30 Best Fighting Anime Ranked and Explained

Best Fighting Anime Ranked and Explained

Anime fans, listen up! If you love non-stop action, high intensity fights, and battles with everything on the line, then fighting anime is for you. I’m talking series packed to the brim with martial arts, supernatural powers, giant robots, and warriors constantly being pushed to their limits.

These shows pull you in within the first episode and don’t let go with their frenetic pacing and escalating stakes. The fight choreography and animation will blow you away as the heroes unleash devestating special moves and find the resolve to overcome impossible odds. Trust me, once you watch these fighting anime favorites, you’ll be hooked!

Let’s count down the 30 Fighting anime series that I believe are absolute must-watches for anime lovers craving some epic fight scenes:

1. Naruto


As a young ninja-in-training, Naruto Uzumaki wants to become the village’s Hokage and earn the respect of his peers. But first he’ll need to master the art of ninjutsu and take down rival ninjas and criminals threatening peace. The tactics and unique fighting styles displayed in Naruto became instantly iconic thanks to fantastically choreographed battles. Ninjutsu moves inspired by hand signs, elements, and summoning animals give each fight a puzzle-like quality as Naruto analyzes his opponent’s skills to gain an edge. And when his friends or convictions are on the line, Naruto unleashes new reserves of strength that are a thrill to behold!

2. Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho

Teen punk Yusuke Urameshi gets a second shot at life as a spirit detective investigating supernatural threats. But he’ll need to train hard to contend with all the demons, monsters, and otherworldly foes looking to cause trouble. The Dark Tournament and Chapter Black arcs contain some of the most memorable anime clashes ever as Yusuke and his allies face off against crafty, sadistic villains. Between the original power systems, clever strategies, outstanding character writing and top-notch animation, Yu Yu Hakusho sets the gold standard for fighting anime!

3. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Since age 12, kind-hearted Tanjiro Kamado’s life revolves around slaying the demons responsible for wiping out his family and terrorizing Japan. Tanjiro and the Demon Slayer Corps must constantly better themselves to stand a chance against the sadistic upper ranks serving vicious demon Muzan Kibutsuji. Ufotable’s gorgeous animation realizes this eternally escalating feud between humans and demons through heart-pumping combat sequences accentuated by vibrant effects and dynamic camerawork. Seeing Tanjiro and company attaining new heights of power via innovative Breathing techniques never gets old thanks to the creative choreography.

4. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Gon Freecss aspires to follow in his father’s footsteps as an elite and ethical “Hunter”. But to qualify for the profession, he must pass an arduous exam testing his physical, mental, and moral fiber. During this trial by fire and the globe-trekking quests that follow, Gon befriends fellow prodigies Killua, Kurapika and Leorio while battling assassins, monsters, terrorists and more. With its deeply layered and customizable power system dubbed “Nen”, Hunter x Hunter delivers some of the most strategic, logical battles out there. Yet it retains a sense of wonder as these abilities open up intriguing new narrative and combat possibilities. As threats mount from the Phantom Troupe, Chimera Ants and beyond, the payoffs prove oh so satisfying.

5. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Humanity cowers behind concentric walls keeping gigantic, man-eating Titans at bay. But after the monstrosities breach the outer barrier, a trio of youths join an elite regiment to eradicate their kind once and for all. Attack on Titan sinks its hooks in with pulse-pounding Titan encounters animated with visceral motion and weight. The regiment relies on Omni-Directional Mobility gear allowing them to gracefully jet around for precision strikes at napes – the only weak spot. But errors prove fatal against Titans’ overwhelming strength and numbers. With the truth of the Titans gradually revealed, the mystery and scaled-up stakes keep us hungry for the next exhilarating bout of hack n’ slash Titan action!

6. One Piece

One Piece

To become King of the Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy assembles a motley crew of mighty fighters while confronting rival buccaneers, colossal sea monsters, tyrannical warlords and the Navy across the high seas. One Piece’s trademark sense of fun and adventure extends to its combat via inventive battle locales and Devil Fruit powers imbuing unique styles and counter abilities. Luffy’s rubber physiology lets him rocket fists, bounce bullets and withstand blows that would fell lesser combatants. Meanwhile, swordsman Zoro wields three blades with precision, navigator Nami calls down lightning strikes and their comrades utilize abilities from fire manipulation to projecting ghostly doppelgangers! Between the diverse matchups and sheer willpower to push through devastating attacks, One Piece delivers cathartic, crowd-pleasing smackdowns!

7. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga

In 11th century Europe, Thorfinn seeks vengeance against mercenary leader Askeladd for murdering his father. But the shrewd Askeladd spares and eventually mentors Thorfinn, recognizing latent talent. As Thorfinn comes to terms with his bloodlust amidst the backdrop of Danish invasion and control of England, gripping Viking-style duels break out. The swordplay and axework feel grounded yet hard-hitting thanks to clean lines, impact frames, subtle anticipation in movements and convincing physics. Characters exploit terrain advantages and weapon properties, targeted strikes disable limbs, and warriors enter a trance-like focus to read moves. Vinland Saga compels with both its period drama richness and thoroughly engrossing bouts.

8. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo grapples with attacks from ghouls – beings outwardly human but needing to devour individuals to survive. Ken Kaneki reluctantly joins their ranks following a freak hospital incident. Now he must resist inherent urges to feast on the flesh of friends and pretend to be normal. Tokyo Ghoul captures an interior struggle through profoundly intimate and intense skirmishes. Kaneki wields a living sentient Kagune organ sporting tentacles or wings of flowing, bloody RC cells – a Ghoul’s weapon and conduit to their full might. This biological edge makes for beautifully frenetic sequences. And when investigators brandish Quinque steel forged from past Ghouls, it’s chillingly symbolic. Tokyo Ghoul’s tragic battles stir complex questions on predator/prey dynamics and the monster inside all of us.

9. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

The Elric brothers break the ultimate taboo of human transmutation to revive their mother with disastrous results. Now equipped with prosthetics and seeking the mythical Philosopher’s Stone to restore their bodies, Ed and Al unravel plots within the Alchemist military ranks. Fullmetal Alchemist’s unique magic system incorporates real-world elements, formulas and laws for tactical substance. Battles turn on imaginative applications of transmutation circles inscribed via rings, tattoos or merely hands for stone walls, paralysis spikes, flames and more. Outcomes depend on mastery over bio-alchemy, reactions, planned arrays and specialties like fire vs ice. Together with clever improvisations, determination and bonds strengthening their power, the Elrics provide an education in choreographed ass-kickery!

10. Bleach


Sword-wielding Soul Reapers steward souls between this life and the next while purifying corrupt spirits. But menacing Hollow ghouls and manipulative Shinigami conspirators upset the balance between domains. Bleach unleashes blockbuster supernatural showdowns between Shinigami bruisers, creatures conjuring kinetic crystal lattices, dimension-slicing swordplay and competitors boasting 70+ distinct fighting forms. Ichigo Kurosaki unlocks ever greater tiers of speed, strength and spirit energy pressure thanks to allies mentoring him on focus control, inner struggles mirrored outwardly and sublime states achieved through understanding his Zanpakuto sword’s spirit. Battles balance explosive spectacle with philosophical undertones on pride, justice and resolving past trauma.

11. One Punch Man

One Punch Man

Hero hobbyist Saitama can fell any foe with a single punch after losing all his hair from training too hard. But Saitama's unmatched strength hasn't earned him renown, respect or exciting matchups. One Punch Man cleverly explores the boring invincibility concept through stunning clashes of perspective. We thrill at Saitama nonchalantly karate-chopping mountainous monsters and villains touted as ultimate beings...while mere side characters struggle tremendously eradicating demon-level threats! The disconnect between how Saitama and the populace perceive threats underscores his existential dilemma. Still, watching “normal” top-tier fighters like martial artist Bang employing all their heroic spirit and skill just to hold their own against the big bads remains tremendously epic!

12. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Yep, even the magic guild hall that serves as a rough and tumble home for mages packs a serious punch! Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster and armored enchantress Erza Scarlet aren’t your average wizards. They demolish dark guilds, demons and dragons with devastating spells, gained intimately through bonds with magical creatures. Fire magician Natsu turns up the heat in scraps employing blistering fists, scorching projectiles and secret dragon modes. Ice-make wizard Gray freezes obstacles solid before shattering them. Lucy’s summoned celestial spirits like a crafty bull, a water bearer's jug and a lion clad in sun flames lend their might. And Erza requips armor for any occasion including soaring swords dances! Let Fairy Tail’s camaraderie and flashy style sweep you away!

