Top 10 Best Plugins For Wordpress That You Must Have

Best Plugins For Wordpress

Top 10 Best Plugins For Wordpress That You Must Have

In this post, I am going to show you the top 10 best plugins for Wordpress. As time goes on new best WordPress plugin comes out and there's a lot of new talent and development out and I guarantee you after reading this whole post you guys will probably use at least 4 plugins.

1) OneSignal Plugin

Onesignal Plugin Actually this plugin will allow you to gather people information and you can actually send out push notifications out through people browsers. By this, your website visitors will increases.

And the best part of this that the Onesignal free plan allows targeting up to 30,000 users with push notification. So if you have that much subscriber to your site as you will post an article 30,000 people will be notified via browser and they can simply click on it and be directed to your website.

So it is a very convenient way to get people to come to your website. You can download this plugin from here 

Download OneSignal Plugin 

2) Icegram Plugin

Icegram is one of the best plugins that will watch you give you the ability to have popups on your website, It also has the ability to give you popup bars on top of your website.

You can set up any kind of bar like announcement bar, it also creates popups, subscriptions, email notifications anything that you want this plugin has its kind of like a 10 all in one thing.

It's a very useful plugin it gathers email addresses and it has tons and tons of positive reviews download this plugin from here 

Download Icegram Plugin  

3) All in one WP-Migration 

So now let's talk about security, So security is one of the important things on your website. If you guys not using WP-Migration then you are mission out.

This plugin actually takes a copy of your website download at your desktop and then you can upload it immediately.

This is the easiest plugin that I have found for backup on my website. This plugin has almost 1 million active installs and also this plugin is absolutely free. Check this plugin out 

Download All in one WP-Migration    

4) Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL is a very important plugin. So why this is important? well google just had a huge update last year and if you don't have an SSL on your website most of the browser will recommend not to go on your site. Because without SSL your website will come in the list of untrusted websites.

If you have an SSL and it's not working it will force SSL to work. In simple words, this plugin will automatically detect your settings and configure your website to run over https. And the entire site will move to SSL that will be great. Download this plugin here: 

Download Really Simple SSL    

5) WP Fastest Cache 

This plugin works really great, this plugin will help you to improve your search rankings on google. This is a caching plugin. It makes your site faster to load.

This plugin has 500,000 active installs. WP fastest cache is a free plugin. What this plugin does is it generates a static HTML file and saves. Other users reach to static HTML page.

Site speed also matters in google search rankings. So this is the best plugin for you to increase your search rankings on google. 

Download WP Fastest Cache    

6) WPS Hide Login

Another theme to secure your website. WPS hide login is a very light weighted theme that allows you to change the URL of your login form page. Wordpress admin login page comes default named wp-admin so everyone knows about your admin login page.

With the help of this plugin, you can change your login page. This plugin has great ratings with 400,000  active installs. Great plugin to secure your website from hackers.

7) WP Smush

wp smush used to optimize your website images, actually, it compresses all of your images and it gets rid of all that extra space to make your site load faster. So it actually helpful and have over 1 millions of active installation.

Many plugins optimize image but also with optimization of the image its quality becomes low. In the case of this plugin, the quality of the image remains the same as the original image.

It can optimize up to 50 images with one click. It also detects the images which are slowing down your sites. 

Download WP Smush 

8) Tidio Live Chat

This plugin will create a small box at the bottom of your site where you can chat with your visitor live isn't it great? you can actually see where they're going So it's a really cool plugin for me.

It has extremely easy installation, Once you install this plugin you are ready to go, It supports up to 183 languages that is awesome. 

This plugin has great technical support if you found any problem. It has 50,000+ active installs. 

Download Tidio Live Chat  

9) Yoast SEO

This is search engine optimization one of the best WordPress SEO plugins ever. It helps you to rank your site higher in google ranking algorithms. It is one of the most favorite tools for most users.

This is one of the powerful SEO work really great, It provides you with full control over the site, this plugin has some free and premium features both.

It has over 5 millions active installation 

Download Yoast SEO  

10) Live Chat With Facebook Messenger

You guys must be thinking it's a live chat for Facebook, but it's not this plugin offers so much, this plugin does various things like it connects your Facebook messenger with your fan page, it adds little chat.

It has so many extra features in it. It is available in free and pro version both, They also have testimonials 

Download Live Chat With Facebook Messenger   

So these were the top 10 plugins for WordPress that you must use. With the help of these plugins, your site will actually look like a professionals website. And don't forget to comment on this article.

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