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Do you know that the Google search engine has hidden games? Yes, definitely this great search engine contains hidden games in Google that you may not know or you may know a few of them.

If you have performed a search on Google about hidden Google games and landed on our website then you are at the right place. Because in this guide, we have created a list of the best Google hidden games that you will definitely gonna love.

Everyone knows Google has a lot of useful products, but it's also great to see the fun side of the company. So if you are getting bored then you must try these awesome Google hidden games that are mentioned in our list.

In order to play Google hidden games, you just need a Chrome browser, With a single Google search your Chrome browser will turn in to Game.

Over the years Google has accumulated a variety of hidden games.

Google Hidden Games List

Below is the list of best Google hidden games.

  • Google Pac-Man;
  • Magic Cat Academy;
  • T-Rex | Chrome Browser;
  • Garden Gnomes;
  • Flight Simulator;
  • Google Assistant games for Android;
  • Atari Blackout;
  • Snake game;
  • Solitaire;
  • Tic Tac Toe;

Here we have created a list of best Google hidden games for you to play. With the simple search, your Chrome browser will turn into the game.

1. Google Pac-Man

Pacman acquires the first position in the list of Google hidden games. The game was first released by Google to celebrate the 30th birthday of Pac Man. Google Pacman game was so popular that it was given a permanent place in the Google hidden games.

In order to play the Pac Man game, Open your chrome browser and Search for Pacman on Google, then click on the blue "Play" button to start playing the Pacman game.

You can control the game by using arrow keys on your laptop or PC, and on Android or IOS just swipe left, right, up, down to control the PacMan.

You will be given 3 lives in the game. In order to win the game, you need to chew all the Pac dots by defending yourself from the ghost.

2. Magic Cat Academy

For Halloween 2016 Google released one of its most classic Halloween games called magic cat Academy. It is one of the best Google hidden game for Kids as well as Adults.

The game is ideal for children. In this "Magic Cat Academy" our main character, the cat, has several very dynamic lives and levels. The gameplay is very simple, you must draw the figure with the mouse that shows on each ghost to destroy the ghost.

As the level progresses, the time is reduced and the ghosts come faster. So it is essential to act and think quickly.

In order to play magic cat Academy just click the below link, You will be redirected to Google's doodle Halloween page. After that just click on the cat image to start the game.

3. T-Rex | Chrome browser

T-Rex game is one of the best Google hidden games. You can play this game on the Google chrome browser when there is no internet. This game is great to cheer up.

In order to play this game turn off your internet, Open Google Chrome browser, and then try to browse any website. A dinosaur with no internet will appear. After that, you need to press the "space bar" button to start the game. 

In-game you need to protect yourself from hurdles like cactus and birds. You can control the game by using arrow keys on your PC/Laptop.

If you're playing on your cell phone, just tap the screen every time you want to jump. If you don't want to off your internet connection and want to play the game then you can go to the address: chrome://dino/

You can also click on the below link to play the game.

4. Garden Gnomes

Garden Dwarfs have certainly been one of Google's most curious and interesting Doodles in its history of celebrations. This is one of my best-hidden google game.

Published in June 2018, the Interactive Doodle details how gnomes are made. Users can then recruit a group of dwarves to help you decorate your own garden.

The user can choose one of six gnomes with different sizes and shapes and, when clicking with the mouse or pressing the space key, they are thrown by a catapult. 

The farther they go (which can be helped by mushrooms that act as springs), the more flowers are planted and stitches are made. 

The speed can be increased by clicking on a “booster” button, which increases the chances of expanding the launch distance.

You can easily play this game from the Google doodle website. In order to play the game click the below link, you will be redirected to the Google doodle site. After that click on the first image to start the game. It may take some time to load the game.

5. Google Earth | Flight Simulator

Google Earth has a hidden game in it called as a flight simulator. It is one of the best Google hidden games that I love to play.

In order to play the flight simulator game, you need to download and install the Google earth on your Windows. You can also download Google earth on Mac and windows. After installing the Google earth. Simply open the Google earth and go to the following option:

Tools > Enter Flight Simulator

You will find the tool option at the top. After clicking on the Enter flight simulator your game will start. Please note that depending upon your GPU it may take some time load.

In order to play the game choose the point from where you want to fly.

