What effects will make your content more interesting and high quality?

Properly selected effects help to create interesting content that will make you stand out from the crowd. Special masks or filters are placed over the video, increasing its chances of going viral. You can use one or combine several TikTok effects in VJump. Some can be added directly during shooting, others can be added to the finished video later in the editor.

TikTok is an application whose audience is growing at a breakneck pace, which is why Instagram sometimes fades into the background. The main secret of the application is not just short videos, but interesting effects that allow you to create viral videos. But there is a problem with this: the audience gets bored with everything so quickly that sometimes you have to look for ideas in the tiktok video editor.

What are effects and how do they work?

These are masks or filters that are placed on top of the video and make it more interesting. You can use one effect in a video or a combination of several. Some can be added during filming, others can be superimposed on the finished video in the best tiktok editing app. Without effects, the content would not be so interesting and popular, because on TikTok people want to have fun, laugh, relax, stand out from the crowd, and this is exactly what effects are needed for. If the effects available on the platform are not enough for you, then you can create your own.

TOP effects that are popular

Trends are constantly changing, but there are some features that become more and more popular over time. Some of them are collected below:
  • Add and use several photos from different years to make a beautiful video in the tiktok editing app, where one photo smoothly flows into another. It's called a "time machine."
  • You can focus viewers’ attention on the desired moment in the video using the “slow motion” effect. Practice to choose and find the right moment perfectly.
  • Change your hair color or eye color, add virtual tattoos and makeup. There are a huge variety of such masks, they can be found upon request.
  • The “Big Eyes” effect and similar ones for everything big and unusual literally change the geometry of the face, allowing you to turn users into unicorns, bearded men, or vice versa, girls. There are a great many similar videos made, but they never get boring.
  • After the video is filmed and processed, you can work with the voice. To do this, at the final edit tiktok video, you can find the “voice effects” function, and then try different sound treatments this will give the video something unusual.
To add an effect to your favorites, just find its page and click the bookmark icon. Now you don’t have to look for it for a long time to make a video. You can delete a mask, but only before publishing it.

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