What is Facebook Shop? New trend of E-Commerce

Facebook Shop

In a Livestream 6 hours ago, Mark Zuckerberg briefly introduced a new product of Facebook named: Facebook Shop in the nearest time, promising to change the shopping behavior of customers and help small and medium business owners. increase in sales.

For the first 7 minutes, Mark concentrated on emphasizing the influence of COVID 19, which caused 31% of businesses surveyed to shut down, leading to them no longer running ads. While SMEs are the main source of income for Facebook in 30 countries.

The Facebook team realized they needed to help businesses promote online sales behavior and that is the current and future trend. So the product named: "Facebook Shop" will launch. So it is different from the Facebook shop at the present time which does not have much effect in the e-commerce industry today?

1. What is Facebook Shop?

The Facebook Shop makes it easy for businesses to set up a unique online store for customers to access on both Facebook and Instagram. 

Creating a Facebook Shop is free and simple. Businesses can choose the products they want to showcase from their catalog and then customize their store's look with a cover image and accent color that accentuate their brand. 

This means that any seller, regardless of their size or budget, can bring their businesses online and connect with customers anytime and anywhere for their convenience. Business owners can also search for growth tools or sources to buy Facebook followers on Quantum Marketer and many other sources to boost their engagement.

People can find the Facebook Shop on a business's Facebook page or Instagram profile or discover them through stories or ads. From there, you can browse the entire collection, save the products you care about, and order - on the business website or don't leave the app if the business has enabled online payment.

Facebook Shop

And just like when you are in an actual store and need someone to help, in the Facebook Shop, you will be able to message a business via WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct to ask questions, get support. , track deliveries, and more. And in the future, you will be able to view a business's store and make purchases right in a conversation in WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram Direct.

2. [6 new elements of Facebook Shop you need to know]

Here are the few elements of Facebook Shop that you must know:

2.1 Present on all 4 main platforms: 

Facebook, Instagram. Products can add products to the cart, pay in the platform without having to go through the web, or jump into the messenger as it is now. Messenger and Whatsapp will be used to discuss the product.

2.2 Free and easy: 

Add products, the system will automatically create a sales shop interface. There will be warehouses. There will be confidential purchase information and purchase behavior for buyers, not displayed as: A has just purchased this item.

2.3 Native and fast loading speed: 

FB shop will get built-in and have a fast loading speed to create a good shopping experience to increase conversion rates

2.4 Shopping everywhere: 

On Instagram, there will be a new tab called "shopping tab", when customers go to the tab, the tab will display the story and if clicked, a mini website right on Instagram will jump out to help customers buy goods. On the Livestream of Facebook / Instagram can also attach products on Facebook shop for customers to choose to view and buy products

2.5 Business Features:

Businesses will be able to customize their shops to show their own brand identity, create custom collections, and have loyalty programs, points, and reward systems across platforms.

2.6 Using AI to personalize:

 customers' buying experience. When customers browse newsfeed of FB and Instagram, if they are interested in any product, it will be presented in text and image format, if clicked, it will load out the place to sell that product without the enterprise tagging it.

3. Find Products More Easily

In addition, there is an Ultimate reality system that helps customers find products on the Facebook shop that were taken in real life.

That means using the camera to turn the product, then immediately go to the page where the product is sold, for example, turning the furniture, the shop will sell the furniture, rotating a female friend's face with lipstick, the system detects the same lipstick color, choose the color to go to the shop even though the shop I don't know, doesn't like the fan page selling that color lipstick.

In addition, Mark announced an open ecosystem, including discovery, consideration, checkout, shipping, and customer support, which creates opportunities for third-party developers to launch business support apps using the New facebook shop is more complete.

Finally, with an interview with Ceo Shopify, the conversation primarily discusses how this significant change affects businesses and future consumer trends.

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