Game controls of flight simulator:

>Directional arrows + Alt or Ctrl key: rotate the point of view;

>Page Up / Page Down keys: increase / decrease power;

>Directional arrows left and right: trigger ailerons;

>Up and down directional arrows: move elevators;

>Home and End keys: adjust elevators;

>Insert and Enter keys (on the numeric keypad): move the elevator;

>"(" And ")" keys: adjust flaps;

>Keys 5 and C: center elevators and elevator;

>G key: activate/retract the landing gear;

>“,” And “.” Keys: left and right reverses;

>Spacebar: Pause simulation;

>H key: show / hide HUD (head-up display), the display with the aircraft elements;

>Ctrl + Alt + A keys: open the simulator options window;

>Esc key: exit the simulator.

Game controls are a little bit hard. But can be mastered after giving it a few trials.

6. Google Assistant Games for Android

Google Assistant is mainly known for voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control, letting you complete a number of tasks by just saying "OK Google". It is designed to give you conversational interactions. 

But have you ever heard that you can play games on your Google Assistant? My answer is Yes you can play. There are many games hidden in Google Assistant that you can play on your Android smartphone.

In order to play games on Google Assistant just open your Google Assistant and say "OK Google" after saying ok google your Google assistant will start listening to you. As it starts listening to you need to say "Play game". 

Now you will be presented with the list of some games. Just say the game name or click on the game to start the game.

7. Atari Breakout

Atari breakout is one of the most popular Google hidden games. The game was originally released in 1974 and the game has become one of the greatest classic games.

Over the years many version of the game has been released in honor of the first version. In 2013 Google relaunched the game Atari Breakout through an easter egg.

Google is the biggest search engine today. It does its job very well and it also has the best-hidden google games. Atari breakout is one of them. But unfortunately, it is not available on Google anymore. But You can still play this game from the mirror site

Click the below link to play the Atari Breakout.

8. Snake Game

Google snake game is an addicting game in which you'll control a snake. Eat colorful berries to get bigger.

This is a very simple and funny game. The game is inspired by a classic snake game in Nokia mobiles. So if you ever played the snake game on the Nokia mobile, Then be ready to play the game. This game is an advanced version of the old game. Snake game lovers may find this game addictive.

In order to play this game just open your Google and search for "Play snake game". Now click on the blue play button to start the game.

You can also play the snake game by clicking the below link.

9. Solitaire

Solitaire is one of the best Google hidden card games that you can play for free right in your browser window, without registering and downloading to your computer. 

To play the Solitaire game on Google. Just search "Solitaire" on Google, then click on the blue button to play the game. 

You can also select the level of difficulty in the game. The game also has some sound effects that can be turned off. You can also click the below link to play solitaire on your device.

If you really like solitaire and are looking for a complete experience, sites like Solitaired and 247 Solitaire offer unique features such as custom card decks, unlimited redos, hints, and undos. You can also explore different solitaire games like FreeCell and Spider Solitaire.

10. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is one of the best games that is used to play by kids in school days. Tic-tac-toe is a simple yet fun game for brain exercise. No matter if you are spending time with children or standing in the queue, Tic Tac Toe is a wonderful way to pass the time.

In Google's Tic Tac Toe game, two players fill and mark the spaces on a 3 × 3 grid with X and O. The player who succeeds in placing three respective marks in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line will win the game.

In order to play the Tic Tac Toe game on Google, Just open your chrome browser and search for "Tic Tac Toe", and start playing the game.

Below is a detailed video of Google's hidden games. In the below video you will find more of the Google game and Google tricks:

10. Minesweeper

The objective of Minesweeper is to clear a grid of tiles without detonating hidden mines. Players rely on numerical clues provided by exposed tiles to deduce where the mines are located. It's a thrilling game that combines luck and logic, offering varying levels of difficulty to challenge both beginners and experts.

Minesweeper is a classic game that's also part of Google's array of classics,  and can be played here. It's perfect for quick breaks or longer sessions, making it versatile for all types of gamers. It challenges your problem-solving skills and provides instant gratification with every successfully cleared tile.If you're looking to play Minesweeper beyond Google's platform, you can also enjoy the game online at Play Minesweeper.


Above is the list of best Google hidden games that you will love to play. If you want to try a little advance game with hard control then you must try a flight simulator game that you will get after downloading Google Earth.

These games are best to play in free time or if you are feeling bored. These games can refresh your mind. Most of the game that I have mentioned on the list doesn't require any download. You can directly play most of the mentioned games from Google search.

If we missed any game then feel free to comment below.

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