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what is seo

In today's world, everyone wants to have a lot of traffic on their website to earn money by AdSense or by other affiliate networks. But actually what happens most of the new bloggers are not able to earn even $10 in a day.

While some professional bloggers are earning up to $500 to $1000 in a day with AdSense and $5000 to $10,000 by affiliate networks. 

Even if your site has good content then what is the reason your content is not ranking on Google, the reason behind that is you don't have proper SEO knowledge. You can boost your website SEO by publishing your press release on the best free press release sites.

So let's get started.

What is SEO?

Full form of SEO is search engine optimization, Basically, SEO is used to optimizing your website to generate free traffic from search engines like Google. According to Safari SEO Melbourne, search engine optimization is the most scalable online marketing channel in 2021 with SEO services delivering an ROI positive result within the first six months for more than 73% of websites.

It ranks your website for a different set of keywords. It makes your website authority on certain topics in Google's search index. 

Basically what happens when you search a keyword like "SEO" in google the top 10 list of websites will appear related to the keyword.

Now thousands of websites post an article on search engine optimization, Then why only these 10 websites coming in top. That is because these owners of websites optimize their site so well.

So basically SEO is used to optimize your site to get high traffic as a result of free organic traffic, so mainly it is used to rank your site higher.

How SEO Work? 

As of today, there are over more than 200 million registered websites out there on the internet and most of us rely on search engines. 

And these search engines have become so good that 90% of the people using the internet rely on them to find things there are lots of engines out there but 90% of people use Google. So that's what we will use for search engine optimization.

When you search for something on google you get back the result page and there's a lot of stuff on it. And it shows you how many websites google found that is probably relevant to what you're looking for. 

90% of the people click on the result that shows on the 1st page, That's why optimizing your website is so important.

When people search for something relevant to them and they see your website on the 1st page they're gonna click and visit your page. But if your website is not showing in the 1st-page result it's almost like your website doesn't exist. I mean no one can find it. 

Every website has a ranking for particular search terms or keywords, And the website that has a lot of backlinks, that thing google finds relevant this will make your site rank higher.

So what makes your website rank higher

1) The website must be old.
2) The website must have a quality of backlinks. You can get from Linkhouse (the most important thing)
3) Content must be relevant and contains at least 1500-2000 words.
4) Images that you use on the website must be well optimized.
5) Your content must be well visible to visitors, don't use big paragraphs.
6) Edit your content as new trends come related to your article, this will make your website always in competition.

That's how SEO works.

Types of SEO

There are mainly three types of SEO that help you to achieve a good ranking in search results.

1) White Hat SEO
2) Black Hat SEO
3) Grey Hat SEO

1) White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is the legal technique to rank your site in search engines, like use google webmaster tools, Ahref, Semrush. And to create good quality backlinks, with higher domain authority websites. The white hat Seo technique is evergreen and has almost no risk factor. Doing white hat SEO is a little costly. Because tools are not free. 

Examples: Writing relevant content, includes promoting your website on social media, legal backlinks.

2) Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is a type of illegal technique to rank your site higher in the search engine. This technique goes against google's webmaster guidelines. Black hat SEO is the almost free technique to rank your site with garbage backlinks, which is of no use, there are many free tools are available to create backlinks, I recommend don't use those types of backlinks that will make your website forever banned from the google search result.

This technique is super fast to rank your website but the risk factor is a lot in this technique.

Example: It includes plagiarism, Keyword stuffing, illegal backlinks, and copy-paste content.

3) Grey Hat SEO

This technique has come in the middle of these neither white hat nor black hat. This SEO does not come in any guidelines violations but still can be risky.

Example: Paid traffic I mean getting traffic on a webpage that has not any relevant content by paying money, it could be a risky thing.

Guys, I recommend using only white hat SEO for optimization of your site if you don't want to fall into any rabbit hole.

