10 Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android


GPS tracking apps for Android has become very important in the life of humans. Android tracking apps have gained much more popularity in today's world.

These tracking apps will allow you to do many things such as track the location of your family member or kids, Give you information and updates about the location of your kids or a family member.

There are also a lot of cases when parents may need to locate the location of their kids for his/her safety. Not only kids you can also track the location of any person that you want. To do that you will need a GPS tracking app for Android.

And also the demand for these tracking apps has grown significantly in recent years. If you search on Google "Best GPS tracking apps for Android" or "Android tracking apps" you will get tons of tracking apps to download, And you might get confused about which app is best to download that can match your needs.

Now you don't need to be confused because we have tested each and every tracking apps carefully, and then we have created a list of the Best GPS tracking apps for Android, that you will love to have.

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Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android

Let's have a look at the Best GPS tracking apps for Android:

1. Phone tracker

The phone tracker is one of the best tracking apps for Android. With the help of this GPS tracker, you can easily locate your phone and kids.

It is a robust phone tracking app specially designed to get the accurate GPS location of your kids or family member.

The app has  50 Million+ active users and a 4.5 rating on Google Playstore. The app is totally free you can add the endless number of users to track their location.

Even if your kid moves from one location to another then you will get the notification on your Android device.

As this app is available in 44 languages that means you can easily choose your favorite language after installing the app.

Through this Android tracking app, You can also see the battery percentage of your kid's mobile phone. 

There is also a premium version available for the app. In the premium version of this app, you will get some extra features such as complete location history, Faster location updates, No Ads.

And in the free version, you will get all the necessary features that you want, But you will also get the Advertisements. Now let's have a look at the features of this Android GPS tracking app.


  • Accurate GPS location;
  • Add an endless number of users;
  • See battery percentage of your kid's phone;
  • Get instant notification as your kid move from one location to another.
  • Simple user interface.

2. Sygic

Sygic is considered to be one of the best GPS tracking apps for Android. It is the most downloaded GPS navigation app for Android. The app is trusted by millions of peoples.

The Sygic team updates the maps regularly so that you can rely on the navigation of this app. The best feature that I liked about the app is, you can download the maps for offline navigation.

The app also has Voice-guided GPS navigation like Google Maps. The voice-guided GPS navigation will give you accurate information about the direction and the streets.

You can use all the premium features of this app for 7 days for free. After that, you need to purchase a premium license or continue with the basic package which is free to use.

This GPS tracking Android app has over 50,000,000+ downloads on Google Playstore with the 4.6 ratings which are really great.


  • Offline maps;
  • Get updates multiple times a year;
  • Voice-guided GPS navigation with accurate information;
  • Safety features;
  • Speed limit warning;
  • parking place suggestion;

3. Find my Kids

Find my kids is one of the best family phone tracking Android apps. In many cases, parents may need to locate their kids.

This app helps the parent to locate their kids by using GPS. The app comes with many useful features like you can send a loud signal to the child's device if he doesn't hear the call.

You can also find out what apps your kid is using throughout the day. There is also an option to chat with your child using funny emoji and stickers.

The best feature that I liked about the app is you will get a notification on your phone if your child has left the particular area that you have manually added on the map.

This app is totally intended for family and child safety. The app is easily available on google play store. The app has over 10,000,000+ Downloads with outstanding ratings of 4.6.


  • Track accurate location of your child;
  • Best GPS locator;
  • Family chat option;
  • Security control;
  • Send a loud message.

4. FollowMee GPS Tracker

FollowMee GPS tracker will be the best option for you if you want to convert your Android into a GPS tracking device. 

The app is made for business and personal purposes, By using this android tracking app you can easily track the phone of your kids, family member, or employee.

You can track the device of your kids or family member in three easy steps. In order to track your kids or family member. Register an account on the official Followmee website. After registering download and run the app on the device that you want to track. Now login to the map page to monitor the location.

The app is available on cross-platform Android, IOS, and Windows. There is no limit to track devices. i.e. You can track the unlimited devices from your account.


