feels so vibrant and alive too, with cars cruising the streets, pedestrians wandering, and dynamic weather from sunshine to rain.

And yes, battling The Lizard and his creepy lab experiments as key moments from the movie is amazing, but I almost have more fun finding random crimes happening around NYC. Seeing a convenience store robbery then rushing over, web yanking the crooks' guns away and sticking them to the wall is so badass. The combat flows incredibly smooth too.

With such fluid, movie-perfect gameplay and graphics, anyone can experience what it really feels like to be Spiderman navigating the heights of NYC. The Amazing Spider Man set a new bar for open world superhero games on mobile. I definitely have many hours of fun web-slinging ahead revisiting this mobile masterpiece!

  • Relive the 2012 movie and defeat The Lizard
  • Freely explore the huge open world Manhattan
  • Upgrade Spidey's skills and gear like a true RPG
  • Fluid movie-like graphics and gameplay

3. Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited

When you take the nonstop thrill of an endless runner game and mix it with the limitless possibilities of the Spiderverse, you get the insanely fun and addicting Spider-Man Unlimited! 

This game starts off fast and never lets up - as you guide Spidey sprinting, jumping and dodging obstacles, the difficulty keeps ramping up until it's an intense test of focus and reflexes. Navigating the branching level paths and discovering secrets really rewards exploration too.

But what keeps Spiderman Unlimited fresh is its huge roster of playable Spider-people. You can unlock alternate versions like Spider Gwen, Spider Ham, and many more unique takes on the web-head. Each has their own stylistic look and upgraded abilities, like a cyborg Spiderman or a medieval sword wielding one. 

Fighting iconic Spiderman villains like Green Goblin, Venom and Doctor Octopus across the multiverse is a total blast. The snappy animations and variety of spider powers makes game exciting. With daily challenges and competitive events too, Spiderman Unlimited is one endless spider adventure!

  • Challenge yourself in a fast-paced runner
  • Battle the Sinister Six and other iconic baddies
  • Play as 200+ Spider-people from different universes
  • Experience console-level animations and visuals

4. Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions

For Marvel superfans seeking the ultimate crossover experience, Marvel Contest of Champions is an absolute dream come true. This fighter game gathers heroes and villains from across the Marvel multiverse for epic 3D battles.

Seeing Spiderman team up with Iron Man and Captain America to take down Thanos is pure nerd euphoria! Or you can have Deadpool brawl it out with Loki - the possibilities are endless. Each fighter has their signature moves, look and voice acting that brings them to life like their movies.  

The graphics and combat effects are stunning too. When Spiderman leaps off the side of the arena, shoots a web to sling behind his opponent, then launches a devastating air combo, I get goosebumps! Unlocking new characters through the Gauntlet mode events is hugely rewarding.

Leveling up your favorites with new gear and abilities to take online is extremely addicting too. Spiderman has killer moves like Web Sling Ring that grabs distant enemies, or Spider-Sense Evade allowing stylish dodges. This is the Marvel ensemble brawl fans deserve!

  • Build a team with every Marvel icon like Spiderman
  • Battle in jaw-dropping 3D arenas
  • Level up each hero and villain individually
  • Nerd out seeing Spidey alongside Avengers

5. MARVEL Future Fight

For RPG fans seeking an expansive Marvel experience, MARVEL Future Fight is a mobile masterpiece. It offers Console-quality visuals and customization to let you create your ultimate Marvel adventure. 

Recruiting Spiderman then outfitting him with a slick Iron Spider suit or symbiote black suit is insanely cool. Playing through unique storylines seeing Spidey team up with other heroes against cosmic threats is such a cinematic thrill!

Unlocking Spiderman's talents to enhance his web attacks and wall-crawling brings so much depth. Coordinating with friends in Alliance Raids to take down ridiculous villains like Galactus is a total rush too! No other Marvel game has this level of character progression and story immersion.

The graphics engine is simply unreal by mobile standards - seeing Spiderman's suit get torn up as he takes hits in gritty street brawls makes you feel like you're controlling an epic CG film! If you want to lose yourself in the Marvel Universe while customizing Spiderman and friends exactly how you want, MARVEL Future Fight is unmatched.

  • Recruit Spiderman into your ultimate hero squad
  • Fully customize Spiderman's abilities and gear
  • Play through action-packed comic book stories
  • Experience console-level graphics that pop

6. Marvel Collect! by Topps

Who else remembers the sheer exhilaration of ripping open fresh packs of Marvel trading cards back in the 90s to see which Spiderman cover you got? Marvel Collect! amazingly recaptures opening card packs virtually with authentic art.

Getting a rare comic book style Spiderman card feels so nostalgic and rewarding! I love displaying my favorites like Todd McFarlane's art in my collection. Even just the opening pack animations and sounds are perfect throwbacks.

Trading duplicates with collectors worldwide to complete Spiderman sets is incredibly addicting too. I'll never forget finally getting the full Cosmic Spiderman set after months of work! Spinning the prize wheel when you log in for bonuses like coins keeps the surprises coming as well.