On-page and Off-page SEO

Here we are gonna talk about what is on-page SEO and Off-page SEO

On-page SEO

On-page, SEO refers to the optimization of both contents, HTML source code to rank your site higher. 

You can optimize your site by On-page SEO by following the way

1) Whenever you publish an article make the URL short and sweet.

2) Include Targeted keywords in the URL. For example, my post is about Seo everything you must know then my URL will be /what-is-SEO or /SEO-step-by-step-guide.

3) Use LSI keywords, Basically, these keywords are words and phrases that search engines use to understand what your content is all about. For example, your article is about SEO then you must include keywords like search, optimize, ranking, article, engine, etc.

3) Make your content longer than your competitors, for example, your competitor has the same article written with 1000 words then you must write content with 1500 words.

4) Make bounce rate low, for example, someone comes to your site by organic traffic and doesn't read your article or close the browser immediately it will result in the downranking of your website. You can make the bounce rate low by writing relevant content.

Off-page SEO

In simple words, off-page SEO is related to your website promotion to make your website higher in search results. The main method of off-page SEO is to create backlinks as much as you can for your website.

Why more backlinks? If your website has more backlinks your website authority will become higher as a result if you write an article and did good on-page SEO and also your website has lots of backlinks. Then your article will immediately appear on the 1st page of google.

If you have written a good quality article and you don't do off-page SEO. Then no matter how much best your article is, It will never rank on google's 1st page, That's why off-page SEO is much important.

What are backlinks in SEO and how it works?

Backlinks are nothing but one website is linking with another website. For example, some bloggers have been put your website link in his/her article that is a backlink. Basically, google look at these links at votes. 

Google has almost 200 factors and the number one factor that affects ranking is backlinks.

Moz SEO company interviewed tons of marketing experts, and they asked them what factors affect google's ranking most? They all said backlinks.

The more backlinks that your website has, the higher you're gonna rank. The backlink that you took from another website must be relevant to your content to rank higher.

And also domain authority plays a very important role to increase your website traffic, if you get backlinks from a website with higher authority then you're gonna rank higher.

Domain authority is nothing but a number is given to a domain that scales from 0 to 100, the higher the number is the more the impact will be on your site to rank your article.

Not only your article will perform higher in search engines but your domain authority will also increase. 

If you want to search your domain authority you can go to  to check.

What are do-follow and no-follow links?

Do-follow link: Do-follow links are your link that is linked to another website's article. Generally, do-follow links help you to rank your site higher.

 Do-follow links tell the search engine that hey I am linking to this site because I want to pass link juice and have this site rank higher.

Do-follow links really help in the SEO optimization of bloggers or whether it's WordPress. 

No-follow link: No-follow link doesn't help you to rank your site higher. For example, You post your article link on the comment section of someone other's website. That is a no-follow link.


Keywords play a very important role in ranking your site on Google. First of all select a keyword that will be suitable for you. That Keyword must have less competition, You can simply select low competition keywords from semrushThen write a blog on it.

You may wanna know what keyword is my site ranking for? So simply register your website on google webmaster tools to see that. After registering your website on google's webmaster go to the performance tab scroll down a little then see right on your screen. You will on what keyword is your site ranking.

Another way to find what keyword is your site ranking for is to go to ubbersuggest then type your domain name, then you will get all keywords for what your site is ranking for not only you can check keywords you can check also your popular blog post visitors, you can check everything about your website, that will help you to increase your organic traffic and of course will help you in great SEO of your site.


We are living in 2019, and SEO nowadays plays a very important role in your site to rank your site higher. If you haven't done the SEO of your website no matter how good your website is. You will never get visitors. The aim of this post was to make people understand Search Engine Optimization. So if you want to be a good blogger and you want lots of organic traffic on your website then you must have a better understanding and better knowledge of SEO.
SEO plays a very important role in ranking your site. 

So if you have gone through our article then I bet you it will help you in increasing your website traffic much more than before.


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