21 Best Game Anime You Simply Cannot Miss

Best Game Anime

Gaming anime are seriously awesome because they allow us fans to geek out over our favorite hobby and watch awesome characters develop cool strategies and skills! I don't know about you, but I love seeing people get pumped up about games - it gets me excited too!

Whether it's card battles, board games, or virtual reality MMORPGs, the best gaming anime showcase why these characters picked up their games of choice in the first place. And even when the competition gets fierce, these shows are also about personal growth and forming connections through gaming.

Let's dive into the 21 best video game anime that will completely suck you in! I've watched all of these and I still go back for repeat binges because they're just that good. Get ready for some mega gaming action!

1. New Game!

New Game!

New Game! follows total newbie Aoba Suzukaze right after high school as she lands her dream job working on the character designs for the newest installment of her favorite video game series, Fairies Story!

Getting an inside look at the world of game development, we see Aoba interact with her quirky coworkers, bringing their creative passions together to overcome obstacles during the production. It feels so real, from handling intense coding crunches to perfecting the tiniest character details.

Even if you're not looking to code the next Fortnite, it's inspiring to see people pour their hearts into making something meant to bring others joy and adventure! New Game! made me seriously consider getting into game art. Plus, the characters are so likable - you'll wish you could work alongside them!

2. No Game No Life

No Game No Life

What if the entire world operated based on the rules of gaming? That's the insane situation genius gamer siblings Sora and Shiro find themselves in when they get transported to a reality completely dictated by games in No Game No Life!

I love how Sora and Shiro immediately feel right at home putting their skills to the test in over-the-top battles for territory and resources. Their perfect teamwork lets them take down pros many levels above them. And the colorful animation pulls you right into the chaotic and super fun game-ruled planet.

No Game No Life made me look at games in a totally different way, realizing how much strategy goes into mastering them when real stakes are on the line. Sora and Shiro feel almost unbeatable - it's awesome watching them outsmart every opponent!

3. Gamers!


Gamers! is an adorable rom-com revolving around stereotypical gamer guy Keita Amano unexpectedly joining his school's game club after the popular girl Karen Tendō asks him to join.

Within the eccentric club, misunderstandings, love triangles, and gaming hijinks ensure as Keita gets closer to Karen and the other girls. It's silly and over-the-top, but super entertaining!

Even if the gaming is not that crucial to the plot, I love Gamers! because the characters and their relationships are just so much fun to watch unfold. And it still captures that exciting feeling when your hobby opens up new social opportunities!

4. .Hack//Sign


The massively influential .hack//Sign introduced the "trapped in an MMORPG" trope by following protagonist Tsukasa, who finds himself stuck in the immersive virtual reality game The World with no memory of how he got there.

This slow-building mystery anime sucks you into its lore-rich world that feels lived in. Instead of flashy fights, it uses emotional dialog and steady world-building to tell an engrossing story questioning the line between games and reality.

The deeper themes paired with the innovative premise make .hack//Sign feel super ahead of its time. It's a must-watch classic game anime originator that spawned tons of adaptations expanding the epic .hack universe!

Watch .Hack//Sign

5. Overlord

When wizard guild leader Momonga stays logged into his favorite MMORPG until the servers shut down, he gets transported inside the game world, trapped in the body of his powerful sorcerer character.

What makes Overlord crazy exciting is that Momonga fully embraces becoming the villain overlord his appearance suggests! With the game mechanics still intact, Momonga leverages his extensive knowledge and rare items to deceive and destroy anyone standing in his way.

But despite his fearsome powers, Momonga still shows glimmers of the awkward gamer he was on the outside. It's weirdly endearing while keeping the stakes sky-high watching him conquer the world!

6. Shangri-La Frontier

Shangri-La Frontier

Shangri-La Frontier's near-future full dive VRMMORPG feels like it could be the actual future of gaming, avoiding the overused trapped in a game trope. Pro gamer Sunraku, armed with skill points allowing him to excel in any trash game, decides to try conquering the coveted Shangri-La Frontier known for its challenging, fast-paced combat.

The crisp, vivid fight animation immediately pulls you into the intense battles against towering Raid Bosses as Sunraku's unconventional play catches the attention of top players. It nails the thrill of taking down tough bosses with your friends.

And seeing Sunraku breeze through the games others struggle with never gets old! His unpredictable strategies even have me rethinking how I approach games.

7. The King's Avatar

The King's Avatar

The King's Avatar gives a gripping look into China's competitive esports scene through disgraced pro Ye Xiu. Forced to start over after getting kicked from his championship team, Ye begins dominating his old game from Internet cafes using expert skills honed over countless hours of playtime.

The top-notch animation and focus on gaming strategy makes the clashes totally riveting as Ye relearns a changed game and forms a new team aiming for the top. The realism of portraying gaming as a hardcore job was eye-opening!

