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Download Cain and able free for Windows from our platform. If you are looking for Cain and Able free download then you are at the right place. But before downloading the software you must know what is Cain and able and what are the uses of it.

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What is Cain And Able?

Cain & of Abel is a password recovery tool for Windows operating systems. It allows you to recover login passwords, general passwords, Screen saver passwords, dial-up passwords, and any other passwords cached on your system or in external.PWL and registry files. With Cain & Abel, these passwords can also be changed quickly. There is a function of spoofing IP and MAC addresses. Can use the arp cache poisoning technique.

In addition, the program is capable of detecting passwords hidden by "asterisks", and also includes a network protocol analyzer. 

The Cain & Abel utility has two components. The graphical interface is named Cain. In it, you recover passwords under asterisks, including Windows password, instant messengers, email programs, browsers, wireless networks, etc. Also from here, you get access to a sniffer - a network traffic analyzer, the purpose of which is to intercept valuable information transmitted over the network.

Abel is installed as a component of the operating system. It scrambles traffic on your network in order to maximally protect the machine from outside interference.

The Cain & Abel program is designed to crack passwords in the most difficult situations. This is specialized software, the possibilities of which are revealed in the hands of an experienced professional. A beginner, most likely, will not be able to find and change lost passwords even with the help of the instruction - launching the application icon from the desktop and pressing a few buttons is not enough here.

You need to know the principle of operation, understand decryption algorithms, etc. Nevertheless, no one forbids you to try Cain & Abel password recovery completely free of charge - the authors distribute it free of charge.

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  • Selection of logins and passwords for entering the system, general passwords for various programs, services, mail accounts;
  • Analytics of hashes, system registry entries, decryption of access keys to wireless networks;
  • Integration of the protection module into system files;
  • Tracking network routes, recording information transmitted over VoIP channels;
  • Flexible sniffer;
  • Spoofing of physical and local addresses (mac and IP).

Advantages of Cain and Able:

  • Several algorithms for guessing passwords - from brute force to cryptanalysis;
  • High stability of work;
  • Many settings for specialists;
  • Ability to both reset and show forgot passwords under asterisks;
  • The ability to fully control traffic in the local network and receive important data unnoticed;
  • Freeware license, Cain & Abel is a free program.

Disadvantages of Cain and Able:

  • Lack of updates over the past three years;
  • Impossibility of work for a beginner, the utility is designed for the pros.


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