13. G Gundam

G Gundam

Most anime involving hulking Gundam mechs embroil pilots in realistic military or political conflicts. But G Gundam operates on (you guessed it) Shonen Fight Anime Logic for international duels! On towering robo battlefields, martial artist and Gundam fighter Domon Kasshu represents Neo-Japan while seeking his tainted rival. He ultimately contends for the right to rule space itself via the Gundam Fight tournament. Each bout sees explosively absurd karate-gi-clad machines channeling signature moves like Shining Finger, a golden fire blast and Whirlwind Rose, a deadly petal storm. Though the stakes encompass leadership of the colonies, the Continent War subplot adds a layer of political intrigue. But with crazily over-the-top mech combat at its core, no one watches G Gundam for geostrategy!

14. Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry

The devil hunter business keeps half-demon Dante stocked in pizza and strawberry sundaes while testing his slick swordplay against demonic threats. Devil May Cry animated unlocks the secret origin of Dante's signature rebellion sword and red trench coat while dishing out stylish gun-fu and demon-slaying carnage. Dante greets adversaries with quips nearly as sharp as his blade, then dances circles around them with acrobatic marksmanship and lethal slashes quicker than you can blink. But his physicality also translates emotional states like frustration with blunt, hammering strikes during an early bout. Plus what other anime lets you witness a character using another as an improvised nunchuck?! The worlbuilding also intrigues with hierarchies of demonic power and activities shaking things up in their realm bubbling over into Dante's.

15. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Yes, the Generation Xerox trope is in full effect as Naruto's rambunctious son Boruto resists becoming a ninja while forming his own Team 7. But the tech advances offer new battle dynamics as ninja tools like power gloves, drones and nanobombs integrate into the familiar Shadow Clone-spawning and Rasengan-chucking action. Seeing Boruto master his dad’s techniques through a new juvenile delinquent lens proves lots of fun. And monitoring how perceived prodigy Sarada hones her Sharingan wit, strength and Lightning Blade also brings the joy. The fight choreography dazzles as always thanks to a new cyberpunk sheen I just can’t get enough of! If you ever pined for more electric, collision-filled Naruto combat than Boruto will satisfy big time!

16. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo

Hip-hop beats and stylistic swordplay dominate this Edo era adventure. Mugen’s an unpredictable wanderer who combines breakdancing and acrobatics with his jagged sword style against thugs. Master swordsman Jin complements Mugen’s wild strikes with poised precision. Together with Fuu, they slash through foes while seeking a mysterious samurai who smells of sunflowers. Unusual weaponry like grappling hooks, fireworks and fists make for inspired hybridized bouts. And episodic adventures seeing Mugen tap his animal instincts, Jin’s ghosts return to haunt him and Fuu maturing into a skillful spearwoman keeps the character development gold coming!

17. The God of High School

The God of High School

When blasé Korean teen Jin Mori lucks his way into a massive martial arts tournament, he discovers the competition serves as a proving ground to determine an agent of the heavens. What follows is a rush of mythological throwdowns between supernaturally charged combatants. Styles inspired by sun wukong, taekkyeon and karate collide with flashy magic to wage reality-threatening battles. The hard-hitting impacts, ancient Korean backdrops like mountains and temples, and slick sequences teleporting fighters between locations make The God of Highschool an electric ride! Yet it still grounds fights in proper physics and martial arts basics for satisfying impacts.

18. Vivid Strike

Fuuka and Rinne were once best friends with ambitions of becoming pop idols. But after separation left Rinne jaded as an MMA magical girl cage fighter, Fuuka attempts to reconnect by entering her world. Beyond the central relationship drama lies haymakers galore courtesy of Vivid Strike’s underground women warriors. Muay Thai knees and clinches batter just as brutally as the burdens these girls carry from loneliness, family trauma and pressure to succeed. Training montages payoff with enhanced agility and strength for extra satisfying smackdowns. And when Fuuka unlocks her true magical girl form, she shatters emotional walls like a badass!

