10 Best Free VPN for android

Best free vpn for android

10 Best Free VPN for android

There are many free VPN available worldwide. But most of the free VPN's are slow or have thousands of advertisements.

Most of the users feel advertisements annoying. And also some of the free VPNs are very slow that provide very slow browsing speed.

But don't worry I have created a list of 10 Best free VPN for android.

I have personally checked many VPN and created a list of 10 best free VPN for android. These VPNs can provide you good speed, lower latency, and higher bandwidth with high quality of encryption.

You will see no advertisement on these VPNs that I provide you.

So let's get started.

1. Hotspot Shield

Best free vpn for android

Hotspot Shield is the best VPN for Android you can trust. You can bypass any website using Hotspot Shield. You can browse any blocked content online easily by a hotspot shield.

Hotspot Shield work on Android, Windows, macOS, Chrome, and firefox.

Hotspot Shield VPN free version includes: You can use the basic features of this app free of cost. The basic feature includes 500MB data daily, super fast speed. The free version contains little ads. 

It allows you to unblock all US websites, games, apps, etc.

Hotspot Shield VPN elite version includes: Elite version has no advertisement. It allows you to have unlimited access to 20+ virtual locations.

The best thing is elite version support up to 5 devices. Including laptop, pc, etc.

Pricing for premium version:

  • 1month = $12/month
  • 6month = $9.16/month
  • 1year =$5.83/month
Why hotspot shield?

  • This VPN encrypts all your traffic.
  • You can use the basic feature of this VPN for free.
  • It has the best customer support. For any queries, you can email them at [email protected]
  • Its new feature can scan your device for malware. To protect your device.
  • Hotspot shield is trusted by millions.

2. Touch VPN

Best free vpn for android

Touch VPN is the best VPN for android. The touch VPN is 100% free. There are more than 20 servers are available in Touch VPN. This means you can connect your device up to 20+ servers for free.

VPNs are not only used to unblock content from the website. VPNs are also used to protect your identity from hackers.

Why touch VPN?

  • Provide you 20+ locations in free of cost.
  • Fully unlimited, so no need to worry about any limitation.
  • Simple to use unblock any blocked content in just 1 click.
  • Provide strong SSL connection which will make you fully anonymous.
  • Customer support is superb with the fastest response. For any queries, you can mail them to [email protected].

3. Betternet

Best vpn for android

Betternet is one of the fastest VPN available for android device. It masks your IP address to access the blocked sites and to protect your identity from theft.

VPNs can turn your public WiFi into a private network so you can browse the internet anonymously.

Betternet uses 256-bit encryption which encrypts your data that you send or receive.

Betternet VPN free version includes: Its free version provides you 500 data/day with high-end security features.

All servers of Betternet support peer to peer connections. You will have access to only a few servers in the free version of Betternet.

Betternet VPN premium version includes: Free version provides you with truly unlimited data with high-end security features.

In the premium version, you will have access to all servers of  Betternet.

Why Betternet?

  • Betternet Provides a 10+ server location.
  • Very easy to use just get connected with 1 click.
  • A fast speed allows you to browse the internet with super fast speed.
  • Downloaded by millions of people with positive reviews on Google play store.
  • Good customer support for queries you can mail them to [email protected]
Betternet VPN is available for Android, Windows, Chrome, macOS, IOS.

4. Opera VPN

Best free vpn for android

The drawback of opera VPN is this VPN will not able to protect the privacy of all apps because you can only use this VPN with Opera VPN.

Opera VPN hides your identity and masks your IP address while you browsing the internet with the Opera browser app.

Opera VPN provides unlimited data and bandwidth.

Opera is available on Android, IOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Why Opera VPN?
  • Free of cost
  • Unlimited data 
  • You can connect with Asia, Europe, and US servers.
  • Provide anonymity.
  • 100% free.
  • Easy to connect with just one click.
  • Faster browsing experience.

5. Speedify VPN

Best free vpn for android

Speedify VPN is very faster and also easier to use. Speedify uses channel bonding technology by that you can easily use multiple internet connections at the same time.

