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In this article, I am going to share some Best Apps for Android that every android user must try. Searching for Best Android apps on the Play Store can be an overwhelming task. Android apps on Google Play increase every day. Therefore, we decided to create a list of best apps that you can use on your Android.

Best Apps For Android

So many apps are arriving every day on the Google Playstore, And you may get confused about which app is best to download in your android device. Therefore we have created a list of some awesome android app that works great on Android device and famous among the users.

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Below is the list of Best Android apps:

1. Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is one of the most useful Customer Feedback Apps for Android users. Did you know that businesses varying from small startups to large enterprises across the globe use Zonka Feedback to create and send feedback surveys, measure and improve customer satisfaction. Zonka Feedback works on multiple devices be it computers, Android tablets, smartphones, and more. 

The app has brilliant features like its real-time survey response alerts that let you know about the feedback received at the right time and take appropriate actions to close the feedback loop and prevent churn. It has ready-to-use survey templates for your businesses of various industries and 40+ question types to choose from. It has a multilingual feature too, which means you can send surveys in multiple languages for your audience from different backgrounds.

Zonka Feedback also works offline, which means, you can conduct a survey anytime anywhere, even at the remotest of locations. It can save the response data for weeks, and automatically syncs it as soon as your device is connected to the internet. With this app, you can do market research, take feedback, capture leads at events, and track your business growth from your Android device with CX metrics like NPS, CSAT, and CES.

If you are looking for a comprehensive app to conduct surveys anywhere or collect feedback from your customers or employees through multiple channels like SMS, email, website, or Android devices; you must try Zonka Feedback. It also offers a free trial for 15 days.

2. Spotify

It is a digital streaming service that gives you instant access to millions of Spotify plays including songs, podcasts, videos, and other content from artists around the world.

Spotify is available for a variety of devices, including computers, cell phones, tablets, speakers, TVs, and cars. In addition, it is very easy to switch from one device to another with Spotify Connect.

If you like listening to music, but don't want to fill your smartphone with different songs, you can simply use the Spotify app on your Android smartphone.

Spotify offers both free and paid service, you can enjoy the service for free if you don't mind to see some ads and a few options

Spotify has become a must-have app on Android mobiles and became one of the most downloaded apps last year.

Download Spotify

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the best android apps that is used to store many types of files and apps for free. If your smartphone have a less storage or the storage of your smartphone get full always. Then Dropbox is the best option for you.

Dropbox is a cloud service on which you can save or backup your important data. The drawback of this app is that the Dropbox gives only 2GB of free space to store your personal data. If you want to store more then 2GB of data then you need to buy the service.

You can also configure your Dropbox to save your data automatically on its cloud servers. Dropbox can preview over 175 types of files. So you no need to install any other software to do that.

Download Dropbox

4. Tubemate

Tubemate is one of the best apps for android that is used to download music and videos. Have you ever visited a website and you see an awesome video there and you want to download the video but there is no download option on the website? The Tubemate application will help you to download that kind of embedded video.

Tubemate is one of the most downloaded software on the Android platform. You can even download videos from YouTube with the help of Tubemate.

As you install this software on your device, You will realize that you are able to download almost any video from any website where the video is embedded or there is no option for downloading the video.

You just need to copy the URL of the video and paste the URL in Tubemate. Tubemate will automatically detect the video and provide you with the option to download videos in various formats.

Download Tubemate

5. ThopTV

ThopTV is like a small television that you can keep in your pocket. On ThopTV you can watch any channel you want for free and in HD quality.

ThopTV has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to easily browse your favorite channels that you like to watch.

You can even watch live sports such as football cricket, etc. on ThopTV.

In short, I can say that ThopTV is one of the best android applications to watch series, Live TV, TV shows, cartoons, and everything for free. You don't need to pay anything to buy any feature of ThopTV each and every feature of this app is free.

Due to the awesome features that this application provides for free, it isn’t available on the Google Play Store. If you want to download this application on your smartphone. Then you can simply download this app from its official website, Link is given below.

Download ThopTV

6. Shazam

Are you music lovers? If you love to listen to music then this application is for you. Shazam is another application best app for android. It was created to identify any type of music that the user does not know, requiring only a few seconds to recognize the name of the song and the artist.

The good thing about this app that this app gives a lot of information about the song such as where you can buy it or listen to it for free.

The app is easily available on Google Playstore. You can download the app from the below link.

Download Shazam

7. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is one of the best and powerful android apps for editing videos. Do you know some of the famous YouTubers use Kinemaster to edit their videos.

Kinemaster provides us with very powerful video editing features, such as green screen removal, Multi-track audio, color filters, 3D transitions, volume control, and much more.

It also has a handwriting layer that lets you draw directly on video, which is useful for storyboarding. These features make it one of the most powerful video editing applications on Android, very good for manual process control.

So if you are looking for the best video editing software to edit your videos. Then you can download Kinemaster from the link below.

Download Kinemaster 

8. Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the best translation apps for android. If you like to travel abroad or want to learn a new language then Google Translate is a must-have application for you.

With the help of this app, you can translate text from your language to any language that you want. In addition, this app helps you to translate the text of images that are written in different languages into your language. This is the most powerful feature that this app.

Download Google Translate

9. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is one of the best weather forecast apps for android. You might be thinking what is the use of this application? For example, You want to go on holiday to a place far away from your city. And you don't know the kind of weather or temperature will be there. Then you can easily use the AccuWeather app to see the weather of that place.

Weather forecast apps can also be very useful to have on your smartphone, especially for those who need to spend a lot of time away from home.

In this category, AccuWeather is one of the best apps for Android. It uses your location to give detailed information about the climate in your region and warns you of any sudden and important changes.

The prediction of weather is very much accurate in this app which makes this app the most downloaded weather forecasting app for android.

Download AccuWeather

10. Pushbullet

Do you spend a lot of time or working all day on the PC? If yes, Then the Pushbullet application is for you.

Pushbullet is a great application for those who spend a lot of time on the computer and don't like to keep checking their smartphone all the time to see their notifications. After you install the app on your device notifications will appear on your PC automatically.

You can even see if someone is texting you or calling you without looking at your smartphone, which is very useful. In addition, you can use the app to send files and documents directly to your smartphone.

You can also use this app to spy someone else smartphone. Just don't do an illegal thing with this app.😂😂

Download Pushbullet

11. Avast Antivirus

If you are looking for an antivirus for android, then Avast Antivirus is the best Antivirus for you. Over more than 100 million downloads makes this app the most downloaded antivirus for the Android platform.

It has antivirus protection, it scans your applications to provide details about what they are doing, and has a web shield that scans URLs for malware.

The application also has several additional tools in the free or basic package that include a call blocker for the blacklist of problematic numbers, an application locker to protect private applications with a PIN, and Wi-Fi scanning options for greater safety and speed.

As you may already know, it is extremely important that you care about the security of your Android device, so it is good that you consider installing an antivirus on it.

The Avast app is a good recommendation, as it can be downloaded for free and offers several features to protect your device from viruses and malware.

Download Avast Antivirus

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So that's it in this article, Above is the list of best apps for Android. You can easily download the latest version of these apps from the given links. you can mention your favorite app in your comment section, We may add more apps on the list in the future. New apps Suggestion will be appreciated.


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