Watch Vivid Strike

19. Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple

Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple

After years enduring high school bullying, wimpy student Kenichi Shirahama finds the courage to become stronger under the six martial arts masters of the terrifying Ryōzanpaku dojo. Their ultra-intense training pushes Kenichi’s endurance to the very limits through method acting battles, standing upside down for hours and even getting chased by bees! But the struggles forge Kenichi into a formidable fighter combining karate, jujitsu, kenpo and more to contend with expert murderers from opposing dojos. Seeing the underdog Kenichi evolve from cowardly weakling to dispatching foes twice his size makes for an extra triumphant underdog tale!

20. Hajime no Ippo the Fighting

Hajime no Ippo the Fighting

Ippo Makunouchi was an aimless, gangly high school student until being saved from bullies by aspiring prizefighter Takamura Mamoru inspires him to join the Kamogawa Boxing Gym. Despite lacking experience and finesse, Ippo’s monstrous punching power compensates against tougher and more technical boxers. Classic moments include Ippo conquering knockdown adversities and harnessing the savage, unconscious “Spirit of the Wild Beast” mode. As the stakes heighten from Japanese featherweight statistics to world rankings, Ippo adds innovations like the rushing flicker jab and liver blow to his arsenal for tactically riveting bouts. With over 1400 manga chapters, Hajime no Ippo looks to be boxing fans’ answer to the eternal fighting anime!

21. Medaka Box

Medaka Box

Student council president Medaka Kurokami excels at everything from academics to athletics thanks to her “The End” power copying enemies’ abilities against them. But hijinks and stellar fights break out when she appoints average Joe Hitoyoshi Zenkichi to the council tasked with addressing troubling petitions. Soon battling master martial artists, abnormal powerhouses and fanatics from a dangereuses military academy. True to shonen form, Medaka Box stacks crazy abilities and escalating threats. You’ll marathon face-offs featuring warping psychics, a duplicating plant creature and superheroes serving opposing ideologies tied to Arab Spring resistance.

22. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

Goku’s battles with brother Raditz, the Saiyan warriors, and crafty Namek called Frieza overhaul expectations for anime slugfests via sheer unprecedented spectacle. Once the Z in the title arrives alongside Goku’s adult life, combat attains new heights from refined martial arts to planet busting beams. Signature energy blasts like Goku’s projectile Kamehameha and Vegeta’s iconic shouting as he unloads leave lasting impressions. The dizzying scales as fighters jet faster than light and unleash attacks visible from space resonate emotionally when friendships deepen those world-breaking powers. And the inventiveness never ceases through Goku and Vegeta’s SS3, SSG and SSB transformations pit against Universe 6 Saiyan evolutions!

23. Eden’s Zero

Eden’s Zero

Outstanding space battles come courtesy of robot girl Rebecca, speedster Happy and gravity manipulator Shiki’s planet-hopping adventures in the Sakura Cosmos. Shiki crushing killer robots introduced attacking early on makes for fantastic opening action. And his abilities only grow more versatile for tactical takedowns making terrain a weapon via floating debris slashes, gravity wells immobilizing foes and more. Meanwhile, crewmates like sister witch Homura slinging elemental magic bolts, android Hermit’s laser barrage and fighter Weisz’s electricity summon dual dagger onslaughts keep the battles rolling at a thrilling pace!

24. Sengoku Basara

Sengoku Basara

When regional Japan warlords Oda Nobunaga, Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura collide, only one can rule the land. In this bombastic take on the Warring States saga, mounted sword charges, rebellious peasants and a fallen ninja clan factor greatly in glorious combat. Masamune’s cunning and precision swordplay check Yukimura and Sasuke’s dual bladestorms. Marksmen Kojuuro and Magoichi gun down horseback ashigaru troopers pre battle. And flashy finishing moves like Nobunaga’s crescent burst volley or fiery dragon claws summon legendaries for mythic clashes filled with relatable humanity.