With the help of channel bonding technology, you will get increased bandwidth and lower latency. Mean you can stream online at a faster speed.

Speedify VPN free version includes: Free Version of Speedify VPN gives 5GB data/month. 

Gives Connectivity to limited servers also give peer to peer network support.

Speedify VPN premium version includes: Premium Version of Speedify VPN gives unlimited data as provided by the premium plan.

It gives connectivity to all of its servers. Provide more bandwidth and lower latency.

Speedify is available for Windows, macOS, Android, IOS. 

Speedify never records your logs because they respect user privacy.

Why Speedify?

  • It gives premium features in the free version.
  • Give higher bandwidth and lower latency.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Have channel bonding technology.

6. Proton VPN

Best free vpn for android

Proton is only the free VPN that provides maximum security. Proton VPN has high stability and faster speed.

Proton VPN is only the VPN that respects user privacy they never record user logs.

This VPN is one of the most trusted VPN. Millions of people use this VPN and also have positive reviews on Google play store.

Proton VPN free version includes: Free version of proton VPN includes Data privacy protected with AES-256 and 4096 RSA. Provide one of the best security in the world while browsing.

Proton VPN's free version has limited connectivity to its servers.

The free users only can connect to the US, Japan, and Netherlands server.

Proton VPN premium version includes: Proton VPN premium gives a wide range of servers. It has 577 high-speed servers in 44 countries.

You can connect up to 10 devices at the same time.

Proton VPN is available in Android, VPN, Windows, macOS, IOS, Linux.

Why Proton VPN?
  • Provide world-class security even in the free version.
  • Have higher bandwidth and lower latency.
  • Give the best anonymity.
  • Have an easy user interface.
  • Unlimited data in the free version.

7. TunnelBear

Best free vpn for android

TunnelBear is the best VPN app the app let you browse favorite website and apps while protecting your privacy.

TunnelBear keeps no log of its users it uses a 256-bit encryption module to protect your privacy on the internet.

Like other apps, this app also has a free version as well as a premium version.

TunnelBear is available on Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

TunnelBear free version includes: Free version of TunnelBear gives 500MB data per month which is not sufficient.

You can get 1GB data free if you gave a like to TunnelBear on twitter.

TunnelBear Premium version includes: A premium version of TunnelBear gives unlimited data with high speed which gives low latency and high bandwidth.

Why TunnelBear?

  • Giving premium things in the free version.
  • TunnelBear provides high speed while browsing. It is not slow like other freeware.
  • Have an easy user interface.
  • Easy to connect.
  • Respect user privacy.

8. Hide.me

Best free vpn for android

Become anonymous on the internet with the world's fastest VPN for free. You can use this app to unblock any app or website that is blocked in your country.

hide me is p2p friendly. It helps you to protect your data from cybercriminals.

You can stream live videos that are blocked in your countries easily with the help of this VPN.

Hide.me VPN is router compatible and also available on Android, IOS, Windows, macOS, etc.

Hide.me VPN free version includes: Hide.me gives 2GB data/month. I know the data is not enough for streaming. But if you are using this free version for unblocking any kind of website or app. Then the 2GB data/month is sufficient for you.

This VPN has an automatic kill switch and also uses 256-bit encryption.

Hide.me VPN premium version includes: It gives unlimited data in the premium version which is enough for streaming online blocked content.

Provide high bandwidth and low latency. You can also try its premium free for 30 days with a money-back guarantee.

Why Hide.me VPN?
  • provide 256-bit encryption
  • Gives 2GB data in the free version.
  • Easy to use.
  • Connect to the server in lightening speed.

9. NordVPN

Best free vpn for android

NordVPN is a premium app but you can use it free for 7 days. This VPN is the world's no 1 VPN brand.

This VPN provides you with full anonymity when you visit any website no one will be able to identify you not even the nordVPN team because its against the policy of the NordVPN team.

This VPN provides you with top-grade powerful encryption OpenVPN + AES-256.

This VPN has the widest range of servers. It has up tp 5500+ servers worldwide for nitro speed. It uses a double VPN which enhances your privacy.

