Best third party app stores for IOS


Nowadays most of the IOS users are in need of third party app stores for IOS. For them, we have created a list of Best third party app stores for IOS.

Most of the apps that are on the list do not require a jailbreak. From these third party IOS app stores, you can easily download any official and unofficial IOS applications for free. 

Apple's iPhone and iPad app store makes it easy to find and install apps, and manage updates from one place. But you cannot download the restricted or unofficial app from the app store. Also, most of the apps are premium and you need to pay for them. To remove such restrictions you need to install third-party app stores for IOS. And how you will do this? all of your questions are mentioned in this article.

iOS does not allow installing apps from other sources. Officially, the only way to install an iOS app outside of the App Store is by using a developer account. Unofficially, you will need to install a 3rd party app store for IOS.

Best Third-party app stores for IOS

So without wasting time let's get started with our Best third party app stores for IOS. Below is the list of third party IOS app stores:

1. AltStore

The AltStore app is one of the best 3rd party app stores for iOS devices that works without jailbreak. Unlike other unofficial app installers like TweakBox and TutuApp, the AltStore app does not rely on developer certificates, which Apple is revoking recently.

AltStore is one of the best third-party app stores for IOS that allows you to install .ipa files from any app or game you want that are unavailable on Apple's AppStore.

Altstore is developed by Riley Testut At the moment, there are only a few apps, but in the near future, it will support more apps. You can also download IPA files and install them on your own using the AltStore.

Users will need to download the AltServer for AltStore to work properly. It also requires advanced knowledge of firewall and Wi-Fi settings. AltStore also needs a Wi-Fi connection to install and update applications. 


1. No Jailbreak is required;

2. No revocations - Since all users own and create their own developer certificates, they cannot be revoked globally by Apple;

3. Apps loaded as in Cydia Impactor;

4. Can install 3rd party apps;

5. open code.

How to install AltStore:

1. Download AltServer on your computer from the below link;

2. Connect your device to your computer;

3.  Now install AltStore to your phone by clicking install AltStore on your computer;

4. When the AltStore has been installed on your device, keep the AltServer open on your computer and your device connected, open the AltStore on your device, and download any apps you want.

Note: Whenever you want an app on your iPhone or iPad, your device must be connected to your computer and the AltStore open.

2. EonHub

EonHub is another best third party app store for IOS mainly used by jailbreakers as an alternative way to install unofficial apps and games. 

You can also use this app as an alternative to the IOS app store. The EonHub offers over a thousand apps and games enhanced with new features, unsigned apps, tweaks, and more, all completely free.

You can use this store without jailbreaking your iPhone. The user interface of EonHub is very simple and also regularly updated with new content.

EonHub is one of the easiest ways to install third-party content, no jailbreak, and no installation required. It's completely free.


1. No Jailbreak needed;

2. Easy to use;

3. No need to install it. Just open the app in your browser and download apps and games;

4. Regular updates.

How to install EonHub:

1. Open the below link on your mobile browser;

2. Now save the link as a favorite on your mobile browser;

3. Now select Add to Home Screen to save it to your device home screen for easy access;

4. Now you can open the EonHub from the home screen.

3. CokerNutX

CokerNutX is one of the latest third party IOS app stores. Here you can find thousands of third-party and unofficial apps, games, settings, and more.

Unlike the official app store, you don't need to use your Apple account to install CokernutX, and there are no geographic restrictions for downloading apps. 

This is one of the best third-party app stores for IOS that allow you to download thousands of apps, games, etc. The User Interface of CokerNutX is easy to use. Please note that jailbreak is not needed to use this app which means you can use CokerNutX without jailbreaking your device.

It supports all iOS versions including iOS13 and is absolutely free.


1. Jailbreak is not needed;

2. Support all IOS versions;

3. Full free;

4. SSL encryption for security;

5. Easy to use.

How to install CokerNutX:

1. Open the page in your browser by clicking the below link:

2. After clicking the above link the dialogue box will appear simply click on "Allow" and this will start the configuration profile download;

3. Open your Settings and then click on Profile Downloaded;

4. Tap on Install and go to your Home page;

5. That's it CokerNutX has been installed in your device.

4. Cydia

Cydia is one of the best 3rd party app stores for IOS. A few years ago, Jailbreak was the only way to install the Cydia app for Apple devices. But now jailbreak isn't the only method to download Cydia. There are several easy ways to download Cydia. It is compatible with any of the iDevice models and any of the iOS versions

Easy to use UI makes it easier to use for new users. Most of the jailbroken devices are compatible with it. The procedure or installing Cydia is very much easier than eating a piece of cake.


1. Compatible with jailbreak devices;

2. Easy to use because of its user-friendly interface;

3. Support all IOS versions.

How to install Cydia:

1. Open your safari browser and then open the below link:

2. After opening the above link click on Cydia download;

3. Wait a few seconds for your device to be identified;

4. Click the Install button to start the Cydia installation process.

5. Xabsi

If you are looking for an alternate app store for IOS, then Xabsi is the best third party IOS app store. It supports all the latest iOS versions and the latest iDevices.

