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DSploit APK is a collection of security tools. If you are Searching the free Download link of DSploit APK then you are at the right place. But before the free download of DSploit .apk you must know what actually DSploit is and how to use it.

In this guide, we will provide you the free download link and detailed information on DSploit APK. So without wasting time let's get started.

What is DSploit?

DSploit apk is a collection of network analysis and penetration testing tools that are bundled into one application. DSploit is developed by Simone Margaritelli for the Android operating system.  According to the developers of the tool, this application offers the most complete and advanced toolkit to carry out the following type of tasks:

  • Wi-Fi scanning and common router key cracking;
  • Deep Inspection;
  • Vulnerability search;
  • Multiprotocol login cracker;
  • Packet Forging with wake on LAN support;
  • HTTPS redirection;
  • Man in the Middle attacks;
  • Session Hijacking;
  • Realtime manipulation.
It works on Android (2.3+) devices with root rights and the code of DSploit is available for free on GitHub and it's a really great tool for the security professional or someone who enjoys network security, hacking and penetration testing. 

It can certainly sniff out passwords transmitted in plain text on an open network, and it can break a poorly secured Wi-Fi network. It can also scan networks for vulnerabilities, hack keys on shared routers, block browsers, websites, or social networking sessions, hijack them, and many more things.

Below are some details about the features of the DSploit app:

1. Script Injector

This feature of the DSploit .apk will inject script code into all the web pages visited by the victim, making it run automatically before the user can view the web.

2. Packet forger

This feature of the DSploit .apk will allow the user to create and send a custom packet to the target TCP and UDP ports.

3. Custom filter

This feature will help you to replace the text of the website that your victim is browsing. To do this, you must specify the text you want to search and then replace the text.

4. Replace Videos/ Images

This tool of DSploit will help you to replace the videos and images of the website that your victim is browsing.

5. Trace

This tool of DSploit APK will track real-time pathway taken by a packet on an IP network from source to destination,

6. Inspector

This tool of DSploit .apk will identify the target operating system and will give you info about the running services and open ports of the target system.

7. Port scanner

This tool of DSploit APK will scan for all the open ports on the target device and it will give you a lot of info about the open ports.

8. Search for vulnerabilities and exploits

To make use of these options, it is necessary to have previously performed the port scanning and fingerprinting tasks, since the tool is based on the results obtained in these processes to search for vulnerabilities and exploits. 

In simple words, this tool of DSploit will look for known vulnerabilities that you have discovered on the target system.

9. MITM attacks

By using DSploit .apk you can perform Man in the middle attacks.

10. Login Cracker

It is based on the results obtained in the port scanning process. This option is in charge of trying to crack the login of any of the known services that are listed in the application, specifying one of the ports from which they were found, the character set for generating passwords, the username from a list that the application offers, the minimum length and the maximum length of the password to be generated.

11. Session Hijacker

DSploit captures session cookies that circulate on the network, allowing active sessions to be hijacked. The application lists all the cookies captured once the action starts and if you click on any of them, it allows you to hijack the selected session.

12. Password Sniffer

By using a password sniffer of DSploit you will be able to sniff the password of many protocols such as IRC, HTTP, FTP, etc.

13. Connection blocker

The application discards all the packets it receives from the victim, resulting in a blocking of the connection of the computer on which we are carrying out the attack.

So these were the features of DSploit .apk. This is all in one application so you no need to download any other app to pefrom penetration testing.

How to Free Download and install DSploit APK

To free download the DSploit app. You must follow the below procedure:

1. Click on the below link to free download DSploit APK.

DSploit .apk free download:

Source Code of DSploit APK:

2. Download the DSploit app from the above link.

3. Enable installation from unknown sources.

4. Click on install to install the DSploit.apk.

Note: To use and free download DSploit .apk You must have root permission on your Android device. Without root, the app will not run.

You can easily download DSploit .apk from the above links. But make sure DSploit APK needs the following requirements to work:

> Rooted Android device;

> BusyBox fully installed;

> Good internet connection.

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Roughly these are the features and brief info about the DSploit APK. DSploit .apk is fully free to download. DSploit is one of the best and powerful applications for network analysis and penetration testing.

Besides, DSploit a free and open-source application, which means that it is possible to collaborate and closely follow the evolution of this tool through its Github page.

The collection of such best tools makes DSploit all in one tool for penetration testing. If you have this tool installed in your system then you may forget the other tools, because this tool has the capability to perform every action that a penetration tester needs. So that's it in this article. If you find any problem while using this tool then feel free to comment below.


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