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Are you searching for the Best Android emulators for Windows PC? In this guide, I am going to list some best android emulators for Windows PC. Many users think that how to run Android applications and games on Windows. You can simply download any android emulator from the below list to start using android apps and games on your Windows.

This article contains the best Android emulators for Windows 10 PC. Most of them can be used on other operating systems as well. All the emulators that we mentioned below can work on weak computers also.

Here is the list of some best android emulators for windows PC:

1. Bluestacks

Bluestacks is the most famous and best Android emulator for Windows with the largest number of users in the world. With this Android emulator, you can play a variety of video games on your PC.

Google Playstore comes built-in with Bluestacks so you can download and use any app that you want from Google Play.

The emulator is extremely easy to use, comes with many features, and has free and paid versions available.

This emulator is mainly designed for gamers who want to play Android games on a big screen.


> Control settings in games with the mouse and keyboard and the presence of predefined settings for most popular games.

> Built-in Play Store, support for ADB.

> Allows you to install other APK files that are not available in the store.

> It is possible to earn BlueStacks points in exchange for gift cards or a premium subscription to the application.

> It contains its own application center, where many games are presented, including PUBG Mobile.

> Auto translator.

> Allows the user to launch multiple instances of applications.

> Performance settings that allow you to set options suitable for your PC.

Download Bluestacks

2. NoxPlayer

Nox Player is another one of the best Android emulators for Windows PC with positive user reviews. It offers a wide variety of games that are compatible with the emulators. It also allows you to use different versions of Android within the same emulator. If you have a weak laptop then you can select an older Android version that may be more productive for your Laptop.
The latest version of NoxPlayer runs on Android 7. It offers a built-in Google Playstore to easily access apps and games.

NoxPlayer is fully optimized for weak PC Which makes your games and apps run smoother even on a weak PC.

Now on the latest version of NoxPlayer, you can even use AMD GPU to accelerate your games.


> Built-in Google Playstore.

> Keymapping for games.

> Ability to create several virtual machines.

> You can easily get Root access in one click.

> Integration with the Windows 10 x64 notification panel.

> Transfer files from your computer to the emulator with a simple drag and drop option.

Download NoxPlayer

3. Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS is different from other Android emulators because Phoneix os is a fully-fledged Operating system based on Android 7.

If you have a weak PC then I personally recommend you install Phoenix OS into your PC. You can easily play any type of Android game in 60 FPS with Phoenix OS.

The best feature of the Phoenix OS is that you can run multiples applications at the same time. 


> One Click root and unroot.

> Have the ability to play games in 60 FPS even on a weak PC.

> Built-in Google Playstore.

> You can also install 3rd party Android apps that are not available on Google Playstore.

4. LDPlayer

Another free Android emulator for Windows with high performance. LDPlayer runs on VirtualBox and supports high-performance mobile games with a high level of graphics.

If you have a weak PC then it may give a hang issue while running games on LD Player. It's my personal experience some games like PUBG, and Call of Duty gives a very poor performance on weak PC.

If you want to record your screen while playing the game then screen recording is also available on LDPlayer.


> Built-in Google Playstore.

> Keymapping for controlling game movement.

> Video recording, screenshots, and script recording.

5. Gameloop

Gameloop emulator is only designed for gaming and gives high performance while playing games. Gameloop is only the emulator that supports Direct x+ Technology.

Gameloop comes with predefined keymapping controls for some popular games like PUBG. If you want an emulator only for gaming purposes then I personally recommend you download Gameloop which is the best emulator for gaming even for weak PCs.

The developers provide the emulator with an old version of Android that is not suitable for launching some latest applications on your PC.

If you are a fan of PUBG then you can download the Gameloop emulator because it is mainly designed for playing PUBG. The emulator is highly optimized for playing PUBG smoothly on a weak PC.


> Support Direct X+ technology.

> The emulator supports portrait and full-screen picture mode

> Works on all versions of Windows.

> Supports different screen resolutions, with fine-tuning graphics.

> Keymapping for games.

Download Gameloop

6. Genymotion

Genymotion is one of the best Android emulators for Windows PC. It is an excellent emulator with wide capabilities originally created not for games, but for testing applications by developers. Genymotion is easy to install and allows you to emulate almost all versions and models of Android.

Users can use Genymotion for free, but only for personal use. To work, you need to create a user account, then activate your account by the link that developers send to the specified email, and then select the link for downloading Personal Edition on the Fun Zone page.

Genymotion helps developers in bringing the application to the "ideal" for a variety of models of smartphones and tablets. Such emulators are usually used to test instant messengers or any other application without buying several physical devices with different displays. Simple lovers of mobile toys are unlikely to need them.


> A huge list of Android versions and device models.

> Quickstart and high speed.

> Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download Genymotion

7. Memu Emulator

If you are fond of video games and are looking for Android emulators for playing on PC, MEmu Play is what you need. This emulator is specially designed for gamers. Installing it is extremely easy as it is integrated with Google Play. You can easily install Any application on the emulator with Google Playstore as well as drag and drop installation is also available.

Another distinguishing feature worth mentioning is that in Memu, users can independently set the necessary parameters of the emulated device in the settings, which is sometimes very necessary.

Of the possible shortcomings, it can be mentioned that the emulator may not start if Avast antivirus is installed on the PC, and also after closing the program, processes that need to be disabled manually remain in the memory.


> Pre-defined keymapping for popular games like PUBG.

> High Performance.

> Install APK by drag and drop.

> Inbuilt Google Playstore.

Download Memu Emulator

8. Andy Emulator

Andy is not much different from the same Memu. It is aimed at fans of mobile games. Offers most of the free features but for developer support and key mapper, you need to buy an enterprise version of this emulator.

You can even grant root access if you want to test applications that require root access to function. Andy can also run on the Mac, offering users the best possible experience on both operating systems.

The user-friendly interface and error-free user experience make Andy one of the best Android emulators for Windows.


> Pre-installed Google play store.

> Drag and drop the app from desktop to emulator for quick installation.

> Allows you to download applications from any browser directly to Andy OS.

> Highly customizable and best settings.

Above is the list of some best Android emulators for Windows. Please do not install more than 1 emulator at a time installing more than 1 emulator that may sacrifice your system performance.

All the emulators that are mentioned above are personally tested by me. Which emulator is best for you? let us know in the comment section.

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