NordVPN can unblock anything you want. You can use its most advanced features like you can switch between TCP and UDP protocols.

Why NordVPN?
  • Worlds no 1 VPN brand.
  • Recommended by CNET.
  • Military-grade level encryption.
  • Provide turbo speed while browsing or streaming
  • Have the ability to unblock everything.
NordVPN is available in Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, Android TV, and also compatible with routers.

10. Windscribe VPN

Best vpn for android

Windscribe is the best VPN that helps you to protect your internet activity, data, and make you anonymous on the internet.

Windscribe VPN is super duper easy to use just turn it on in one click. All servers in Windscribe support P2P, it has the ability to unblock premium streaming apps like Netflix, etc.

Windscribe is available on Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, IOS and the best thing is it is also compatible with Android TV and WiFi routers.

Windscribe free version includes: In the free version of Windscribe you will get 10 GB data/month. 

Windscribe doesn't maintain your logs because it has a strict log policy.

You will also get military-grade encryption and a built-in malware blocker in the free version.

In the free version, you will get only 10 servers to connect with.

Windscribe premium version includes: Windscribe premium version includes unlimited data and many servers in 50+ countries.

Fast connectivity high bandwidth and low latency. It can unblock premium streaming sites like Netflix in the premium version.

Why Windscribe VPN?
  • It gives 10GB data/month which is a good amount.
  • Provide military-grade encryption in the free version also.
  • It does not maintain user logs.
  • Full anonymous.
  • Higher bandwidth with low latency.

So these were the top 10 best free VPN for android. I hope you like our work. If you face any problem in downloading these VPNs from the mentioned links then you can download these VPNs directly from the Google Play store.

You must not use VPN all the time while browsing normal content that is available in your country. Use VPN only when its important or if the content is blocked in your country.

Some of the users might new to VPN so below I am providing more information about VPN.

What is a VPN?

In short. We can say that a VPN is the service that helps you to access geo-restricted or censored content or the content which is blocked by your country.

VPN also protect your online data and activity that you do on the internet by proper encryption and hiding your real IP address.

How does a VPN work?

Simply there is a VPN server and a VPN client required to establish a secure connection. The user installed the client on his/her device and then the user uses the client to connect the client to the VPN server.

As the connection is established the encrypted tunnel is created between the client and the server.

Any request you send through the client is encrypted and the request is received on the VPN server. After that VPN server decrypts your request and forwards it to the internet.

As data send by the internet received to the VPN server. VPN server after receiving data encrypts the data and sends encrypted data to the VPN client.

Now the client decrypts the data and makes the data visible to you.

What are the advantages of VPN

Advantages of VPN are as follows:

1. VPN helps you to bypass firewalls.

2. VPN helps you to mask your IP address and let you browse anonymously.

3. VPNs can unblock any content, website, or premium service which is blocked in your country. 

4. VPN can give you better online gaming experience if you facing high latency in online gaming.

5. With VPN you can download torrent files faster. 

6. VPN encrypts your online traffic.


Q. Can Police Track VPN?

A. If you did any illegal activity using a VPN then yes they can track you. But how the police can track if you are using a VPN that encrypts everything and mask your IP? so let me tell you they can see if you are connecting VPN.

They will approach the VPN company and ask them to monitor you if the company is in their jurisdiction then the company will co-operate with them and will hand over your activity logs to the police.

Q. Usage of VPN is legal?

A. Yes, VPNs are legal in approx every country. If the VPNs are illegal in your country then you will not able to see any VPN in the Google Play store.

Q. Can your ISP see your history when you using VPN?

A. No, your ISP cannot track your history while you are using VPN.

Q. Can you trick Netflix with VPN?

A. Netflix's firewall is very advanced most of the VPN can't unblock Netflix. But premium VPNs like Nord VPN are undetectable by Netflix. So yes you can trick Netflix with some premium VPNs.


Free VPN with the premium facility is very hard to find. comment below if you like our work.

We recommend using these VPNs premium version in order to get maximum from them because premium service is offering more security and many things.

If you want to try the best premium VPN then you must go with Nord VPN.

Thanks for reading our Article.

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