25. Soul Eater

Soul Eater

Scythes reign supreme at the Anubis-run Death Weapon Meister Academy training teams containing transforming weapons like ninjatos, chainsaws and magic firearms. Prodigy meister Maka resonates battle cries with her living scythe partner Soul against witches seeking to brew world-ending chaos. Their group bonds and battles contrast heroism against Black Blood tainting Soul during literally jaw-dropping encounters. Soul Eater’s vibrant, angular style energizes scenes like Black Star’s blade ricochets to ambush smug assassins. And Excalibur’ssong and comment irritates all. With fluid frames and weapons morphing across the spectrum, fights fascinatingly convey personalities at their wildest.

26. Flame of Recca

Flame of Recca

Ninja action and weapons summoning burn white-hot in Flame of Recca! As part of the Hokage ninja clan serving Japan for generations, Recca instinctively launches fireballs from his palm and controls flame dragons. But when protecting his classmate Yanagi, her healing powers attract multiple clans pursuing her residence princess status for conquest. This drives Recca to awaken his true potential conjuring ice, metal and other ninja weapons from portals. The effects and powers only grow more badass when foes remove power limiters for godlike universal abilities and the truth of Recca’s adoption drops. But bonds with allies like wind user Fuuko, brute strength gorilla Ganko and more fortify them to outsmart any assassins.

27. The Seven Deadly Sins

Wrongfully accused of assassinating crown royals, the Seven Deadly Sins disbanded only to reunite 10 years later upon a quest to defeat cruel Holy Knights subjugating Britain unjustly. This redemption-fueled battle anime thrives on outcast perspectives embracing virtues over ideals imposed by tyrants drunk on power. Watching hot-tempered bar brawler Ban swipe vitality and bruiser Meliodas dish rapid reflex counters makes you root hard for these rebellion rousers. Factor in reality warps courtesy of mage Merlin and sword master Escanor’s fluctuating muscle might peaking at solar-level burts to smite armor-clad battalion hordes for supreme satisfaction!

28. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

Uplifting superpowers smash barriers in a society filled with heroes yet also prejudice toward perceived villainous quirks. This backdrop lets the high flyingongaing Quirk battles between students attending U.A. High School stand out all the more brilliantly. Watch Deku bond with predecessors All Might and bind rival Bakugo through disaster rescues and obstacle course team exercises. Their propulsive, ever progressing abilities to manipulate fire and ice make such basic maneuvers more monumental thanks to the might imbued within each action. And Bones animation helps it all burst forth with fluid motion and bold, bright signature energy blasts sending enemies careening dramatically!

29. Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Save the girl and prevent future tragedy by leading reformed Tokyo gang wars in the past - now there’s a pitch primed for explosive school delinquent throwdowns! Watch roughed up protagonist Takemichi pump himself up by repeatedly screeching “This is the only way!” before launching reckless headfirst charges sure to either break bodies or emotional barriers. Amazing hand-to-hand skirmish direction translates manga panel combat fluidly to highlight the all-in desperation behind each punch. And seeing Takemichi psyche up his own squad screams motivation in the brawliest, most hardcore way possible. The time travel mechanics even duplicate days allowing for trial, error and turning tides against vicious motorcycle riding adversaries.

30. Tenjou Tenge

Tenjou Tenge

Brawls span generations over mystic powers permeating Todo Academy where rebel transfer students arrive to kick all available asses. Brutal close quarters bear knuckle exchanges show no restraint with blood spraying after crushing blows connect. Characters double as commanding officers and sacrifices in ritualized battles linked to Japanese imperial past events for heavy dramatic irony. The powers manifesting from inner spirits and emotions ties so cleanly into character development and liberating self from perceived roles imposed externally. Tenjou Tenge is enemy-to-friend trope exemplified through initially vicious beatdowns evolving into mutual understanding between Hisago/Maya and Masataka/Souichiro pairs so satisfyingly!

Final Thoughts on the Best Fighting Anime

Whew, what a rush! Well those are 30 of the most hard-boiled, brazenly ballistic fighting anime selections out there today. You can look forward to clenching fists, gritted teeth and crazy powers pushing our favorite heroes to the limit battling threats aplenty. But also bonds deeper than friendship or blood strengthening their resolve when they need it most. If you thought I’d leave out an essential battle anime, sound off in the comments so we can debate it out! And stay tuned for even more infinitely giftable fight scene greatness headed your way soon!

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