10 Best Termux Scripts You Must Try in 2024


Termux has quickly become a popular terminal emulator app for Android. Its open-source nature and lack of root requirements provides users a remarkable level of access and customization. As Termux continues to grow in usage, the availability of quality scripts is essential for users to maximize productivity.

In this article, we review some of the best scripts currently available to improve the Termux experience, whether for hacking, customization, or practical daily use. We’ll explore functionality, benefits, and proper installation for each recommendation. Our list contains both newly developed scripts as well as established staples that have been updated for optimal use on Termux.

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10 Best Termux Scripts for Ethical Hacking and Testing

Seasoned ethical hackers and penetration testers have taken note of Termux’s capabilities. Several script options now exist to augment Termux for hacking, including:

1. TBomb

A potent SMS and call bombing tool for testing telephony protections. Enables flooding targets with thousands of messages or calls per minute from rotating sender IDs

2. Tool-X

This “Swiss Army Knife” script installer enables one-click installs and updates for over 370 Termux apps. Helps users efficiently build toolsets with 12 language translations.

3. Zphisher

A robust phishing framework cloned from reputable web properties to steal credentials or highlight security gaps. Premade templates greatly simplify deployment of tests for banks, social media and ecommerce.

4. Telegram Scrapper

The data harvesting script pulls detailed group member information from designated Telegram channels. Enables analysis of behaviors and connections.

5. Impulse

Network suite performs DOS attacks by directing overwhelming traffic to block access, including SMS, SYN and UDP floods. Custom configuration helps show specific system weaknesses.

6. Hacktronian

All-in-one ethical hacking toolkit conducts network fuzzing, password attacks, SQL injections and more. Constantly expanding library accelerates identification of vulnerabilities.

7. Metasploit

This cornerstone penetration testing tool offers stability and output improvements in Termux. Included exploits enable finding weaknesses, while Mattermost integration allows effective collaboration.

8. IP Tracer

Accurate IP address and location tracking through trusted API integration, along with quick social media data pulls for intel purposes.

9. Ni_Bomber

A niche SMS bombing script focused solely on targeting Russian phone numbers in particular. Offers freshly updated APIs and Python coding to bypass limitations.

10. COVID-19 Tracker

Real-time verified COVID statistics delivered through a terminal dashboard. Fast response provides reliable tracking as situations develop globally.

Note: To install Termux scripts from Github, you must have a git package installed in your Termux. To install the git package, you can type the below command in your Termux:

pkg install git

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Final Thoughts

As Termux continues increasing in flexibility and user counts, so too will the scripts enriching its utility. Developers are already expanding language compatibility for SMS bombing scripts, while visionaries have crafted COVID-19 trackers for up-to-date statistics.

For those new to Termux, take time navigating recommended scripts to find ideal fits for your needs. Learn proper installation from GitHub repositories prior to deploying. And remember, while Termux empowers open exploration of cyber concepts, ensure your activities remain ethical and legally compliant.

With this foundation of diverse scripts and best practices, Termux offers an engaging gateway to expand technological skills. The community looks forward to seeing what added innovations lie ahead.


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