How to properly recycle your old iPhone

How to properly recycle your old iPhone

Every device ends its life, no matter how carefully the user has treated it. It could be a device breakdown, old technology, or the user buying a new device. Either way, it is no longer needed by the person. But there is no need to throw your iPhone in the trash. There are still several paths for your phone. 

You don't need the phone anymore

It's a question that's often confronted. There are several reasons why a phone is no longer needed. First, let's consider the case when it is completely broken and no longer works.

Electronics recycling organizations

If your device has finally died and you don't plan to repair it, then it's time to get rid of it. You should not throw it in the trash. The parts that are inside will harm nature and the environment. There is a risk that recycling organizations will bury the phone in the ground with other junk, or it will burn in a fire and spoil our air. 

There are organizations that deal with electronics recycling. This is also done by Smartphone recycling. In such organizations, all dangerous parts are disposed of in the right way without harming nature. In addition, there are various programs for the proper disposal of electronics. They can reward you with incentives, money or special vouchers for various services. 

Apple is also in the business of collecting broken devices. They will do it for free. You can benefit from the company if the device works. But more on that later. For now, you can send your device to them for recycling at the company's expense.

Benefits of the device in working condition

Your phone is still capable of performing certain functions, but you no longer need it. It may be that you have already bought a new phone, and the old one has just been lying around for a long time. This means that a new period of life has come for it. It can also bring money.

Return the old device to the manufacturer

We have already said a few words about it earlier. If you own an iPhone, you can return it to Apple for a reward. This means that you will get a discount on your next purchase of Apple-branded products. If your model is not very outdated, the reward will reach a hundred dollars or even more. It depends on the condition of the phone. Phones in good condition without severe damage are accepted for a high fee. The presence of damage will lower the price, but it's better than nothing.

Selling a phone by advertisement

Place an ad for the phone for sale on the Internet and offer it to your friends or colleagues. Maybe someone will be willing to buy it at a good price. Don't expect it to happen tomorrow. This process will take a little time. First, buyers will learn about the sale and think about the offer a bit. If they have additional questions, give them those answers in a friendly way. To you, it's old and unnecessary, but to a buyer, it could be a dream come true. 

Selling your phone through special services

Now, it is not a problem to find a company or a person who will help you sell used iPhone. There are two ways to develop events. The first implies that representatives of the service will take your phone for sale and represent your interests. When the deal is done, they will give you the money and take a percentage of it. The other option involves getting the money right away. In this way, you bring your device for evaluation. The specialist looks at the device and voices the price. If you are satisfied with everything, take the money. The price may be attractive, but it may be lower than expected. As luck would have it. In any case, it's better than your gadget just lying in a landfill.

A nice way to get rid of an old phone

You don't need your old smartphone anymore, and you don't want to dispose of it or sell it. There are ways how to get rid of old phone and feel pleasant emotions.

Give a gift to a loved one or someone you know

Your old cell phone will benefit another person. Give it to a relative or friend. You can make a neighbor's child happy with this device. No doubt the person will be grateful and very happy. But do not hand over a broken device, it will look like a mockery.

Give to organizations that need it

Ask around to see if there is a place or organization in the area where your device would be useful. This could be a child development center or a charitable organization. The local authority will thank you if you pass it on to the emergency services. Who knows? It might come in handy.

Maybe you have a club of technology and invention enthusiasts in your town. They will use the device as a phone or get the necessary parts from it to create small robots, as an example.

In each of these cases, you will not receive a cash reward. But in return, people will give you warm emotions and gratitude. 

Turn your phone into another device

We have an article on our website about what can i do with my old phone other than to make a call. It can be a GPS navigator in the car, an iPod for the gym, a GPS baby tracker, a fancy alarm clock, or a home weather station. There is even a way where the phone is put into a box with a glass lens and used as a projector for movies.

Here, everything is limited only by the imagination and needs of the owners of old devices.

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