For Marvel fans craving vintage trading card nostalgia, Marvel Collect! flawlessly delivers the rush of building your perfect Spiderman card collection. Excelsior!

  • Score Spiderman cards in digital card packs
  • Trade your duplicates with collectors worldwide
  • Spin the prize wheel for rare collectibles
  • Enjoy the nostalgia of collecting 90s Marvel cards

7. Spider Fighting: Hero Game

Spider Fighting Hero Game

For Spidey fans craving over-the-top fighting game action, Spider Fighting: Hero Game lets you fully unleash his combat skills! This game captures the stylish flow of chaining together combos against mobs of enemies perfectly.

From performing million hit combos with acrobatic maneuvers, to juggling foes in the air with epic web attacks, Spiderman has all the slick moves you expect. But what's even cooler is improving your skills RPG-style to pull off even crazier techniques.

Watching Spiderman unleash a 20 hit air combo then slam someone down through the roof of a car is so badass. The city is full of rewarding unlocks too, like new Spidey suits with unique powers. The story of defeating crime organizations to bring justice to the city really motivates you too.

With gorgeous urban graphics and silky combat animations, Spider Fighting: Hero Game truly shines on mobile. This is the Spiderman action experience fans need!

  • Unleash slick fighting game combos and air juggles as Spidey
  • Beat down city mobs and bosses with signature moves
  • Level up Spiderman's skills like an RPG
  • Swing through eye-popping 3D city environments

8. MARVEL Duel

MARVEL Duel brings the strategic gameplay of digital card battle games to the Marvel Universe in an amazing way. Being able to collect and upgrade iconic Marvel covers as cards is super addicting - especially Spiderman!

Slowly building the ultimate Spiderman deck with supports like Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus is an awesome challenge. The strategic gameplay during matches is great too. Using Spidey's agility to dodge attacks then counterattack is crucial. The 3D effects when cards unleash abilities are stunning.

Just exploring the massive card gallery and reading the comic history for each is a marvel fan's dream. Seeing Spiderman evolve across comics from his classic debut, black suit, 2099 and more is really special. No other Marvel game has this foundation in the source material.

For Marvel devotees who enjoy tactical card games, MARVEL Duel is impossible to put down. Becoming the ultimate Spiderman deckmaster is an fulfilling journey!

  • Collect killer Spiderman cards and hundred of others
  • Strategically build the best Spiderman-focused deck
  • Duel others online in explosive 3D card battles
  • Enjoy wild Marvel mashups in endlessly fresh matchups

9. MARVEL Strike Force

In MARVEL Strike Force, players can strategically assemble a mighty squad of Marvel icons then command them in epic turn-based warfare. Making Spiderman a key piece of your elite attack force is incredibly rewarding.

Enhancing Spiderman's abilities to perform crowd control web attacks, or go stealth, diversifies your tactical options. And the stunning cinematics of his powers in battle are phenomenal - watching Spidey front flip over an enemy then bind them in webs is so badass.

Coordinating your squad's super powers in the heat of battle to overcome the odds is hugely satisfying too. Laying out combo setups so Spiderman can land his most powerful moves is key. And the graphics truly bring these heroes and villains to life like a big-budget movie.

MARVEL Strike Force satisfies RPG fans and squad builder enthusiasts equally. Leading iconic good and evil Marvel characters like Spiderman into strategic warfare is a mobile marvel any fan needs to experience!

  • Recruit Spiderman, Deadpool, and more for your RPG squad
  • Command your team in tactical turn-based battles
  • Unleash over-the-top finishing moves on foes
  • Experience movie-quality cinematics and graphics

10. Spider Fighter 3

For Marvel devotees seeking a pick up and play mobile brawler jam-packed with Spidey action, Spider Fighter 3 is a stellar choice. The accessible controls and combos make unleashing devastating attacks as Spiderman a breeze.

Watching Spiderman relentlessly pummel nefarious criminals, gang members and supervillains like Green Goblin into submission is so satisfying. Chaining together ground combos, launching enemies skyward, then juggling them in midair with graceful web attacks feels incredible.

My favorite part is the exaggerated visual flair of the special moves - watching Spiderman ensnare 3 goons in a massive web then slam them down never gets old! The vibrant, nostalgic comic book art style is perfect too.

Spider Fighter 3 nails the addictive beat 'em up fun of classics like TMNT in mobile form. If you have any nostalgia for sidescrolling brawlers, and want to experience no holds barred Spiderman combat, this game delivers!

  • Tap buttons unleash combos at lightning speed as Spidey
  • Battle iconic rogues like Green Goblin and Venom
  • Perform spectacularly animated finishing moves
  • Bright, nostalgic comic book art style


There you have it - 10 spectacular Spiderman games. We fans can get lost for hours! With these games, I can tap into my super Spidey powers anytime. Whether it’s web-swinging through New York, battling villains, or even just collecting cards, these Android games deliver unlimited amazing Spiderman adventures!

Let me know which game you like the most in the comment section. If you want me to add more stunning games comment below for that too.

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