Both 64-bit and the 32-bit user can install this app as an alternative to the Apple app store. Xabsi contains thousands of unique apps that you will not find on the official Apple store.

Now let's look at the features of this third party IOS app store. Please note that you may need to jailbreak your device in order to use this third party app store.


1. Easy to use;

2. Free and premium features are available;

3. Compatible with almost all the IOS versions.

How to install Xabsi:

1. Open your safari browser and then click on the below link:

2. After clicking on the above download button. It will check the device compatibility after detecting your system data;

3. You will see the Xabsi installation menu if your device is compatible. Otherwise, reload the page;

4. Now click on install;

5. Xabsi has been installed.

6. TweakBox

TweakBox is one of the best third-party app stores for IOS with the help of TweakBox, you can install any modified app without having to go through the Apple App Store. 

The app is very easy to use and has a very attractive design. This app store contains a wide variety of apps and games that you will not get on the official apple app store.

The app has the highest security standard. It is secured by an encrypted SSL. You will get all the apps and games for free on the TweakBox. Tweakbox is supported on All iPhones and iPads.


1. Thousands of games and apps;

2. Easy to use;

3. User-friendly UI;

4. Supported on all iPhones and iPads.

How to install TweakBox:

1. Open your safari browser and then click on the below link:

2. After clicking on the above link, the official web of TweakBox will be open, There you will see the "install" button. Then Simply click on install;

3. Tap Install to allow the profile to download;

4. Now click on install;

5. TweakBox has been installed.

7. App Valley

AppValley is the latest alternative to the Apple app store. This is the best third-party app store for IOS that can download several apps, ringtones, games, improvements, emulators, and much more for free.

It is completely safe to download any app or game from AppValley. The update of the app available regularly. AppValley works on iOS 13 without interference with the security features introduced by Apple.

Jailbreak is not required to download App Valley. It means you can easily use App valley without jailbreaking your device.


1. Easy to install and easy to use;

2. Simple user-friendly interface;

3. Thousands of free apps and games that are not available on Apple app store;

4. Compatible with almost all IOS versions.

How to install App Valley:

1. Open your safari browser, then click the Download button below for the configuration profile;

2. You need to give permission for the profile to be downloaded, click the Install link on the loaded page;

3. Wait until the app has been installed;

4. That's it App valley has been installed on your device.

8. Getjar

There are over a million apps available in the store. You can download them to your smartphone both through the corporate client and from the mobile version of the site. The main disadvantage of the site is the abundance of advertising.

This is one of the best 3rd party IOS app stores. You can safely download the best games and apps on your iPhone with the help of the Getjar app store.

The features and the download procedure of Getjar are given below:


1. Millions of apps are available on the app store;

2. fast and secure download;

3. Easy to use.

How to install Getjar:

1. First of all, open your Safari browser and click on the below download link:

2. Select Quick Download at the bottom of the page;

3. Enter 972611;

4. That's it.

9. IOS Heaven

Another one of the best third-party app stores for IOS. There are over thousands of app available on the IOS heaven web page. Those apps can be installed directly from the web browser or can be downloaded as an IPA archive.

You no need to download any IOS store in order to operate IOS heaven. As all the apps are available on the IOS heaven web page. 

The features and the download procedure is given below:


1. Fast loading and downloading speed;

2. Easy to use;

3. Directly download your favorite software from the web app.

How to install IOS Heaven:

1. Go to the IOS heaven web page by clicking the below download link:

2. Press the save button and install IOS heaven to your home screen;

3. That's it.

10. Tutu app

This is the last third party app store for IOS. The TutuApp is a free application store developed for Android and iOS devices. TutuApp allows you to install applications and games from the official Google Play Store on Android and the Apple Store on iOS devices.

TutuApp has many more features with which you can now get paid apps directly for free. TutuApp is one of the best third-party app stores for IOS.

Jailbreak is not needed to install the Tutu app, you can easily install the Tutu app on your iPhone without jailbreak.

Below are the features and download procedure of tutu app:


1. You can easily install the premium applications for free on the Tutu app;

2. Jailbreak is not needed;

3. Fast downloading speed.

How to install Tutu app:

1. Open the Safari browser on your device and then click on the download link below:

2. Now click on the download button on the official tutu app website to download the tutu app;

3. You will be asked whether or not you want to download the TutuApp. Just simply click on the save button;

4. Go to settings and then click on trust the application;

5. That's it enjoy the tutu app.


Above is the list of best third party app stores for IOS. From the above list you can download your favorite IOS app store and enjoy the premium and costly apps in free. I hope you we have provided all the information in this article that you need. If you think we have missed any third party app store or want to tell us which is the best IOS app store that you use, then let us know in the comment section.

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