Even when he unrivaled, Ye's endless passion for gaming makes him so inspiring to watch. Seeing his strategies play out is next-level satisfying!

8. Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense

In the adorable VRMMORPG romp Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, So I'll Max Out My Defense, new gamer Maple chooses Defense-focused classes, allowing her to gain incredibly overpowered skills through allocating all stat points to Vitality and armor boosts.

Watching Maple discover her broken abilities with infectious delight and breeze through battles she should have no chance surviving always puts a giant smile on my face!

And her trusting party members playing off Maple's unusual tank build makes for comedy gold. Bofuri captures the pure fun of exploring a flashy new virtual world while avoiding grim real-world consequence plotlines weighing down some similar anime. Maple's just having a blast, and her joy gets passed to the viewer!

9. Log Horizon

Unlike many entries in the "trapped in an MMO" genre that ditch game mechanics for fantasy spectacle, Log Horizon centers its storytelling around the game systems. Support mage Shiroe and friends must consider classes, skills, team roles, aggro management and more to survive in the now real world of Elder Tale and rebuild society.

It's intensely strategic battles emphasize why Shiroe's bookish knowledge makes him so essential, rather than just overpowered physical strength like more generic hero characters.

Seeing the players creatively problem solve by exploiting game logic never gets old! Log Horizon keeps that addictive feeling of optimization central rather than relegating the setting to a pointless gimmick.  The smart macro twists on gaming tropes had me thinking for days!

10. Welcome to the N.H.K.

Welcome to the N.H.K.

While probably not what you first think of for gaming anime, the deeply psychological Welcome to the N.H.K. spends a significant portion of its societal outcast story on making an adult video game.

Shut-in Tatsuhiro gets dragged by the eccentric Misaki into the development of her gal game project. And we get an unflinching, authentic exploration of the mental struggles plaguing creatives in Japan contrasted with the usual bubbly gaming anime aesthetic.

When the team dynamics inevitably collapse under the weight of untreated issues emerging from isolation, it's a harsh critique on the false self-image media can provide. But that truthful darkness beneath the surface makes N.H.K. so thought-provoking even 14 years later!

11. OreImo

OreImo follows the perfect honors student Kirino who secretly loves playing adult video games and anime. When her more stereotypical gamer older brother Kyosuke discovers her hidden hobby, he decides to try getting into her world to connect with Kirino behind their parents' backs.

Despite the awkwardness of delving into risqué games with his little sister, their shared interest allows the siblings to open up. And I love watching Kyosuke's amusing reactions as Kirino forces him through girly dating sims!

OreImo captures that exciting feeling when someone close unexpectedly shares your gaming obsessions, freeing you to geek out judgement-free. Even with the odd premise, seeing gaming build bridges is incredibly heartwarming.

12. Girlish Number

Girlish Number

Girlish Number gives an unfiltered behind-the-scenes look at anime voice acting by following the self-centered Chitose who lucks into main girl status on a new series. Ambushed by unreasonable demands from the producers and the isolation of solo recording work, Chitose starts questioning if her talent matches her own ego.

Beyond the good-natured comedy parodying the industry's quirks through Chitose's naive eyes, Girlish pulls no punches revealing less-glamorous hurdles voice actors endure chasing careers bringing characters to life for us gamers. It made me appreciate the outstanding VAs even more!

13. D-Frag!

D-Frag! kicks off with Chitose unwillingly dragged into the eccentric Game Development Club by underclassman members who could each easily hold their own crazy slice of life anime. The chaos only escalates as the crew ropes Chitose into odd passion projects and game-inspired activities while distracting him from trying acting anything like a tough guy around these adorable weirdos.

With witty rapid-fire meta jokes paired with each girl's eccentric charm (and an awesome expressive art style bringing it all to life with energy), D-Frag! had me literally laughing out loud nearly every episode! It nails that welcoming gamer club feeling.

14. Sword Art Online

I know opinions wildly range on Sword Art Online, but as one of the most well-known game anime spearheading the explosively popular isekai craze, it's undeniably influential with awesome animation and ambitious worldbuilding!

When VRMMORPG Sword Art Online traps players inside until completing the 100-floor game, power gamer Kirito aims to conquer the castle and free everyone by mastering the still very real game. Expanding into sequel arcs tackling new worlds trading out swords for guns, there's thrilling action for all sorts of gamer tastes!

Yes, aspects of the writing missed the mark at points. But watching Kirito develop god-tier skills taking down legions of enemies kept me pumping my fist the whole rollercoaster ride!

15. My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999

Healing MMORPG anime My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 starts with protagonist Akane taking refuge in online Dragon Kommune world to recover from a bad breakup, gaining amazing friends led by the skilled Yamada.

