How to install and use SMS bomber apps


This overview will give you detailed data to install and run the SMS bomber app on Android and teach you the steps to run an SMS bomber on Android.

In this guide, I am going to show How to install and use SMS bomber apps. You might be thinking, What is SMS bomber? SMS Bomber can be a tool or a website through which you can do SMS bombing on your friend's mobile number.

Now the question may arise in your mind that What is Sms bombing? The procedure of sending thousands of messages anonymously in just one click is called Sms bombing.

Here I will provide the 3 best ways to do Sms bombing anonymously with the Sms bomber app. But before that, I must tell you that use these tricks just for doing a prank with your friends. Do not use these tricks for revenge or to annoy someone.

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So below are the 3 ways to do Sms bombing with SMS bomber:

1. SMS bombing through BOMBitUP


BOMBitUP is an SMS Bomber app that uses Sms Api to send thousands of messages to your victim's phone number. 

To use this app, you need the following things:

> Android Device

> Good Internet Connection

> BOMBitUP App

> Victim's Phone number

Now let's see how to use this app. 

1.1 First of all, download and install the BOMBitUP app on your Android device from the below link:

Download BombitUP Apk

2.1 After opening the app, choose the country and then add the phone number of your Victim.

2.2 Now add any digit in the count tab. For example, To send 150 messages to your friend, type 150 in the count tab.

2.3 Now, Click on the BOMBIT button to start the Sms bomber. After clicking on the BOMBIT button, the BombitUP app will send 150 messages to your friend number.

Through this app, you can do a lot more things. This is not only an Sms bomber, but you can also do Email bombing, Call bombing, and WhatsApp spamming.

BombitUP app also provides you with a feature to protect yourself from getting bombed.

2. SMS Bombing Through TBomb

TBomb is an Sms bomber app for Linux and Termux. By using TBomb, you can send unlimited messages to your friends. To use this tool, you need the following things:

> Android Device

> Termux Installed in Your Android Device

> TBomb

> Victim's Phone number

Now let's see how to do Sms bombing with TBomb Sms bomber.

2.1 If you don't have the Termux app then, you can download it from the below link:

Download Termux

2.2 Now open the Termux, and type the below commands to install and use TBomb:

pkg install git

pkg install python

git clone

cd TBomb

chmod +x


After doing all the above steps, press the enter button to continue. It may take some time to install the requirements for TBomb.

After successful installation, you will see the following screen:

As you can see, you can do SMS bombing and call bombing through TBomb.

2.3 Now press 1 to start the SMS Bomber. After pressing 1, it will ask you to enter the country code of your friend. Simply enter the country code and then hit enter.

2.4 Now, it will ask you to Enter the target number. Simply type the number of your Victim or a Friend, and then hit enter.

2.5 Enter the number of messages you want to send. For example, I want to send 500 messages to my friend, then I will type 500. After typing the number, hit enter.

2.6 Enter Dealy time and press the enter button, for example, Type 2, to send messages to your friend after every 2 seconds of interval. 

Now that's it. TBomb will do SMS bombing on your friend's phone Automatically.

3. SMS Bombing Through Websites

This is the simplest way to do SMS bombing. Many SMS bomber websites are present on the internet through which you can easily do SMS bombing on your Friend's phone number.

I have researched on the internet and found the following SMS bomber website that works very well:

Visit Mytoolstown

To use the SMS bomber of the Mytoolstown website. Simply go to the Mytoolstown website by clicking on the above link.

After going there, click on Open SMS bomber. Now enter your mobile number and the amount of message that you want to send. Now press the start button to start the SMS bomber.

Warning: Please do not use these tricks to annoy any person. This is just for prank and education purposes only. The creator and the author of this website are responsible for the misuse of these tricks.

Watch the video from our YouTube channel on How to install and use an SMS bomber.

 In this video, I have shown you 3 ways of SMS bombing.


Above I have provided detailed information on How to Install and use an SMS bomber, and also we have discussed the 3 best ways to do SMS bombing. If you find this information useful, then let us know in the comment section.

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