One click root apps for Android


Today we will show you some of the best one-click root apps for Android. Most devices with less security easily get root with one-click-root apps.

Root rights are very important for the device owner to enjoy the full functionality of an Android device. For most users rooting an Android device manually is a very difficult procedure. Here one click root apps come into the role. 

The one-click-root method makes the Android rooting procedure very easy. Through a one-click root method, any user can root their Android device easily with just one click without following any difficult rooting procedure.

Many Android rooting apps are available on the internet through which you can easily root your Android with one click.

To make things easier for you, we bring all one-click root apps into one place. By using these root apps you can also install different mods of WhatsApp and other social apps that are available on NY APK.

One click root apps for Android

So here is the list of best one-click root apps through which you can easily root your Android device in just one click:

1. Framaroot - one click root app

Framaroot is an excellent Android app mainly used to root Android devices by running several possible exploits. After successful rooting, the program automatically installs Superuser on your Android device. The program has a large list of supported devices. 

It supports a one-click root method that means you can easily root your Android device in one click.

How to root using Framaroot

1. Download and install the .apk on your Android device from the below link;

2. Run, select Superuser or SuperSU;

3. Choose Boromir or another character;

4. A window with a smiley about a successful installation should appear;

5. Reboot the device;

6. Root rights are installed.

Please note that before rooting your Android device with this app. You must see the list of the supported devices from the XDA developers page.

2. KingRoot - one click root app

KingRoot is one of the most famous Apps for rooting Android devices. To root an Android device with this app, you just need to open the app and click the Start button that is present at the center of the screen.

Rooting Android devices with KingRoot is one of the best methods to root the Android device with just one click. KingoRoot is a Chinese program and the English version of this program is also available now.

This is purely free-to-use Android software. This app has new methods for obtaining Root rights in just one click, unlike its counterparts. KingRoot supports over 40,000 firmware.

How to root using KingRoot

1. Download and install the .apk from the below link;

2. Now open the app and then click on Get root. After clicking on the "get root" button wait for the process to be accomplished;

3. Reboot the device;

4. That's root rights installed.

3. KingoRoot - one click root app

Don't get confused between KingRoot and KingoRoot both are different applications. KingoRoot is another best one-click root application. It offers the easiest and fastest Android rooting experience for almost all devices and has the highest success rate.

KingoRoot has its own SuperUser. It is a fine alternative for SuperSU to manage root permission after rooting your Android.

How to root using KingoRoot

1. Download and install the KingoRoot app on your Android device from the below link;

2. Now open the KingoRoot app and then press "One Click Root" on the main interface;

3. After pressing one click root.  Wait for the process to be finished;

4. That's it now your Android will be rooted.

4. Root Master - one click root app

The app has a very simple and user-friendly interface designed after lots of trials, and software development. If you are looking for a one-click root app for an Android device then Root Master is the best option for you.

Before the RootMaster was only available in the Chinese Language. Now the English version of the app is also available.

Rootmaster is compatible with Motorola, Sony, HTC, and many other smartphone brands. After successfully rooting the Android device it installs SuperSu automatically.

How to root using RootMaster

1. Download and install the app from the below link;

2. Click on the root button;

3. Wait for the process to be accomplished;

4. Reboot your device;

5. Root rights installed.

5. OneClickRoot - one click root app

As the name of this app is OneClickRoot. The app really roots almost any kind of Android device in just one click. The app uses a Fast, secure, and easy rooting procedure.

You can check the official website of OneClickRoot to see that your device is supported or not just by typing the model and Android version of the device. 

If your Android is not supported then don't worry, There is also an option to book an appointment with the expert. The expert will look at your model and will tell you the procedure to root the Android device.

OneClickRoot is not a free app you need to buy this app to root your Android device. The success rate of one-click-root is much more than any Android rooting apps.

How to root using OneClickRoot

1. Download and Install the OneClickRoot app on your PC or Mac from the below link;

2. Connect your Android device to your computer using the original USB cable;

3. Enable Developers option on your Android device then enable USB debugging mode that is present in the developer option;

4. Now Run the OneClickRoot software on your pc. Now the software will do all its procedures automatically;

5. That's it Root rights installed.

6. iRoot - one click root app

iRoot is currently compatible with over more than 8000+ Android device models. iRoot is an application that allows you to root older versions of Android devices. It can root up to Android 5.0 by the one-click root method.

After rooting with the help of iRoot you can modify the setting of your operating system at a much deeper level. 

Another best feature of the app is after rooting you can disable all the annoying ads on the Android app.

How to root using iRoot 

1. Download and install the app from the below link;

2. Open the app, and then click on "Get root access". Now, wait for the process to be finished;

3. That's it Root rights received.

7. Towel Root - one click root app

Nowadays Rooting Android devices in one click has become a very easy process. Towelroot is a tool that allows us to carry out this operation with just one screen tap.

You can root any Android device or tablet of android 4.3 or higher version with one click.

How to root using Towel Root

1. Download, Install, and run the application;

2.  Then click Make it ra1n;

3. Download and install SuperSU From PlayStore.

8. Romaster SU - one click root app

Romaster SU is a very powerful Android rooting app to root Android devices in one click. Remaster SU is an excellent tool for obtaining root-rights on Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, CoolPad, and other devices, without using a PC, in total over 8000 models which carry a great chance to get root rights namely on your device.

How to root using Romaster SU

1. Download, install, and application;

2. Click on Get root and wait for the process to be finished;

3. Root rights are installed.

The App is not available.

9. Root Genius - one click root app

Another best one-click root app is Root Genius. Root Genius is one of the best Android rooting apps. The app is compatible with most Android devices.

You can root your android device with just one click through Root Genius. The tool proceeds in a very stable frame and guarantees the complete installation of Superuser.

How to root using Root Genius

1. Download and install the app from the below link;

2. Open the app and click on "Root now" and wait for the process to be finished;

3. Root rights achieved.

10. Baidu Root - one click root app

An application for obtaining root rights, with support for more than 6,000 models of Android devices.

Baidu Root is one of the best one-click root apps for android phones. The app supports more than 6000 models of Android devices.

Initially, the app has only a Chinese version but now the app has been translated into English. You can simply root your android device with a click using Baidu root.

Baidu App is a very lite and user-friendly app. More than millions of people across the work using Baidu root to root their smartphones.

How to use using Baidu Root

1. Download the app from the below link and then install the app;

2. Now open the Baidu App, and click on get root privilege to proceed further;

3.  Wait for a while now you’ll see Rooting Successful message.


So above is the list of some best one-click root methods for Android devices. Please note that rooting an android device may void your phone warranty. We are not responsible for any damage caused by this software. If the rooting process is not done properly then Rooting may brick your device.

Rooting your Android device with the one-click root method will unlock the hidden powers of your Android device. So that's it in this article. If you like our work or you think that we missed any, one-click root method for Android then feel free to comment below.

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