Termux Banner Command: Give Your Termux a Fresh New Look

Termux Banner Command

You can make your Termux terminal look cool by adding your own name or text banner. We will use a tool called Tbanner to create this custom banner.

Tbanner is a program that lets you turn plain text into big, colorful banners. It makes the text look fancy and attracts attention.

You can experiment with different text, colors, and styles to make your Termux terminal look unique and personalized with your own banner design.

What is a Termux banner?

Termux is a terminal app on your phone. A banner is some big text that shows up when you open Termux.

The Tbanner tool lets you make your own custom banner in Termux. You can put your name or any words you want in a big, fancy style.

Having your own banner makes Termux look really cool and unique to you. Your custom words show up big and pretty when you open the app.

If you don't like a banner, you can easily change it back to normal Termux too. Making banners with Tbanner is a fun way to personalize your terminal!

How to install Termux Banner using Commands

First, make sure you have the newest version of the Termux app on your phone. If not, get the latest Termux version first.

Once you have the new Termux, open it up. You're going to type some commands to install a tool called Tbanner.

Tbanner lets you make really cool custom banners with your name or any words you want!

Type these commands one by one to install Tbanner:

Update your Termux:

apt update

Install git command:

apt install git -y

Clone the git repo:

git clone https://github.com/htr-tech/Tbanner

Go to Tbanner directory:

cd Tbanner

Run the Script:

bash setup.sh

or, You can also use this single command to install Tbanner:

apt update && apt install git -y && git clone https://github.com/htr-tech/Tbanner && cd Tbanner && bash setup.sh

After installing Tbanner, it will ask you to type in your name or any words you want.

Type the words you want to turn into a big fancy banner.

Then restart your Termux app.

When Termux opens again, you'll see your words displayed as a huge, colorful banner!

If you want to change the banner later, it's easy. Just go back to the Tbanner folder and run this command: bash setup.sh

This will let you type in new words to make a different banner.

That's it! Tbanner lets you personalize your Termux with your own custom text banners that look really cool when the app opens.

How to uninstall Termux Banner using Commands

If you don't want the Tbanner tool anymore, you can easily remove it.

Just open Termux and type this command:

rm -rf Tbanner

That's it! The Tbanner tool and all the custom banners you made with it will be deleted.

Your Termux will go back to its normal opening screen without any fancy banners.

Typing that one short command gets rid of Tbanner completely. So if you're done using the tool, just enter that command and it will be uninstalled from your Termux.

Wrapping Up

This article taught us about making cool banners in the Termux app on our phones.

A banner is big, fancy text that shows up when you open Termux.

We learned how to use a tool called Tbanner to create our own custom banners.

Tbanner lets you type in any words you want, like your name, and it turns those words into a huge, colorful banner design.

The article explained the simple steps to install Tbanner and set up your personal banner in just a few commands.

The best part is you can easily change your banner anytime by typing a new word or phrase.

Making custom banners with Tbanner is a fun way to personalize your Termux and make it look really unique when you open it.

This guide showed us how to pimp out our Termux with awesome text banners using the handy Tbanner tool.

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