  • Easily monitor the location from your dashboard;
  • Track multiple devices;
  • Easy to use;
  • Real-time location update;

5. Life360

Life360 is another one of the best GPS tracking apps for Android. Through this app, you can create your own private groups and chat with them for free. You can also view the real-time location of the group members.

Easily locate your loved ones in the private map by using Life360. You will also get alerts and notifications when the member of your group arrives or leave a particular destination or a place.

So if you are looking for such an app that can give you the real-time location of all the members in a group, then Life360 will be the best for you.

This android tracking app has a very simple user interface that is very easy to use. So you don't need to get confused about the features and usage.


  • Save up to 7 days of location history;
  • Notification alert;
  • Live location updates;
  • Accurate tracking

6. Waze

Waze is one of the best and advanced Android tracking apps that uses GPS technology to deliver you the best navigation experience.

Waze, track your own android for navigation purposes. So if you are searching for an app for navigation purposes then Waze will be the best for you.

Waze not only provide the navigation but It will also show you traffic, construction, Police, etc. that may save your time.

The best feature I like about the app is it will give you an alert when your speed will exceed the limit. You can also use the Waze app on your car display.

Get real-time traffic updates that may save you from going into the traffic jam. Now let's look at the more features of the app.


  • Speed Alert;
  • Real-time traffic updates;
  • Play music on Waze;
  • Supports Android auto.

7. Wheres My Droid

Wheres, My Droid is one of the best Android tracking apps used to track down your lost phone. There are many cool features that are present in the app such as if you did not see your Android phone then you can make it ring or vibrate remotely.

If your Android phone is lost or stolen then you can easily find its accurate location by using GPS. With the help of this app, you can easily remotely lock your Android device or completely wipe your data.

You will also get the notification if the battery of your device is low or the sim card gets changed. The app is free to use, But it also has an elite version. 

In the elite version, you will get some extra features from the app such as you can take pictures with the device's camera remotely, Geofencing, and much more.


  • Locate your lost phone using GPS;
  • Make your phone ring or vibrate remotely;
  • Remotely wipe sd card and phone data;
  • Remotely lock device.

8. Find my parked car

Find my parked car is a tracking app that is available for Android. The main use of this app is to find your parked car.

There are very big parking inside the malls, and you may forget where you parked the car. Here this app will help you to find your parked car by using GPS.

The app just launches a navigation map. Where you can see the location of your parked car. 

You can save the location of your parked car by doing two easy steps. The first step is to store the car location. 

The app will use your android GPS and internet to save the car location. And if you want to find your parked car then you can easily open the map in the app that will take you to the exact location where you have parked your car.


  • Save the car location;
  • Find your car by using GPS;
  • Accurate location.

9. GPS phone tracker

GPS phone tracker is an Android tracking app. This app is used to track a lost or stolen Android phone. The accuracy of the app is amazing and shows real-time location including inside buildings.

You can easily trace the location of your loved ones, easily keep your family connected by using this GPS tracking android app.

Overall it is easy to set up and add people to the group to keep track of group members. You can also set the notification for arriving and leaving the location. Very handy app if you want to trace the location of your kids, family, older parents.


  • Find lost or the stolen phone;
  • Accurate location;
  • Easy to use;
  • Simple user interface.

10. Glympse

Glympse is another one of the best GPS tracking apps for Android. You can use this app to track the real-time location of your friends, family, and employee.

Location sharing on this app is very accurate. It's a convenient way to share your location with others without requiring them to have the app themselves.

The user interface of the app is very simple so you will not find any difficulty to operate the app. The app has over 5,000,000+ downloads on google play store with a rating of 4.3 that is really good.


  • No signup needed;
  • Get real-time location;
  • Accurate location information;
  • Easily share location (no app required to view location);
  • Easy to us UI.

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Above is the list of Best GPS tracking Android apps. All the tracking apps that are mentioned above are top rated apps on google playstore. We have given a brief introduction about these apps, So it will be easier for you to choose one of these apps.

If you think that we have missed any of your favorite android tracking apps then let us know in the comment section.

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