While the actual game takes a backseat to the eventual workplace romantic drama when Akane discovers fellow player Yamada is her new boss, it never forgets the heartwarming bonds first forged slaying dragons together that inspired Yamada helping Akane regain confidence.

And Yamada remains a gaming role model, finding purpose mentoring new players despite maxing his levels and gear! It captured how easy it is finding community through games.

16. Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Romance series Recovery of an MMO Junkie stars 30-year-old Moriko resigning from society, becoming a NEET, and escaping into the delightful online world of Fruits de Mer. Craving friendship but anxious around strangers, timid Moriko discovers comfort roleplaying cute male persona Hayashi.

But potential romance IRL still finds Moriko when she suspects charismatic coworker and fellow game enthusiast Sakurai may secretly be Hayashi. Balancing the ups and downs of adulting with her game infatuation leads to lots of hilarious misunderstandings!

Recovery of an MMO Junkie just radiates cozy gamer positive vibes while making Moriko so relatable. Seeing her gain confidence from virtual and real bonds is the most inspiring glow-up!

17. Hi Score Girl

Hi Score Girl

Hi Score Girl nostalgically follows 90's arcade gaming king Haruo whose supremacy gets challenged by rich kid Akira. She repeatedly devastates Haruo across Street Fighter II, eventually forcing him to level up his skills if he wants to reclaim the top score. But an endearing bond just might develop between these rivals trading ego blows at the arcade cabinets!

With tons of affectionate references to iconic games and systems, Hi Score Girl replicates that childhood memory wonder of bowling alley arcade halls. And the dynamic hand-drawn art multiplies the visceral feeling of intense pixelated showdowns!

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18. And you thought there is never a girl online?

After painfully embarrassing himself believing an online crush was a girl (that turns out to be an older dude), And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online?'s Hideki refuses to trust any players claiming to be female. But shockingly, the girls he ends up competing with in Legendary Age are actually gorgeous classmates!

Beyond the wacky reveal, the budding relationship between guild leader Hideki and adorable power gamer Ako takes surprisingly realistic maturity. And for all the suspicious skepticism of girls online, Hideki cultivates a welcoming environment where Ako can feel comfortable embracing her hobby.

19. Summer Wars

Summer Wars

When awkward math prodigy Kenji accidentally helps an AI hack the futuristic augmented reality network OZ granting it ominous power, he joins forces with peer Natsuki on a quest to defeat the rogue AI's puzzles before real-world infrastructure comes crashing down!

The virtual spaces look stunning layered over real locations while imagining an uplifting interconnected future. And the emotional family bonds ground the planet-scale stakes. Summer Wars makes a digital world feel so tangibly alive that the threat holds gripping weight!

Watch Summer Wars

20. Magic of Stella

In doujin indie gaming anime Magic of Stella, talented artist Ayano lacks the programming or business skills for a commercial visual novel, instead right at home creating passion projects. But when Ayano meets dedicated composer Tamaki, their experimental little circle may build the foundation for success!

It nails the triumphs and struggles of trying to break into competitive creative fields with a small crew of friends. And Tamaki actively strengthening Ayano's confidence never fails to pull at the heartstrings! Their tangible chemistry and growth stayed with me so much longer than flawless prodigy characters.

21. Seiyu’s Life!

For lead voice actress idol hopeful Futaba Ichinose, Seiyu’s Life pulls back the curtain on the reality behind the glamorous anime industry - long hours, demanding directors, fickle trends and cutthroat competition. But with the support of fellow rookie seiyuu friends, Futaba stays determined!

I love how Seiyu's Life balances the harmony of the recording studio team dynamics with individually showcasing the massive skill range these talents constantly refine. And the authentic writing echoes VA legends reflecting on their own start. It made me way more conscious appreciating how much passion fills each line!

Final Thoughts: Why Gaming Anime Are Just The Best

If you can't already tell, I freaking love game anime! Getting glimpses inside the worlds of our favorite games or watching inspiring characters grow through awesome competitions and teamwork just pumps me up every time.

And I'm always down to geek out with passionate fans like the communities we see in these shows that make gaming feel welcoming for everybody. Whether solo carrying your squad to victory, hacking together a passion project indie game, or helping your guildies in an MMORPG, that amazing social experience and self-improvement journey gaming enables comes through in these anime's stories.

Game characters just tend to rock too - they're either lovably quirky misfits or ultra badass pros with flashy moves. And watching their unpredictable battle strategies and clutch plays keeps the shows exciting with suspense. I'm always left eagerly craving the next episode to find out how they'll skill-up next!

At their cores, game anime capture why we play: that childlike, eyes-glued immersion in universes limited only by imagination that leaves us happier. And by manifesting gaming bonds into awesome anime adventures, we get to spread that joyful feeling!

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